Honestly, the major benefit of taking your cat outside for supervised playtime is less the exercise and more the fact that your home’s immediate environs stop being new and scary to them, so if they ever do stage an unplanned escape, rather than freaking out, running away and hiding, they get about ten feet from the door, then stop and get distracted by an interesting leaf.

on leash, if you can convince them the harness isn’t The End Of Times


So I used to have a Russian friend who had a pretty thick accent and like a lot of Russians tended to eschew articles. She would say things like “Get in car.” And stuff.

Well one day this asshole who had been kind of tagging along with us asks her why she talks like that because it makes her sound dumb and I still remember her response word for word.

“Me? Dumb? Maybe in America you have to say get in THE car because you are so stupid that people might just get in random car, but in Russia we don’t need to say that. We just fucking know because we are not stupid.”







It’s weird how utterly hard it is for ppl on this site to realize that anti-colonial rhetoric is often coopted by reactionary nationalisms even though that was like one of the main idealogical platforms for Imperial Japan

Didn’t Imperial Japan try to position itself as the coloured liberator of all the colonies WHILE COLONISING Korea and China 

Check out the pictures from a 1942 childrens book about how Japan shall be the liberator of the oppressed races and notice what areas are “liberated colonies” and what areas are just colored in as being “Japan”

Do you know what book these images came from? Do you have them in higher resolution?


I think I’ve said it before, but yeah, part of the history curricula here involved learning about Japan attacking other Asian countries in the guise of liberating them against the Western colonial powers, and nationalists such as Sukarno and Subhas Chandra Bose welcomed them, while some like Wang Jingwei did so out of political opportunism.

But I remember Indonesian activist and Communist activist Tan Malaka, having witnessed the cruelty the Japanese had displayed to the Chinese during his stay in China was wary about forming an alliance with the Japanese.


Hi, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, thank you for telling me this. I have a new phobia.

O is for the Owl with the copper d*ck

The Hungarian term, rézfaszú bagoly, means exactly what it says in the title. Would you like to hear the explanation behind the copper appendage? Too bad, there is none.

The full saying states “Vigyen el a rézfaszú bagoly” which means “May the owl with the copper dick take you away.” I am not sure why, where, or what comes after, but I definitely would not wish it on my enemies.