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I made several posts last year on Russia and the fuckery they were doing. They don’t give a fuck about Republicans, Democrats, white or black people and Progressives, they just want to fuck up the US because their country is falling apart.

All of this. @stayingwoke I remember and all of us that actually care about politics, democracy and voting rights told people that bots were the ones saying don’t vote. They used key talking points to spread propaganda and many Black people, People of color and young people believed it and argued with us instead of researching themselves.

On that note, white supremacists trolling and controlling the conversation online is REAL. You might not see it at first because you might be agreeing with them, but they know how to reel you in and warp your understanding.

Ever wonder where all this shit discourse pops out of?

Careful what you retweet, reblog and share on facebook.

I’d like to alert people that, currently, there seems to be a systematic attack against Native women on twitter.

The goal seems to be to antagonize them enough to report them for abuse and get their account suspended. And also to just harass and intimidate.

Similar to when they try this on Black Twitter, the sock puppet &/or chan troll is quickly identified as suspect. So now they’re not even trying to act sympathetic to the politics being discussed and just jumping straight to harassment & vitriol.

Please keep an eye out. Block early and often. Protect each other. If you see someone fighting off what looks to be a sock puppet or neo-nazi, help out and voice your suspicions that this person is not who they claim and are probably trying to get you to say something to get you suspended. They tend to go for younger people and teens, from what I’ve seen. I once saw someone with something like 44_44 in their handle, pretending to be a radical liberal, & called them out for being a Nazi not even trying to hide the “88.”

Not everyone knows the signs/symbols to watch for, especially if they’re facing off w/o much support— it’s really stressful!

And, FYI, the accounts twitter routinely flags are just people existing as a Muslim or Arab person (literally stuff like “Eid with my friends was great this year! Yum!” or simply speaking Arabic gets accounts flagged.)

They suspend accounts of Black women who tell somebody to “fuck off” almost instantly.

But report a Nazi who’s been threatening ppl for weeks and the most that will happen is twitter verifies them.

Stay alert and BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK.

(There are people currently putting their safety on the line in a concerted effort to push back at Jack & Twitter Support for giving these people checkmarks and validation as they harass and abuse and just do general Nazi shit. They could use your material support! They do other very, very important work offline as well! I don’t feel comfortable naming them here, but check Jack’s mentions for women of color fighting the good fight and support their work and lives!)



Because most of us spend the majority
of our time indoors, NASA conducted a
Clean Air Study to determine which
common houseplants are the best for
filtering harmful toxins like ammonia
and formaldehyde from the air.  


**Please note: Several of these plants are known to be toxic to cats, dogs and other pets. If you are a pet owner, please do check the toxicity of plants before introducing them to your home.**

Source Source 2

There’s a good site to reference when trying to make sure you don’t accidentally poison your fur children!




please dont ask anyone out as a joke or a dare on valentines day that isnt funny 

Actually don’t do that as a joke PERIOD because it’s just fucking cruel and stupid.

And please don’t send joke (as in, only for a laugh or as a dare) Valentines unless you are sure the person will like it.  Getting an affectionately humourous Valentine card from someone who cares about you is one thing, being the butt of a joke is quite another, and not at all fun.

How do you refuse to be monogamous with someone who won’t have sex without pressuring people into sex?


(I had trouble parsing this ask at first, so if anyone else also has trouble parsing it, I think anon is asking, “if you want to date someone, but you don’t want to be monogamous with them because they don’t want to have sex, aren’t you creating a lot of pressure for them to have sex with you, if they want to be monogamously dating you?”)

I think you need to be good at communication, and both of you need to be good at evaluating your own needs and wants and anticipating how certain decisions will make you feel. I think you kind of need those things in relationships anyway, but you definitely need them more in some kinds of relationship.

Here’s an example of a conversation (which I didn’t have, but which involves the kind of communication that happens in my relationships):

A: Having sex is really important to me, and I think in the long run I won’t be happy in a monogamous relationship without sex. 

B: I’m upset about that, because I love you and want to keep dating but I don’t want to have sex. I guess we could try having sex.

A: Um. That doesn’t sound like a good solution at all? Let me try to figure out why I feel that way – so, for one thing, I expect that you wouldn’t be very happy, and I love you and I don’t want that, and also it’s hard to imagine it would be good for our relationship. And for another, I said ‘having sex is really important to me’ but when I think about it more, what’s actually important to me is having a relationship in which I am sexually desired and someone is excited about having sex with me. 

B: Yeah, that isn’t going to be me. I’m really hurt.

A: I understand. I’m sorry, this sucks. I am still happy right now, for what it’s worth, I just mentioned this because I was starting to realize this was important to me. How do you feel about being in a not-monogamous relationship?

B: Scared. I might be okay with it, if it turned out not to feature the things I’m scared of, but scared.

