鹿児島市平川動物公園さんのツイート: “よく冷え込んだ朝、獣舎の池の前で丸くて黒い物体を発見しました。よ~く見るとそれはヒーターの入った石の上で丸くなったクロヒョウのスーの姿でした★… ”

Hirakawa Zoo, Kagoshima : “One chilly morning, we found a black, rounded object in front of the pond in one of the animal cages. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be our panther, Sue, curled up on top of the rock covering the heater.

★… ” 

All cats is the same


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I just saw the weirdest ad on YouTube. I thought it was for a new WWII video game, but it didn’t seem to be selling anything – it looked like some kind of weird pro-Poland propaganda and just said “Poland did a lot to save the Jews” and then ended with a hashtag about Germany.

What… what did I just watch, and why was it on a YouTube video about sea slugs in America?

as far as I can tell, poland has made it illegal (!) to accuse them of being complicit in any nazi activity which occurred on polish soil, most sensible people objected to this, and the polish government are now putting weird propaganda ads on american youtube for unclear reasons

Hey… Poland? What the fuck?

Yeah they’re basically pulling all the propaganda out that they can saying that they weren’t AT ALL complicit in the murder of Jews and Roma along with the Nazis.

This is a part of Poland’s massive push to erase their own complicity in the Holocaust, and in post-Holocaust antisemitic violence. It is part of Poland’s rising antisemitism. It’s not just American youtube, however. It’s also Israeli youtube. So essentially, Poland is targeting the two countries in the world which have the largest Jewish populations today with this propaganda campaign.

There are multiple advertisements doing this.  

I have yet to see one, but I will report any if they show up while I’m watching youtube. 

Basically, here is a quick timeline of current related events which make this propaganda campaign terrifying:





the famous mormon ‘gay man but married to a woman and happy’ couple is getting divorced and apologizing for the damage they did 20gayteen is so strong


This is actually a really really important and beautiful and honest post and story. Take the time to read it.

from the article:

One thing that
has been interesting to me is how people have reacted when I have told
them about our decision to end our marriage and how hard it has been to
love Josh with all my heart and to not have him love me back in a
romantic way. Almost everyone has said to me, with an air of protective
emphasis, “Oh, but Lolly, you deserve to be loved that way! You will find someone else who can love you like that. You deserve
to love and be loved in that way!” And I agree with them. The thing
that I find interesting is that these are all straight people looking at
me, another straight person, and being able to see the injustice of me
not experiencing true love. They see that it is wrong that I have never
felt that love. They feel it. They can put themselves in my shoes and
realize how hard that would be for them. They can see it because it is
presented from a straight perspective.

The thing that’s so interesting to me is how few people think of Josh in this way.

that’s a fascinating and brutally honest piece of writing