You shouldn’t be treating nb people like the secret sexy 3rd gender. Nb people don’t look like a mash of male and female, they’re not sexy androgynous twinks

white skinny androgynous nb people reblogging this and saying shit like “Well this is what I look like! So I feel represented!” Are literally part of the problem. I’m not saying that no nb people are white/skinny/andro, I’m saying that those are the only type of nb bodies that get represented 

its nice, isnt it, when nonbinary people are visibly distinct from binary people? its easy, isnt it? you can remember to use “they” for people who have no visible breasts or beards, right? no need to challenge the notion of male vs female if nonbinary people have their own look, isnt that right?

its time to step the fuck up and really understand that nonbinary looks like anybody. nonbinary looks like you. nonbinary looks like your family and friends and it looks like the strangers who you thoughtlessly call “he” or “she” because of their appearance.

really supporting nonbinary people means understanding that theres no visual tell – you wont recognise all of us as nonbinary on sight. you have to actually LISTEN to us. you have to BELIEVE us. and it means challenging your assumptions about gender, starting with the assumption that youre an ally to trans people while youre still doing puerile shit like gendering body parts and clothes.