Trump wants to slash food stamps and replace them with a ‘Blue Apron-type program’







I mean, this is an obviously crazy-impractical half-assed undercooked sorta-half-idea that someone threw in there as an “innovation” that couldn’t possibly be enacted (for one thing, grocery chains will have a FIT), but let’s focus on how cartoonishly evil this is:


Under the Trump proposal, which the Agriculture Department has dubbed “America’s Harvest Box,” all households receiving more than $90 per month in benefits — 81 percent of SNAP households overall — would begin receiving about half their benefits in the form of government-purchased, nonperishable food items.

Those foods would include shelf-stable milk, juice, grains, cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned meat, fruits and vegetables, according to the USDA. The department estimates that it could supply these goods at about half the cost of retail, slashing the cost of SNAP while still feeding the hungry.

No fresh fruit or vegetables for you! No more actually choosing the food you eat, dietary requirements be damned! We hate poor families this much!

You really have to admire the mental gymnastics lefties like OP are capable of pulling off by arguing that literally giving poor people food is the exact same thing as making them starve to death. That type of impressive athletics is something you’d only imagine seeing at the Olympics.


I’m a disabled person whose family literally receives SNAP right now. Why we receive it or the circumstances under which we receive it is nobody’s business but ours: the social safety net is here for us because we fell on hard times. One of my disabilities? Celiac disease. And yes, that is an ADA disability. 

I cannot simply eat a box of food that someone gives me. Canned foods often use glutenated substances as preservatives, making them literally poison for me. I must very carefully choose my foods. A restricted diet is the only treatment for my life-threatening disease. 

So, yes, handing people like me a box of food absolutely is asking us to starve, because most canned meats, canned vegetables, and cereals are not edible by me, nor is it safe for those items to be eaten in a kitchen used to feed me; gluten adheres to porous surfaces such as Tupperware, plastic bowls, and non-stick cookware. That food cannot be eaten in my home without making me sick, so no one in my family can eat it either.

Now that’s leaving aside entirely the fact that I have a hard time, due to my disease, with absorbing nurtients from food, so I must carefully choose what I eat to maximize my nutritional absorption. Hint: canned foods have much lower nutritional value and would not meet my needs either. 

The article – had you read it – makes very clear that those proposing this hadn’t considered how to handle people with food allergies or celiac disease. So we could go with this massively-expensive, incredibly invasive, paternalistic, infantilizing and ineffective system that would leave someone like me not only hungry but sicker, making more use of the Medicaid that I currently receive because I am permanently disabled, and thus more expensive…

… or we could keep it the way it is, not waste all that money setting up a ridiculously bad system that will make people sick, and trust poor families to know how best to feed themselves for their specific needs.  

Oh, but wait! There’s more! This plan would take money away from small mom-and-pop grocery stores and farms who currently accept EBT and supply a lot of the food stamp needs for rural working poor. 

It requires an awful lot of mental gymnastics to justify taking money away from small business owners and also giving poor people food less-nutritional food that a lot of us can’t even eat.  It takes absolutely none to say ‘gee, here’s your food money, you know better than we do what your individual needs are, sorry life’s kicking you right now, hopefully things get better, I hope this system is here to help me if I need it.’ 

But, you know, go off, I guess.

Except it is my business it is my business because you being on snap costs anyone who pays taxes money in the form of taxes. So yes it is my business and you shouldn’t be on it.

Now that means, get a job, make money and take care of yourself so you aren’t on this program is fine with me.

And before you get offended at me even suggesting such a thing, is this not what you want? To be independent and self sustaining?

Oh but it’s hard. Still doesn’t change my position. Work is hard difficult and at times dangerous but if we want this world of ours to keep spinning it must be done.

So don’t sit there and tell anyone it’s not my or anyone’s business that you use this system that costs people money, because it is. And your job as a being with the ability to reason, is to self improve. So improve yourself and gain your independence.

My being on SNAP costs you less than a hundredth of a penny a year. So you may have exactly a hundredth of a penny’s worth of concern about my circumstances. 

That said, I have a job. I own a business, as a matter of fact. You’d know that if you took so much as a cursory look at the header of my Tumblr. 

Let me rock your fucking world: most people who receive SNAP have at least one job. Most of us (like me) have two or more. 

