“Babies only cry if they are hungry, need changing, or need to be picked up”


Babies (and small children) also cry for reasons such as:

1. “I am tired and that makes me angry”

2. “I scared myself with a fart”

3. “You are the wrong parent”

4. “I ran into something with my face”

5. “I’m facing the opposite direction then the one I want to”

6. “I fell asleep in one place and woke up somewhere completely different”

7. “I am a very small person in a very big world”

8. “I got scared because YOU farted”

Babies have more then 3 states of being and sometimes you just have to hold them and bounce them gently while saying solemnly “yes it is very hard to be a baby” because frankly it is

you have to remember that when you’re that tiny… pretty much any bad thing that happens to you is LITERALLY the WORST thing that has ever happened in your life. they have no perspective. everything is awful. help them

#everything is happening for the first time and they cant even google it  


So I just got off the phone with a few different veterinarians and they’ve all recommended that I get blood work and x-rays done for Minion. However, because of an incident that happened back in December I will not have the money to pay $250 right now so I’m asking for help if anyone can donate I’d greatly appreciate it. I hate coming on tumblr and asking for help again but Minion is important to me and I’m not above putting her safety against my pride or ego.

My PayPal is supernaturalpokemon@gmail.com

I don’t care if this seems or sounds desperate. I care about my dog a lot and just want her to be okay.

Thank you to everyone who has been sending me their thoughts and prayers.


the real “problem with political correctness” is not that it’s considered offensive to use slurs, but that there are now many “progressive” environments where saying the right things is more important than doing the right thing. it’s why it’s so easy for abusers to gain traction in leftist circles (they learn the right words quickly and employ them to frame their own behavior as progressive); it’s why so much potential activist energy gets poured into fighting about language; it’s why moderate liberals didn’t believe fer/guson had a problem until the police emails with actual racist language were leaked. (you can do racist things, you just can’t SAY racist things.) i don’t have a neat conclusion here but a related point is that i’m so much happier since i started focusing on like, being a good kind caring person instead of trying to remove the word “crazy” from the vocabulary of everyone in my family







Oh for fffffff-no, no I am not creating crystal discourse. I’ve had it the fuck up to here with other holistics breathing down my neck for months. Drink your fucking “mineral water”. It’ll probably still taste better than kool-aid.

It’s $80 per bottle. What the entire fuck.




can someone,,, Explain why this is bad

(anyone, really)

It’s not gonna HURT you

But if you want a bottle of water with a rock in it you can buy a bag of polished quartz or rose quartz or smokey quartz for, like, $10 and throw a rock in a thermos of water WITHOUT paying $80 a bottle. 

Oh god I went to their website because I wanted to see what was up an

1. At least they strictly use varieties of quartz, which is inert in water. 

2. The Citrine quartz bottle is sold out. 


From their website

Citrine is the crystal of manifestation. This golden, yellowish calming stone encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings, and new pursuits. Its frequency increases and awakens creativity and imagination. Often called The Merchant’s Stone; Citrine is a crystal of abundance and manifestation used to attract wealth, prosperity, and all things good. It also encourages generosity and sharing. Citrine is prized as a weight loss stone for its ability to increase mindfulness of the body and recognition of internal hunger cues in the body.

Bolding is mine. 


Our namesake SOJI, was born from the ancient spiritual practice called Soji. Soji is a Zen word relating to the practice of “Temple Cleansing.”

The practice is simple. After morning meditation, all members are assigned a basic cleaning task on the Temple grounds (Sweep the hallway, clean the walls, polish the windowpanes). After about 20 minutes the work leader rings a bell signaling the end of all work. If the hallway is half swept, if the walls are not complete, if the only 5 of the 15 windowpanes are polished    – it does not matter, as the “destination” or “completion” is not the intention. The goal was not to complete the task, but to be present during the task.

Approaching everyday tasks the Soji way redirects our energies not towards the future goal, but into the present process. It reminds us that life is not about finishing, but more simply about doing.  If we adopt the mindset to own the present journey rather than the elusive destination we may be more mindful and grateful.


Brown Rice Mujaddara

Easy if not super quick solution for tonight. (And probably lunch tomorrow too.)

I used some veggie broth and Lebanese 7-spice in this batch, which turned out tasty.

