IMPORTANT! The EU is About to Destroy The Internet #DeleteArt13









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Hope this will spread as much as save net neutrality posts

it’s way worse than that law actually, in US they “just” wanted your money, here the EU goverment wants to take our freedom without even giving a choice


I’m just speechless. Dudes, this is wayyyy worse then The Net Neutrality bullshit in the US. Spread this like a wildfire! I don’t wanna lose everything I have thanks to this law!

Oh my gosh why am I only hearing about this now?
Please everyone, spread this! Most of the time we talk about problems that are happening in the US but this time it’s in the EU and we need to stand against it!!

Please help if you can it’s going to make so much damage! 
Just for an example, both of my blogs will disappear if it isn’t stopped, ao3 will also disappear for european countries just like every website like these ones.

So please, help!!

So glad to finally see a post about this! I was seriously considering making on myself. If you’re in the EU, please do your research on this and consider contacting your MEP. 

This is an important issue and has been since the draft legislation was first kicking around a couple of years ago. By all means, call or contact your MEPs and complain.

However, here are some info links that don’t come with affiliation to the guy who called EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson “a political prisoner”:














Pride Month is nearly upon us & i created this handy flowchart to help anyone who’s still confused

thats some tasty biphobia

How is this biphobia when to be bi you have to be attracted both to the opposite gender and the same gender? Did you think before posting?

The bi community tends to use “attraction to two or more genders” or “attraction to more than one gender” as its definition, not the one given here. @garlicsister please listen to bi people defining their own orientation, not others defining it for us.

I’m pretty sure the reason @inclusionistpropaganda posted about nonbinary and genderqueer people right after saying “thats some tasty biphobia” is because many people don’t feel that they have a same/similar gender to be attracted too?

i was simplifying for the sake of the limited space allowed for commenting on a post. here’s an example of what i was trying to say with my comments and the organization of the chart.

first, a man who is attracted to women and nonbinary people is simply transphobic. he is looking at nonbinary people and either seeing different flavors of women, or he’s seeing something to fetishize. if he’s attracted to women, nonbinary people, and men, there’s still a possibility that his attraction to nonbinary people is rooted in transphobia, but we now have a guarantee of attraction to at least two genders.

second, lesbian, gay, and bi people (i leave trans people out of this particular point because it’s not the place for those particular nuances) are oppressed for the attraction we feel. gay men are oppressed because we are attracted to men. lesbians are punished for attraction to women and their inherent unavailability to men. bi men and women are oppressed because they experience some attraction to their own gender, and are not correctly performing their expected role of “exclusive heterosexual attraction” (nonbinary bi people are oppressed on two axes here: not conforming to their birth assigned gender and not correctly performing their expected role of “heterosexual member of their birth assigned gender class”).

third, “are you cisgender” was my first node by design. nonbinary people can see that question and say “no, i am not cis” and follow it to the termination point that says “yes, you are lgbt” without ever having to consider their attraction. nonbinary people are lgbt regardless of their answer to “are you attracted to your own gender?” i am aware that the question can be irrelevant and at times even impossible to answer, so i placed it second, so that it would be a determining factor only for cis people, who are necessarily men or women

finally, a bit of self-defense. by brief time identifying as bisexual came to an end when i realized that the identity bore no relevance to my reality. the fact that i have seen nonbinary people to whom i am attracted and with whom i would consider a relationship does not change the fact that i will likely always be perceived and situated as a gay man, facing the material consequences of being a gay man. by either of our definitions, i could again identify as bi. i simply choose not to, because “gay” is a better fit for my economic and political ideology and for the actual way i live my life

1. I’m not nonbinary so I’m not going to comment on whether nonbinary people feel like they’re being fetishized but I will say that doubting bi people’s orientation is nothing new. You don’t need a “guarantee” that they’re bi – just listen to what they say.