Let me rock your fucking world again: I could be eligible for disability, but I choose not to seek it for as long as possible, if ever. I am permanently, multiply disabled, which you would know if you had actually read everything that I wrote. I am literally doing everything within my power to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. 

I work hard. I work as hard as my body will allow me, and sometimes more than, causing myself to become sick, to require hospital admission, because I seek again the kind of independence that I used to have before a tumor was taken out of my spine, permanently scarring my spinal cord, and setting off a chain reaction that left me at the mercy of a body that would no longer obey me. I went from having a hefty 401K, a job in the finance industry, and significant savings to starting a business that I’d be able to run around the restrictions of my body because I can no longer work a traditional 9-5 job. I physically cannot do it. I continued to work my finance job for 4 years after my tumor was removed, as my health has slowly deteriorated, until my job was eliminated. I will never be able to work a 9-5 job again, because I will not have FMLA protection for my unpredictable flare-ups. That is not my opinion: that is the assessment of four different doctors. See also: I could seek disability and probably get it, but choose not to do so for as long as I can. 

Let me rock your fucking world yet again: I have paid more in to the system than I have ever gotten out of it. You haven’t paid a fucking penny to me, because I paid in to the system for my entire working life, from before I was even an adult. 

But even if none of that were true, even if I’d never been able to work a day in my life, even if I never had worked a day in my life, even if I didn’t work my fucking ass off as much as my body will let me, even if I weren’t constantly turning out new products for my business, new writing for my patrons, making as much money as I can, you still don’t get to have a fucking opinion about why I’m on SNAP, you know why?

Because the right to food is recognized in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25) as part of the right to an adequate standard of living, and is enshrined in the 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Article 11).

Food is a basic human right, as recognized internationally, and understood by everyone who isn’t a solipsistic jackass. 

I know it’s really scary to think that you, too, might suddenly be unable to adequately provide for yourself, and acting out of that fear makes you insist that everyone who needs help must simply not be working hard enough, because the alternative is that our economic system is broken and that, G-d forbid, you might suddenly, through no fault of your own, be at the mercy of the same system that you purport works for everyone. You might not be able to provide for yourself if you got sick, or if something went wrong, and that’s scary. I get that. 

But I’m under no obligation to pat your bottom and reassure you that you’re right, golly gosh, if I worked harder I wouldn’t need any help, and so your deeper fears that you might find yourself in my shoes just aren’t true, because you’re totally in control of your situation with all your hard work, and an uncaring universe would never do you dirty the way it’s done me. 

So fuck off, bro. And leave everyone else who needs a little help alone. 

People will really go out of their way to blame poor people for being poor and disabled people for being disabled.

It’s honestly heartbreaking that so many people feel that way about SNAP. Like. They don’t care for their fellow man enough to feed them when they’re hungry. Hungry kids? Also not worth helping, apparently, as like 75% of SNAP recipients have kids in the household.

I’m infuriated that this seems to be a common sentiment. How selfish and cruel do you have to be to tell someone who is less fortunate than you that they aren’t working hard enough to deserve to eat? All because you pay a few dollars in taxes per year? I’m just. So disappointed that so many people are that selfish.

Someone’s reasons for needing assistance are their own. If the Health and Human Services department deemed that someone is eligible for benefits, that’s the end of it. No one deserves to invade on a person’s privacy. SNAP recipients are actual human beings who DESERVE RESPECT.

Also, it’s been shown that the SNAP program puts more money into the economy than it costs to upkeep, so this argument is moot anyway.

Trump wants to slash food stamps and replace them with a ‘Blue Apron-type program’







In Russia a man named Ivan smashed his way through icy water to save a stray dog from drowning, he adopted the dog afterwards and named him Rex.


God, look at him go. Even money this man was part of some Soviet super soldier program back in the day.

Ivan is only 21 years old here’s photos of them afterwards

Not all heroes wear… clothes. Even in icy water. I’d say give this man a fucking medal, but he got a great dog, which is MUCH better than a medal.

He wasn’t wearing clothes cause the water would stick to them and he would get hypothermia. His best bet was to bundle up after



You can own your autistic traits without having to disclose your diagnosis

This is not a rule, just a personal revelation that helped me a lot with my self esteem.

Even if it is helpful for me to know which things I used to consider quirks/weird things about me are actually autistic traits, I am in no way obligated to explain them to other people by disclosing my diagnosis, especially if I am uncomfortable with coming aut to some people.

