A book crystallized in the ocean

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This was not crystallized by the ocean. People. No. This is why artist credit is SO DAMN IMPORTANT THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE MISINFORMED HERE.

Alexis Arnold is an artist who creates crystallized books. Her work is amazing and beautiful, she’s made dozens of these.

This particular one was not made by her, however, it was actually created by Catherine McEver – who was inspired to try it after seeing a show of Alexis Arnold’s work. It’s literally the first picture on Google image results if you search for “crystallized books” and she posted about it on her blog showing other process shots as she made it.


Considering how many times I’ve seen the uncredited post on my dash I’m finally going to reblog it, with the proper credits.






I can respect that.

this is the realest reason to use one handed weapons.

Here’s why all of you who have Skyrim for PC should ABSOLUTELY install the Inigo follower mod, even if it’s your only mod. It’s the cat man saying the line in this screenshot, and he has tons of equally wonderful lines just like this.

This fucker has thousands of lines of dialogue. He is the only character
in the game, modded or otherwise, that feels like an actual character
and not a cardboard cutout complaining about the cold.

And yes, he is fully voiced.

Some things to know about Inigo

  • He’s openly and vocally anti-racism, and he will make sure you know it.

  • He’s a recovered skooma addict that survived a suicide attempt and travels with you to help himself find redemption for his past.
  • He will be concerned for you if you’re carrying skooma in your inventory
  • If you sit with him in an inn and know him well enough, he will let you vent to him about being depressed, and he will do his best to hear you out and help you feel better.
  • He has a friend he carries with him everywhere named Mr. Dragonfly. If Mr. Dragonfly is in his inventory, he will occasionally tell you what he’s thinking.
  • If Mr. Dragonfly is not with him, he will be sad and ask if he can have him back. He’ll be sure to let you know that it’s not personal, but he and Mr. Dragonfly are really good friends.
  • Give him back his dragonfly friend you monster.

tl;dr go download Inigo and you’ll never use another follower again

I need this version of Skyrim

I fucking love Inigo, but just to add to these very excellent points: DO consider taking him out with another follower, because chances are if they are a/ vanilla b/ use a vanilla voice type (ie the generic followers you can download that just have Lydia’s voice or whatever) or c/ are the fantastic Vilja mod and you introduce them through Vilja’s dialogue, they will interact! (I don’t *think* he has interactions with any other custom-voiced followers, but I could be wrong.)

Like, he will chat to them, and they will chat back.

He teases Lydia a bit, but after a while travelling together, they seem a bit more friendly. His conversations with the vanilla/vanilla-voiced followers are made by picking and choosing from their existing lines and then the mod author wrote and recorded lines to go with them to make conversations (Vilja also does this, and I’m pretty sure if you have, say, Vilja, Inigo and Marcurio, sometimes they have chats together, or at least it sure feels like it.) 

He has some excellent banters (in the fun, Dragon Age party sense, not the horrible jerks being mean and then yelling IT’S JUST BANTER sense, of course) with Vilja, as the authors of the two mods worked together to write and record custom conversations. 

He even talks to the vanilla dogs. The first time I played with the most recent version of Inigo, along with Vilja, I was absolutely gobsmacked when we were running around the wilderness and Meeko was lagging behind, nowhere to be seen, and the first I noticed of this was when <i>Inigo</i> started calling for Meeko (something like ‘Meeko! Where is that silly dog?! Oh, <i>there</i> you are!’) I’m honestly not sure that wasn’t somehow a scripted event, but either way, it was ruddy impressive.

Oh, and if you want, you can buy him his own horse (by buying an extra horse from one of the stables, I think you can also give him *some* mod-added horses, though I’d recommend sticking with vanilla – Shadowmere and Frost work, too) and he will thank you in a very sincere sort of way, ride the horse, give them a name (or I think Shadowmere and Frost get to keep their existing names?) and even *sing* about riding when he’s doing so!

Also, the mod author seems to be a really nice dude, which is always good.






Men who slam doors and furniture are making sure you hear how much they want to hit you.

No. They are using a completely responsible and non-harmful outlet for their anger. This shows how much they don’t want to hit you. Some people even purchase actual punching bags to have a permanent outlet at home or join a material arts club. These are healthy coping mechanism often encouraged and approved by therapists. Also, needless to say it’s not exclusively men who do this.

I’m a few months from my liscense to practice therapy, and I already do in supervision. No, slamming doors and throwing around furniture is not a recommended technique by any well-trained up-do-date therapist. Doing this with someone else around is creating at atmosphere of intimidation. Literally I have been over every single one of these points for years, you can check my #door slam post tag. I’ve replied to all these points many, many times over.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of social psychology or neuroscience knows that neurons that fire together, wire together. If you respond to something with anger, you’re more likely to keep responding to things with anger. No competent therapist would tell a patient to respond with violence- that’s literally just making you more prone to violence.

Men who slam doors and furniture are making sure you hear how much they want to hit you.

I am more used to women having these kinds of violent reactions (”angrily washing dishes,” “angrily slamming cupboards,” “angrily cleaning"… etc. is a thing I’d imagine is unfathomable for kids who didn’t have violent caretakers who threw baby bottles at toddlers– or unfortunate adults with similarly violent spouses spouses…), but yeah, this.

The “taking anger out in the form of physical violence” even when controlled is an abhorrent thing to get used to. You need to find gentle, productive ways to get feel and acknowledge and then get rid of it– art, visualization, breathing exercises, anything–that isn’t reliant on a punching bag or a stress toy, because when you’re without one, say you’re on an unexpected trip you didn’t pack for, and the kid or your spouse or an annoying coworker is driving you over the edge? Under all that stress, with no outlet other than violence, they’ll very likely be the punching bag.