fred and i are both applying for jobs, but because my car is only partially functional we are very limited in the scope of where we can apply, and although we’ve each gotten an interview, we haven’t gotten any offers and have no income

we need

-cat food

-toilet paper

-to pay our internet bill (150 bucks, past due, don’t know when they’ll cut our service off but probably in the next couple of weeks or month if i don’t pay at least some of it)

-to pay at least some of our rent (625) ten days from now

here is fred’s paypal

Delware! Tonight, a public vote will determine the fate of one of the state’s most important libraries


Walter Stabosz writes, “Delaware was the first state to ratify the US
constitution, giving it the moniker ‘The First State.’ It is also the
second smallest state, and has only three counties. Tonight in
Delaware’s most populous county, New Castle County, there will be a vote
that may decide the fate of a library built in one of New Castle’s most
underserved and at-risk communities.

The 40,000-square-foot facility know as the Rt 13 Library and Innovation Center,
features a library, work spaces, a computer lab, a STEM lab with Maker
Space, a learning commercial kitchen for job training, and a range of
on-site programming.

Those voting are the 13 members of the New Castle County Council. They
have to make the choice to either raise taxes (by less than the cost of a
monthly Netflix subscription), or to cut services for all 540,000 New
Castle residents. Services cuts will affect emergency services,
communities services libraries, and parks.

New Castle Save: Our Services is a
web site created by a New Castle County resident with the goal of
raising public awareness of the vote, and to convince the County Council
to pass the budget.

The vote is tonight is open to the public with time alloted for public
comment. It is at 6:30PM in the Council Chambers at 800 N. French
Street. Wilmington, DE 19801. There are multiple parking garages nearby.





i think it is good to warn people in advance about the circumstances that will cause you to bite them and i think that having given that warning it is good to follow through when the time comes

the rattlesnake is an admirable creature whose virtues we should emulate

One time at dance some rando grabbed me by the waist and told me to dance with him and I told him “if you don’t let go I’m going to bite you” and he didn’t let go so I bit him and that really should be the end of the story but he thought that was funny so I turned around and gave him a donkey kick to the shins and took about a 4 inch strip of skin with me so what I learned that day is when one is without debilitating venom, one must be as a horse do






















We need to have a nomination for “Stupidest thing Tumblr.com has ever believed” and just move into an official Top 10 List.

For my nominations, I’m putting up:

  • If you eat a chocolate bar a very specific way, you will break physics and get infinite chocolate.


  • It is impossible that you spelled “Berenstain Bears” wrong and is, instead, more likely that the universe fractured into separate, overlapping realities in the last 20 years.

I can’t decide which is more beautiful. It’s why we need a vote.

this is a picture of the human brain at the moment of death. tragic and beautiful

Fuck. That is a damn good nomination.

if you close your eyes when the train hits your brain will assume you are dead. Some find this comforting.

We’re getting into the good ones now. This is some classic Tumblr.

Two old favourites:

“Bitch, That’s the Tubby Custard Machine” (http://imgur.com/gallery/IObQF)

and the horse dildo that was passed off as someone’s arm. (http://abakkus.tumblr.com/post/48958415162)

This is rapidly becoming a master post of ignorances and I could not possibly be happier.

Rare blue watermelon

That disease where you get purple eyes, no period, and no body hair

How have we gone this far without anyone mentioning the bird in the chocolate fountain

soap makes water molecules smaller

I nominate the “we are killing the earth” picture of the earth in comparison from 1978 to 2012

the dog with the slice of ham on its face that everyone thought was a gigantic burn scar

“Tequila is the only alcohol thats not a depressant so you can drink as much of it as you like”

that post with the picture of the joker without makeup and people thinking it was a real person and defending him

that photo of voldemort being passed off as an aborted fetus

The two way mirror

“listen here, cumslut.”

I can’t believe you guys forgot someone trying to pass off a picture of the inside of a fig as a microscopic view of the inside of a vagina.

I can’t believe I was on Tumblr for every single one of these posts.

