‘Allah’ Is Found on Viking Funeral Clothes




Shhh, do you hear that? It’s every white supremacist screaming all at once.

And a glorious sound it is.

Vikings engaged in trade from the North Sea to Turkey, and encountered Islamic society throughout. It is likely that at least some of these folks became Muslims!

Some overview: Muslim Vikings? Northmen in the Islamic World.

‘Allah’ Is Found on Viking Funeral Clothes



Two women talking about a transwoman using women’s restroom.

Lady A: He is in there only to peep on women.

Lady B: Were you there to peep on other women?

Lady A: No.

Lady B: Neither was she.

Lady A: She is a he!

Lady B: Are you a he?

Lady A: No.

Lady B: Neither is she.

Lady A: But he has a penis!

Lady B: Have you seen her penis?

Lady A: Yes!

Lady B: Then I firmly believe you are the one who did the peeping.


Pancake Needs Surgery



On Monday I brought Pancake 🥞🐈 home from the vet’s office and she was still kind of drugged up after being sedated for X-rays to try and find out why she still wasn’t walking or jumping (sort of? she’s always had issues with it, and now we know why) like before her fracture.

Turns out she has “capital physeal fracture” which can be caused (mostly in cats, and mostly male cats) by spaying or neutering too soon (in 12 or less weeks). What this means, is that on top of having a lot less muscle on her hips and legs than the rest of her body, there is also an issue with the bone. Where the bone usually meets the pelvis area, there is the head of the bone, the “neck”, and then the full length of the bone. (Forgive me I am doing my best to recall what the vet said, and how she explained things) and basically, a capital physeal fracture means that there is a growth plate fracture, so the “neck” of the bone connecting the rounded head and the length of the femur was interrupted and didn’t fully develop, which caused it to be super thin and very fragile.

When pancake had her fracture several months ago, it’s likely that’s when she also injured the already fragile femur “neck”, and that is why she is still in pain despite the initial fracture healing. I’m also including 2 X-rays of cats, the first shows healthy normal cat, the second shows a cat with this problem. I don’t have her X-rays (not sure if I get them later or they just don’t give them unless you ask/pay) but she has this in both her femurs, which the vet says makes it far more likely that this is related to being spayed too early (she was spayed a week before I got her, and I got her at 10weeks old) as opposed to a random injury.



Now the good part about this, is that they can improve her pain and mobility by doing a surgery that is not too complicated, and while she will still never be a pro jumper, she will be a lot happier and more likely to be active, and because it’s not super complicated it will be a lot less money than one that was super difficult. The downside? I got the quote the next day and it was $1,648.94

We’re already stretched very thin because of constant recurring plumbing issues, not to mention the over $5k we’ve spent on my dog in the last 10 months, who is now almost entirely blind, mostly deaf, has diabetes, and congestive heart failure. I know everyone has their own stuff going on, but if you’re able to and want to help, even a small amount would mean the world to me. And if you can’t and just want to say nice things about pancake that would be appreciated too. I want to be able to get her better and feeling pain free, and the sooner I can do it, the better. I love my big orange princess cat and it breaks my heart to know that she wasn’t just avoiding activity because she thought she was still hurt from her old fracture, but that she’s been in pain this whole time. Contact me via ask or msg to find out how to donate if you would like to and are able. 

I’ll be posting any and all updates on here so people know how things are going, and once she’s had her surgery, how she is healing. We are told that her healing should be fairly smooth, especially because she is otherwise healthy and only 2 years old, and that while we won’t want her jumping on things for a while, we are to keep her somewhat active and playing so she gets better sooner.

So far we have been blessed with $387.13 in donations towards her surgery, as well as countless kind messages of support and well wishes for my round orange kitty, and I am so appreciative and grateful to know so many amazing people. 


UPDATE: total donated has gone up to $580.75! Still a long way to go, but it means so much. ❤






things i am going to teach my children later: the “pick one favourite” syndrome embedded in our culture is stupid and useless

it starts at fucking pre-school, in those little get-to-know-me books, and it never ends. favourite colour? mother tongue? favourite character? best friend? favourite sport? song? movie? book? series? band? toy? no you can only pick one

and i am deeply convinced that this is intrinsically linked to one of the things that annoys me the most, which is that in our society, it’s considered a sign of maturity to prioritise one thing, and often specifically one person, above everything else. i mean, priorities are definitely important, but you are also absolutely allowed to equally enjoy/love/feel connected to different things without constructing some kind of hierarchy where one of them always wins out

“you can only like one gender, you can only be one (of the two “biological” – ha) genders, you can only have one partner, you must have one best friend, you must have one favourite activity (preferably your job, bc that makes you a functional member of society) because clearly if you love multiple things, you must love them less than if you spent all that love on one thing”

this rhetoric creates so much guilt and jealousy – as if love is a finite concept.

(incidentally it is also possible to genuinely love something without it being one of the things you love the most, and that doesn’t make that love any less valid, but that’s another discussion)

I agree with this so much. My entire life, it’s been impossible for me to name my favorite anything. The closest I can get is “one of my favorites.” I know I like things, but I can’t choose a favorite, and I’ve never known why it is supposed to be important!

ohhhh i have 5 favorite colors and i thought i was just indecisive!

this is a good post; i hope it’s ok if i add a sort of counter-example…

because the weird thing is, if you do have one favorite all-consuming passion, and you happen to be openly autistic, it gets pathologized as your Special Interest, whereas that ‘normal’ person that has their whole office done up in the colors of their favorite sportsball team doesn’t get that done to them.

Them: pick a color
Me: I am a graphic designer. Do not make me choose between my children.

I once asked the daycare kids what was their favorite color. One of them answered ‘RAINBOW!!!’ and they all changed their answers because indeed, the best color is all the colors.