2. Are you saying bi people are only oppressed if they have “"same gender attraction”“? Because “bi people are sluts!”, “bi people are more likely to cheat!” and other biphobic beliefs target bi people for being bi, not “part gay” or whatever. Not to mention, some studies have found that bi people experience higher rates of sexual assault than gay men and lesbians, which doesn’t make sense if bi people only face homophobia, and not biphobia.

3. Again, I’m not nonbinary.

4. I’m glad you found a label that works for you. But just because you don’t think bi describes your experiences doesn’t mean you should limit how someone else describes themself. And if you don’t identify as bi, you shouldn’t be telling people who can use the bi label. (Tbh I don’t think anyone should tell anyone else which label to use.)

considering the # of people who don’t understand what lgbt means, i think it’s useful to remind people what labels mean and what they don’t

yes, that’s exactly what i’m saying. if a cis person doesn’t experience any attraction to their own gender, they aren’t oppressed for their attraction. there’s no structural oppression against straight transphobes who fetishize nonbinary people

But you aren’t reminding people what bi means…. since you aren’t using the right definition, you’re just misinforming others.

And biphobia applies to all bi people, not just ones that experience “same gender attraction” (like me). If a person says they’re bi, straight biphobes (the ones with the power to oppress non-straight people) aren’t going to ask “oh?? Are you same gender attracted??”

Also, how do you know that these bi people are fetishizing their nonbinary partners, as opposed to simply…. liking them? It seems like calling bi people straight without any reason.

If you want to call yourself gay and not bi, that’s great! But you can’t call bi people “straight”. Other people get to choose their own labels.

you can’t be cis & bi without attraction to your own gender. the lgbt community was built by and for trans people & (cis) people who experience attraction to their own gender (please attempt to read anything further in good faith & assume i’m not trying to force nonbinary bi/pan people to define their attraction as “to their own gender” when that might be impossible). like i’m sorry if the historical context of the lgbt community bothers you but like that’s just how it is

every (cis) person who says “i’m bi” experiences biphobia because people assume it means that the person in question is attracted to their own gender. Joe Blow isn’t gonna say “i’m bi” and have Hetty Betty ask “but wait, are you ‘bi’ as in ‘into dudes’ or…” because like… attraction to one’s own gender is necessary & sufficient for a cis person to be lgbt. 

maybe they’re not! it’s also entirely possible that Joe Blow sees the nonbinary person he’s dating the way he sees, say, Diet Pepsi or Cherry Coke. even in the off-chance that he is sincere, being lgbt isn’t about ~deviating from heteronormativity~ or whatever. it’s about being trans and/or experiencing same-gender attraction. they still have access to privilege over real lgbt people, because the axes of oppression here are, as i’ve said, “trans” and “same-gender attraction”

Oh, look, the “Straights hurt us for fighting, guess it’s time to quietly assimilate” guy is also the author of this shitty chart.

And a biantagonistic, exorsexist asshole who thinks that it’s his G-d-Given Right as a Gay Man to minimize our struggles, redefine our attractions and our fucking identity, and tell us that we’re fundamentally unlovable, should we be politically inconvenient to him. Gee, I wonder why he thinks we should just quietly melt away into heteronormative society.


We are not your possessions. You don’t get to define us, our struggles, our attractions, or our identities. You do not control this community you don’t even seem to fucking want.

I don’t know when the rule became “listen to marginalized people unless they’re inconvenient,” but it’s been a fucking bad idea every time.

aren’t you a pedophile or a pedo apologist or something? anyway, “monosexual” isn’t a coherent class and you should be ashamed of yourself for letting it pass from your brain and onto your fingertips to type

… Jesus, you really are a train wreck of a biphobe and nbphobe, aren’t you? Not just that but you bring up the fully-debunked pedo shit as a derail attempt.

You need help and many history lessons, but you think you know it all already, so, fuuuuuck this, i’m out. You’re a fucking dumpster fire of Nope.