Because she was lonely.



So, today, a woman came into our shop. It was a woman I’ve only heard my parents refer to as ‘the Deaf Lady’. My mum had told her about me, explained that I was doing Sign Language, and come to find me on a day she knew I was working.

But today, she didn’t need her lawnmower repaired. In fact, she hadn’t touched it since it had been, and as far as she knew everything was fine.

She’d come in to sign to me.

She waved hello, and instantly explained that my mum had told her I would be in today. I asked her how she was, and the smile that she had on her face was the biggest I’ve ever seen.

And we spent about an hour in my family’s little shop, talking about everything. She told me about her life, about how she’d lived in the same house for 60 years.

She’d been born deaf, and been a Brownie, but never a Guide, because of the War… she’s now 86.

She had some amazing stories to tell, and twice she cried. One of those times was remembering her youth, and the other was when she was explaining to me that her husband had died around 20 years ago, and how he’d been the last person she’d known that could communicate with her.

She’s been alone for 20 years, living in a silent world, unable to communicate with anyone for the most part. The most interaction she has is when she writes things down for people, but she’s struggled to make any recent friends, and her family is long gone.

Now someone explain to me what’s wrong with every school teaching a certain amount of Sign Language, and for colleges to offer it more freely and frequently. People should be encouraged to learn BSL, because otherwise we’re cutting ourselves off from talking to around 8 million people or so (in the UK alone).

That’s millions of people who are no less important than you are, who have their own stories to tell, and the same need for communication as anyone else on this tiny little planet.

J. cried today because it was the first time for a long time that anyone has asked her for her name, or listened to her stories.

She’s also coming back into work tomorrow, to sign with me, and help me practice. But also – because we’re only human – for the company.

Every school should offer the native sign language of their region.

Normalize and celebrate language in all its modes, and the cultures that go with it.








“Old people believe all that bullshit Fake News on their facebook home,” say I, a tumblr youth™, as I reblog an indignant social justice-flavoured post from mic dot com without fact checking. 

BTW, mic dot com has multiple tumblrs and some of them are as follows:

  • micdotcom
  • the-future-now
  • the-movemnt
  • this-is-life-actually

And if you aren’t already aware, they are a shit company that uses its indignant social justice-flavored posts for clicks even as they do things like fire their four-months-pregnant Connections editor the week after her wedding, without warning. AFTER RUNNING A STORY ABOUT HOW THE USA NEEDS BETTER MATERNITY LEAVE/PROTECTIONS.

This, after they DID NOT fire the guy who lied about a death in his family so he could go build a treehouse and blog about it.

Also 99% of their ~top notch news~ is Huffington Post-style aggregation and NOT original reporting.

SO. Side-eye anything and everything you see by them, because there’s a good chance it’s just clickbait.

Thanks for putting out their other blogs, I’ve seen the eye-rolling shit from the-movement already.

Don’t forget blatant misinformation they put out

The founder is also former Goldman Sachs.


There’s never a bad time to re-up this post, but today Mic has been Mic’ing around in spectactular fashion.

Today, the founder just laid off half the editorial staff, including the only woman reporter of color in the newsroom.

Mic is laying off staff as it pivots to video

Mic Lays Off Dozens Just Weeks After Promising Not To

Twitter thread by Sarah Amy Harvard, the now ex-only-woman-reporter-of-color

TL;DR – is a crap site that treats its people like crap. It doesn’t deserve your reblogs. On the plus side, it’s an aggregator, so I promise that news is somewhere else.

Signal Boosting.

I’m not going to say: “Both sides are equally bad,” ‘Cause they’re not.

But be careful not to believe someone just because they say what you want to hear. 

With the Republican Administration and the alt-right accusing all liberal leaning media of being “Fake News,” now’s the time to be extra vigilant, in order to prove them wrong.


I’ve spent so much of this trip trying to explain chronic illness to family/friends, and as many of you know it’s an exhausting process to try and explain that you’ll…likely never get better.

And then my aunt and uncle completely floored me this week, when they found out all the shit I’m going through struggling to get a diagnosis, and they just…accepted it?

“Oh you have XYZ, is that kind of like ZYX? Right, well that’s a bugger innit…cuppa tea?”

And then my uncle, who struggled with technology just sent me a Facebook message, thanking me for making the trip and hoping I will have enough “spoons” to make the journey home okay.

He looked up my list of possible illnesses and found the spoon theory. And in the process realized that he is also a spoonie because he has chronic pain and other issues and now he’s just spamming me the spoon emoji like “here, have some of mine 🥄🥄🥄🥄” and it’s almost 2am and I need to wake up in 4 hours to get ready for my flight home and I’m just ;_;







i’m crying oh gosh

TUMBLR PROF ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are trans or nonbinary and you are in the same situation as the student above, email your professors before class starts. I understand that it might be uncomfortable, but generally professors are absolutely happy to accommodate you. I know I always will be!

If your professor does not respond positively, contact the Dean or the campus LGBT+ resource center with a copy of the email and show them that you are concerned about gender discrimination in the classroom. 

Also this is a link to the template I used to write this email, and I’ve seen another similar template going around, and this was extremely helpful.

just a reminder that this is an option for you folks! i did it and all my teachers replied within a few hours saying that it was okay. you can do this! school does not have to be painful.

Reblogging because everyone should see this.  C:

As a TA I can vouch that my Prof and I 100% want you to please do this!!!  And if you can’t get a hold of your prof before class, or you decide you want to be called a different name mid-semester, tell us then too and we’re more than happy to make that accommodation!