The lentils I was using always take a while to cook, so I let them simmer for about 20 minutes before adding the rice and letting it all go for an hour. The extra cooking shouldn’t be necessary for most lentils, but it probably wouldn’t hurt anyway.

Just using green onions on top was tempting, but I was glad I did go ahead and fry some onion instead. It does add a lot of flavor.

I was planning to make a cucumber and tomato salad to go with it, but that will have to wait for later because I ran totally out of energy. Not bad on its own, though.

Brown Rice Mujaddara

A Black Yale Student Took a Nap in a Dorm Common Room. A White Classmate Called the Cops on Her




Who the fuck calls the police on someone for napping anywhere on a college campus??? (I know, white people) People sleep in all sorts of places on campus. 

So when will all these calls start turning into fines and charges for false reports

Never, because they can always claim reasonable suspicion, given that racial profiling has basically been held up by all levels of the government except that one judge in NYC :/

This is terrorism, concerted efforts to make PoC unwelcome and unsafe should they dare set foot somewhere white people have claimed as their’s alone. Expect to see much more copycatting.

A Black Yale Student Took a Nap in a Dorm Common Room. A White Classmate Called the Cops on Her

Wolves Are Losing Ground to Industrial Logging in Southeast Alaska



For 12,000 years, wolves have roamed Southeast Alaska’s rugged Alexander Archipelago—a 300-mile stretch of more than 1,000 islands mostly within the Tongass National Forest. Now, their old-growth forest habitat is rapidly disappearing, putting the wolves at risk. As the region’s logging policies garner controversy, a new study examines what the wolves need in order to survive.

Largely isolated from mainland wolves by water barriers and the Coast Mountains, the Alexander Archipelago wolf (Canis lupus ligoni) is widely considered to be a subspecies of gray wolf genetically distinct from other North American populations. In the 1990s and again in 2011, conservationists sought to protect the island wolves under the Endangered Species Act, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service denied these petitions—most recently, in January 2016.

Despite their decision not to list the subspecies, in their analysis, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service highlighted Prince of Wales Island as the area of greatest concern for the archipelago wolves, due primarily to impacts of logging and trapping. Bigger than the state of Delaware, Prince of Wales is the largest island in Southeast Alaska and the fourth-largest island in the U.S., after Hawaii, Kodiak Island and Puerto Rico. The island’s lowland hills are blanketed with temperate rainforests of spruce and hemlock and strewn with winding rivers and fjords.

Today, logging roads etch elaborate curlicues into the island’s topography. The extensive road system provides hunters and trappers with easy access to the wolves, which are simultaneously prized for their pelts and regarded as competitors that steal hunters’ deer. According to Roffler, 60 wolves were hunted or trapped last year, 2 illegally. The total number of wolves killed without permits is, of course, impossible to obtain. Roffler said that ADF&G estimated that 231 wolves inhabited Prince of Wales and surrounding smaller islands in the fall of 2017.

Although hunting and trapping have the potential to eradicate wolves in the short-term, habitat loss from logging poses an even greater long-term challenge for wolf survival, said Roffler, whose study of wolves on Prince of Wales was recently published in Forest Ecology and Management. Logging primarily affects wolves by reducing habitat for deer, their primary source of prey. To learn more about which pieces of the fragmented landscape the wolves tend to frequent, Roffler and her team distributed radio collars among 13 wolves in 7 packs. The radio collars transmitted wolf locations for up to two years per animal, allowing unprecedented insight into their movements.

Wolves Are Losing Ground to Industrial Logging in Southeast Alaska


“A bipartisan ballot measure for fairer, more competitive congressional maps in Ohio passed with sweeping support on Tuesday. Around 75 percent of Ohioans voted for Issue 1, compared to 25 percent who voted against it, according to the Associated Press. The measure will keep control of the map-drawing process in the hands of the legislature, but impose new rules requiring 50 percent support from members of both the Democratic and Republican parties for the maps to be enacted. If they fail, a seven-member commission composed of the governor, auditor, secretary of state and lawmakers from the two major political parties will assume control of the process. Importantly, lawmakers are explicitly barred from passing a map that “unduly favors” either party. Other rules dictate that congressional districts must be contiguous and make geographic sense. All together, backers say, these requirements will lead to results that better reflect the will of voters rather than what most benefits the party in power.”

Ohio Voters Pass Anti-Gerrymandering Reform By Huge Margin – Talking Points Memo