Some necessary elements: conversations which are likely to make someone feel pressured should happen in the format that lets everyone think best (which might mean over text chat instead of in person, or in person but not at certain times.) If you need to have a conversation about sex which might make someone feel pressured, definitely don’t have it in bed and then have sex if that’s the conclusion of the conversation, give people time to think and process and change their minds and maybe discuss with other friends.

Whether this works depends a lot on how you communicate and how your partners communicate, and I am lucky to date very honest, self-aware, introspective people who I trust to be good at asking themselves “what do I want, and how will I feel if we make it happen”. That doesn’t make relationship decisions less intense and painful and awful and hard, but it means that if someone says “I think this is what’s best for me right now, given what you’ve communicated about what is best for you”, I can expect that they’re probably right, and if they’re wrong they’ll notice and we’ll talk about it. 

If, like, you’re in As position but you would actually be happy to be monogamous with B if B is willing to have sex, then this conversation is harder, and that’s not one I’ve ever had to have, but I do think it’s possible if B is a person who is really great at knowing what they want, communicating it, noticing when it changes and communicating that.

I had no clue Oscar Wilde was anti semetic! I read up on it a bit and I assume you have evidence from the Picture Of Dorian Gray, which I hadn’t read. I saw someone saying that the character in it is a parody and at most Wilde was insensitive since some of his closest friends and supporters were a jewish couple, but I’d really like to hear your input on that matter






Some quotes:


The Picture of Dorian Gray:

  • A hideous Jew, in the most amazing waistcoat I ever beheld in my life, was standing at the entrance, smoking a vile cigar. He had greasy ringlets, and an enormous diamond blazed in the centre of a soiled shirt…
  • For some reason or other, the house was crowded that night, and the fat Jew manager who met them at the door was beaming from ear to ear with an oily, tremulous smile. He escorted them to their box with a sort of pompous humility, waving his fat jeweled hands, and talking at the top of his voice. Dorian Grey loathed him more than ever. 
  • This is a recurring character who is shown to bow and scrape before anyone who he thinks might be able to give him some advantage, and who tries to emulate English nobility but gets it wrong because he is ‘the wrong sort.’ 
  • Harry, the Jewish theatre owner, is also shown to be taking financial advantage of a young actress’s debts to keep her ‘bound to him.’ Harry’s insistence that he wants to ‘introduce’ her to Dorian is a clear implication that this theatre owner is also a pimp. 
  • It is a ‘Jewish doctor’ who is responsible for infusing the blood of others into a man to make him totally evil.

Some people have argued that he was parodying George Eliot here, and that since ‘he had a Jewish friend,’ specifically a novelist who he called ‘The Sphinx,’ gosh, he couldn’t be antisemitic (I know, I groaned out loud too), but read on, friends! It only gets worse from here!

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It should be noted that Wilde was hardly unique in his anti-Semitism. It’s actually fairly difficult to find literature from this era that DOESN’T make use of rabidly anti-Jewish tropes (in all honesty, this brand of anti-Semitism remained common within Anglo-Irish literature until the outbreak of WWII, take a flying guess why).

I don’t mean this as a defence of Wilde in any way, I just want to point out that this hatred of Jews was positively endemic.

Oh, I know, I absolutely know. I’m just personally really fucking sick of seeing all of these queer/LGBTQ-positive posts holding up Wilde specifically as some sort of like, cinnamon roll of sweet-yet-sour-acerbic-gayness, some sort of Harmless Sassy Granddaddy Gay, and just never acknowledging that – among other things – he was a really terrible antisemite. The same sort of ignore-dem-flaws idolizing of him happens in the communist/socialist communities, which is doubly ironic considering, you know, how many of the same people praising Wilde will breathlessly talk about the book Revolutionary Yiddishland and how important it is, etc. etc. 

As an English Education major, especially, this sort of blind celebration of Wilde annoys the absolute piss out of me. Wilde was a horrible, horrible antisemite who went out of his way to include these sorts of themes in literally everything he fucking wrote. Not talking about this, like, ever, unless someone Jewish brings it up, is not only frustrating and hurtful to people who hear ‘oh it’s okay if you’re an antisemite if you’re queer, we’ll give you a pass,’ but it’s really bad scholarship. If we’re gonna talk about what Wilde wrote and why, his antisemitism is a big part of that. Heck, he even blamed his gayness and his suffering for his gayness on ‘THE JEWS,’ you can’t separate anything he wrote from his hate of us. 

(None of the above is really aimed at what you said, @tikkunolamorgtfo, so please don’t take this as me ranting at you or yelling at you, just sort of – near you – because I just … have a Big Feeling about the way Wilde is talked about. He was a pretty horrible human being who gets a pass in the gay community and it makes me wanna yell a lot.)

No worries, I totally get it!

y’all, he has some funny quotes and that’s whatever. But at the end of the day, he was just another rich white gay dude who didn’t GAF about poor people until he after he was released from prison. And even then, his opinions stem more from his own experience than actual empathy.