“we need to help people with mental illnesses access the tools and support they need to cope and thrive” and “mainstream psychiatry has been built to serve capital, often at the expense of poc, women, dissidents, and LGBT people” are uuuuuh not mutually exclusive ideas





My entire fucking house just went up in flames. Everything gone. Only saved my cat and dog.

If anyone can help my Circle Pay email is MissElleFaye@gmail.com

Even Amazon GC would help I can food and pet supplies and new work supplies with that

I don’t even have words right now

Everything is just gone

My fucking house is on the news

“We’re Gonna Take Everyone” — Border Patrol Targets Prominent Humanitarian Group as Criminal Organization


FROM THE MOMENT Scott Warren was arrested by Border Patrol agents on a remote property just north of the Mexican border, in January this year, there were questions. The 35-year-old college instructor, with a doctorate in geography and a history of academic and humanitarian work along the border, was found in a building known locally as “the Barn,” in the company of two young undocumented men from Mexico.

Accused of supplying the men with food, water, clothing, and a place to sleep, he was indicted by a grand jury in February, on two counts of harboring illegal aliens and one count of conspiracy to transport and harbor illegal aliens. The humanitarian aid volunteer could spend up to two decades in prison if convicted and sentenced to consecutive terms.

Scott Warren, a professor at Arizona State University and a volunteer with No More Deaths, was arrested and charged after Border Patrol allegedly witnessed him giving food and water to two migrants.

Warren is also one of nine volunteers with No More Deaths, an official ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, to be hit with federal charges in recent months for leaving water in a remote federal wilderness preserve where migrants routinely disappear and die. His arrest came just hours after No More Deaths published a report that documents evidence of Border Patrol agents destroying jugs of water that the group leaves for migrants in the desert.

Now, more than three months after the raid on the Barn, filings in the criminal case against Warren reveal new details about the January operation, bolstering suspicions that law enforcement has come to see No More Deaths, an organization focused on preventing the loss of life in the borderlands, as a criminal organization aimed at aiding the unlawful entry of migrants into the U.S.

“We’re Gonna Take Everyone” — Border Patrol Targets Prominent Humanitarian Group as Criminal Organization

What’s temari?


This is a question I get a lot! Temari (te = hand, mari = ball) is a form of Japanese embroidery done on a spherical base. The craft itself is ~600 years old, and extremely addictive.


You actually make the entire ball, from the center of the core to the outermost embroidery. See below for a breakdown of the basic steps:

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