what if i told you that a lot of “Americanized” versions of foods were actually the product of immigrant experiences and are not “bastardized versions”

That’s actually fascinating, does anyone have any examples?

Chinese-American food is a really good example of this and this article provides a good intro to the history http://firstwefeast.com/eat/2015/03/illustrated-history-of-americanized-chinese-food

I took an entire class about Italian American immigrant cuisine and how it’s a product of their unique immigrant experience. The TL;DR is that many Italian immigrants came from the south (the poor) part of Italy, and were used to a mostly vegetable-based diet. However, when they came to the US they found foods that rich northern Italians were depicted as eating, such as sugar, coffee, wine, and meat, available for prices they could afford for the very first time. This is why Italian Americans were the first to combine meatballs with pasta, and why a lot of Italian American food is sugary and/or fattening. Italian American cuisine is a celebration of Italian immigrants’ newfound access to foods they hadn’t been able to access back home.

(Source: Cinotto, Simone. The Italian American Table: Food, Family, and
Community in New York City
. Chicago: U of Illinois, 2013. Print.)

Stuff you Missed in History Class has a really good podcast overview of “Foreign Food” in the US.





I know we’re all terrified by America right now, but you need to know what is happening in Britain, there’s so much shit going on, but here’s some of the highlights:

The UN have condemned the British government for “grave” failures regarding disabled people’s rights. [x]

There are over half a million people using food banks, because they cannot afford to eat. [x]

The benefits system is declaring people fit to work, ignoring the opinions of their doctors, and refusing them money unless they spend 35 hours a week actively looking for work. These include people with severe disabilities, mental health issues, and people who are literally dying. In fact, around eighty people a month die within six weeks of being declared fit to work by this system. [x]

16.7% of the population is living in poverty, with a further 30% at serious risk of slipping into poverty [x]

Children are suffering from such severe malnutrition they’re having to be treated for rickets. [x]

It’s currently estimated that 1 in 200 people in the UK are homeless. [x]

This is just a tiny snapshot, and I won’t even go into the NHS crisis, because that deserves it’s own massive post.

We’re now deporting people who’ve lived and worked here for decades. We invited a load of commonwealth citizens over, starting in 1948, with the arrival of HMS Windrush, and they became known as the Windrush Generation, but though they were given indefinite leave to remain we didn’t give out any damned paperwork until after 1971 so we’re kicking them out now that they’re old and not paying taxes, despite the fact that most of them came over as children, and that they made lives here, and worked to support this goddamned racist backwater of a country for decades. [x]

Alot of those first statistics are old now too. Over 10,000 people are thought to have died directly due to disability cuts. I think the number of people in poverty is closer to 25% and I think it’s closer to a million people using food banks. I’m on my mobile right now so won’t list sources, but remind me in a couple of hours and I will.

Theresa May and her fucking tory cronies are a disgrace.

Meanwhile police have been taking rough sleepers’ belongings in Windsor and this happened:

Don’t be fooled by the things the police said about the belongings being taken. They always have a line.

So people have nowhere to sleep in Windsor, disabled people are still dying, a generation of folks who were asked to come to the UK are being deported, and we’re spending millions upon millions paying for a wedding.



Join ACT UP to demand GENERIC PrEP NOW at AIDS Walk 2018!

Mission: To get GILEAD Sciences (producers of PrEP) to release the patent on the only HIV prevention drug available in the U.S. and in turn dramatically lower the price of PrEP in the U.S.

What: ACT UP NY will be having two die-ins on the route of the AIDS Walk. Additional activists will hand out fliers sharing the information related to this specific issue at-hand.

When: SUNDAY, MAY 20, 9:30a.m.–11p.m.

Where: Meet at Cedar Hill and East Drive (south of the intersection of East Drive and E 79th)

Look for: ACT UP apparel, black balloons, white t-shirts, banners (we’ll make sure to be seen)

Why? GILEAD Sciences is one of the top sponsors of AIDS Walk. Although we are not protesting GMHC, or the AIDS Walk, we are here to tell the community to divest in GILEAD Sciences and to spread awareness of the issue.

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so i was talking to my grandmother about old-school video games
and she was all

“y’know there was one game i used to play, and it had like a maze, and it was underground, and there was a guy in first person and he had a weapon”

so knowing her penchant for puzzle games, i started guessing like myst, or legend of grimrock

so we start hunting through these 90’s-era games featuring dungeon crawls.

turns out. it was not a puzzle game. it was nothing close to a puzzle game. apparently, in the mid-90s, my grandmother would sit down and play fucking Wolfenstein 3D and listen to AC/DC for like hours on end.

Au contraire, the puzzle was “how to kill Nazis” and the answer was “use gun”

Harm to People Experiencing Homelessness From Taking Away Medicaid for Not Meeting Work Requirements


The Medicaid Expansion increased health coverage for people experiencing homelessness. Autistic people are statistically far likelier to experience homelessness. Work requirement proposals may destroy those coverage gains.

Harm to People Experiencing Homelessness From Taking Away Medicaid for Not Meeting Work Requirements