We only barely got a dusting so far here, earlier in the day. I didn’t even see any coming down; only knew it had snowed at all because there were some traces on the ground when I went to the store this evening. Some other areas have had more, with more likely on the way.

But, the Met Office warning is still in effect, so I guess the game will be popping up Hazardous Blizzard Hell Alerts through tomorrow at least. (And possibly claiming it’s actively snowing the whole time…)

Yeah, it’s unusual enough now to get any frozen precipitation whatsoever here that they do go a tad overboard with the alerts. Maybe better when people are not used to getting around in it, but I still have to get amused sometimes.

(This Snowpocalypse is also apparently enough to play hell with train services. Mr. C was thrilled with the announcements when he was coming home. Probably even odder to someone previously used to trains occasionally hitting moose.)