The Forgotten History of Romani Resistance



the evening of May 16, 1944, in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration
camp, SS guards armed with machine guns surrounded the area of the camp
designated for Roma and Sinti prisoners. Their intent was to round up
the nearly 6,000 prisoners there and send them to the gas chambers. But
when the guards approached the area, they were met with armed resistance
from the inmates.

The prisoners had learned of the planned “liquidation” and fashioned
weapons from sheet metal, wood, pipes, rocks, and any other scraps of
material they could get their hands on. According to the memories of
survivors and witnesses to the incident, the inmates forced the guards
into retreat, and though some prisoners were shot that night, the act of
resistance allowed the Roma and Sinti prisoners to put off execution
for several more months.

How can such an epic episode have been lost to history? Who knows about the Sonderkommandos revolt of August 1944? Who knows about Witold Pilecki,
who infiltrated Auschwitz to organize its resistance network? Keeping
alive the memories of these events could help prevent such crimes from
happening again in the future.

This is why La Voix des Rroms is raising awareness around May 16, the Romani Resistance Day in Europe.
The Romani Resistance Day represents a change in the way Romani culture
and identity appear in public space. This change comes from an
understanding of this space as a political one, where a history of
resistance replaces a history of oppression. We have urged Romani
organizations across Europe to embrace this date: there are several
events planned this year in Budapest; Lety (Czech Republic); and Paris,
where we are organizing Romani Resistance Day (Fête de l’insurrection gitane) in collaboration with other stigmatized minorities like Muslims and blacks.

For too long, Roma people have been misrepresented by stereotypes:
the beggar, the prostitute, the compassionate victim, the folkloric
artist. Those stereotypes overshadow the nuances of Romani culture and
identity, which have to be the result of political struggle. Romani
cultural creation aims to challenge mainstream culture, identity, and
representation, just as the African American civil rights movement in
the United States changed the whole of America’s identity.

We must do all we can to promote Romani culture and identity. For
more than four decades, Europe’s Roma communities have wanted to
establish an institution that would give their traditions and creations
their own stage. Across Europe, institutions exist to celebrate an array
of cultures, nationalities, and identities, but there is nothing of
this kind for Roma.

The European Roma Institute,
recently proposed by the Open Society Foundations, the Council of
Europe, and leading Roma organizations and figures, is a unique way to
address this imbalance and give Romani traditions and creations their
own stage.

In order to be successful, the European Roma Institute will need to
tackle the breadth of Romani culture and identity. A lot has been done
in the past to promote Romani culture with the help of an institutional
framework, but it failed, in my opinion, because the specificity of
Romani culture cannot be expressed using mainstream categories. There
are some very specific features of Romani identity and culture that need
to be addressed, like Romani humor; among all Roma, there is a common
perception of the world, a common distance from society, as is
exemplified in Charlie Chaplin movies—whose grandmother was, in fact, a
Roma woman from England.

The main challenge of the European Roma Institute will be to deal
with the tensions between unity (we are all “Roma”) and multiplicity (we
all belong to the “landscape” or the territories we live in). That
double belonging has always structured Romani identity. It needs to be
fully addressed.

Source:- http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/voices/forgotten-history-romani-resistance

This is an older article but gives a nice overview of some of the history behind Romani Resistance Day. Ushten!

GOP Candidate: Puerto Ricans Shouldn’t ‘Be Allowed’ To Register To Vote In FL


As reported by Politico on Tuesday, Republican congressional candidate John Wardmade the remark last week in response to a voter who asked about Puerto Ricans who have moved “either temporarily or permanently” to Florida: “How do you respond to them when they say that they need more help and that the aid to Puerto Rico is not enough?”

“First of all, I don’t think they should be allowed to register to vote,” Ward said. “And it’s not lost on me that, I think, the Democrat Party’s really hoping that they can change the voting registers in a lot of counties and districts. And I don’t think they should be allowed to do that.”

GOP Candidate: Puerto Ricans Shouldn’t ‘Be Allowed’ To Register To Vote In FL