Hi y’all, I believe this will be of interest/beneficial for some of you here!

One of my research assistants needs help with her senior thesis study. If you meet the requirements, please fill out the entire survey below! A lot of people have been exiting out after filling out the demographics only :(.

Dissociation in Autism Spectrum Disorders Research Survey
How do individuals on the autism spectrum experience dissociation, and what increases their risk of dissociation? Help us understand the link between autism and dissociation by participating in our study.

You will fill out a survey which can be found at and will take less than 45 minutes to complete. You will not be directly compensated for your participation, but results may improve our understanding of autism and lead to better treatment for the symptoms that autistic individuals report struggling with.

To participate in this study, you must be 18+ years of age and diagnosed with or suspected to have an autism spectrum disorder. If you have any questions about this study, please contact Katherine Reuben at (678) 778-9560 or or contact Dr. Christopher Stanzione at (404) 894-2680 or


The Romero brothers took my favorite pig because I couldn’t pay them off my debt. They were about to grill and eat the poor animal. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan they decided to drink first. They got so drank and didn’t notice two my grandsons taking the pig. They decided they had eaten the pig. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my piggy came back home.

Tobias Corrales




So my dog is a 210 pound Great Dane who has never had a toy smaller than a car tire before, and he always rips them to sheds within a couple weeks.

Recently my sister got him the biggest toy she could find in the doggy toy section, a toy owl about the size of my dog’s head.

He smelled it, took it delicately in his mouth, then just dropped it on the floor and has barely touched it since.

But I keep finding him with it near him while he is sleeping.

I haven’t put it there, and neither has my mum.

He never chews on it, like he is afraid to break it.

And it is always right near his head when he sleeps.

I think he has accepted the tiny owl as his pet.

When the fuck did this get notes
Did someone famous reblog my tiny puppy boy



After the assassination, actor Frank Mordaunt wrote that Lincoln admired Booth, whom Lincoln had repeatedly invited (without success) to visit the White House.[11]:325–326 Booth attended Lincoln’s second inauguration on March 4, writing in his diary afterwards: “What an excellent chance I had, if I wished, to kill the President on Inauguration day!”[7]:174,437n.41

mfw when I realise someone I was friendly to actually didn’t like me at all