You want to know why people with disabilities or chronic or mental illness are so “lazy”? It’s because arms are not designed to be substitutes for legs. It’s because brains aren’t supposed to be that one coworker that actually has a negative level of productivity. It’s because it’s much harder to be a pancreas than to have a pancreas. How much work would you get done if someone handed you a screwdriver when you needed a hammer. It’s a tool right? It should get the job done.

“it’s much harder to be a pancreas than to have a pancreas” tf does that mean???

It means there are millions of people out there, loosing sleep, trying to function as a pancreas for themselves or their type 1 child. They make thousands of decisions each week the rest of us take for granted because those decisions are made for us by a tiny, precise organ. It means that despite their best efforts and the science and technology we have today most will only hope to stave off the worst complications of the diagnosis. Because a person cannot do the job of a pancreas as well as a pancreas can.

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