Just that fact that I know where some behaviors come from has let me make peace with so many things I used to feel awkward for.

And I can actually take advantage of the fact most people perceive my autistic traits as quirks.

Example: if my coworker makes a sarcastic comment I take literally, I don’t say “sorry I don’t get sarcasm because I am autistic.” No, I just say: “I don’t get sarcasm” and leave it at that. No explanation, no apology. It feels like such a power move to own my traits without apologizing for them or explaining them. “This is the way I am, deal with it.”

And the cool thing is, people actually accept such statements and don’t ask questions, because confidence is a great way of making people shut up.

A thousand times this.  

You see NT’s are trained by society to treat certain people certain ways, and if you’re autistic most people sort you into the “retard” category. 

However if you just say “I have sensory issues” or “I don’t get sarcasm” they won’t sort you into that category, at worst they’ll put you into the “weird” category. 






If you don’t believe being asexual has any negative affect on people I was told by a psychiatrist that none of my relationships count because we didn’t have sex, and
I can’t say I’m gay since I don’t want to have sex with girls.

and I was taken off my antidepressants because they may be lowering the libido I never had in the first place (plus various other reasons, but still immediately, cold turkey, which should NEVER happen unless they’re switching you to something else)

But aphobia doesn’t exist and asexuals are privileged, right?

Sorry to add to this but I wanted to say since I’ve had bad experiences with mental health professionals and biphobia, I usually get asked “but are you sure you are sexually attracted to both sexes, are you sure it’s not just an emotional attraction?!” Like my dude don’t you think I can tell the difference between wanting to date someone and wanting to be friends? Also, due to be gray ace 90% of the time I am not even attracted to anyone but like sure, make me feel guilty that I can’t “prove” my bisexuality.

Sorry too but to add on, being aro isn’t much different. I told my therapist and she was immediately concerned that my meds were repressing “all my emotions” and wanted to take me off them. My insurance ran out and I went off them bc of no money before that happened. She also suggested dating someone anyway to “fix” the “issue” and expressed concern that my emotions (romantic feelings) weren’t present because “I’m suspicious and untrusting of everyone and don’t want to try hard enough.”

Having your orientation medicalized and invalidated is bad enough, but its fucking dangerous to have your meds taken away because you’re not performing relationships the way some doctor thinks you’re required to.

Aaaand this is why we need the bi/pan/ace/aro alliance.

this is why we need to recognize more queer experiences and identities than gay and lesbian, through increased awareness, information and representation.



There has been a disturbing trend I have noticed in discussions of queer history and I think it is important to address.

There are a lot of people saying things like “people who talk about queer history and don’t know about (fill in the blank) are ridiculous”. And that in itself is not a problem but the blank is ALWAYS filled with something from American/British history.

I have discussed this before but I want to say it again, prioritizing American/British history is a horrible trend that is aggressively prevalent within the queer community. And posts and discussions that place those narratives as Need to Know yet never place importance on stories from other countries are incredibly damaging and something people need to keep an eye on in the projects and work they follow and in themselves.

We can do better than this, we have to do better than this.

I think it’s also super important to note that access to information, including need-to-know historical info, is not equally distributed.  This intersects with the above issue- when you prioritize american and british history regardless of the context (usually on the assumption that internet spaces are inherently american/british spaces which is super gross) you’re actively decreasing access to non-american, non-british historical info.  Part of why this info is hard to find is because it isn’t treated as important.  But also, even within america, american queer history can be very hard to access if you aren’t given certain opportunities growing up.  It’s important to recognize that lack of familiarity with our own history is a structural issue, not just an issue of personal responsibility. Especially considering this is usually aimed at very young people, who are mostly only aware of information that has come to them, and haven’t reached a part of their lives where it’s become important to actively seek out knowledge on their own- 13, 14, 15 year olds on this site get criticized for not knowing queer history without any consideration for the fact that it’s not widely taught and they are only just now learning how little they actually know and how imperative it is for them to seek out information instead of passively accepting whatever school and parents teach them.


i read the sentence “abusers groom their character witnesses as carefully as they groom their victims” (in a comment thread in response to a “but i know [the accused] and hes such a nice man!!”) and it’s blowing my mind a weird amount even though i guess i already knew that