waking up w less than 5 hours sleep:

stage one: this is not bad
stage two: what a refreshing morning, i feel a little tired but otherwise quite peachy. why am i not living life like this every day? why am i not taking advantage of every hour available to me and wasting precious amounts of it on meagre sleep?
stage three: feeling a bit nauseous now
stage four: i’m not really sure why i’m crying
stage five: who the fuck enjoys being awake? why has god forsaken me and cast me out into to this blighted land of the woken? when will i return to my slumber dungeon and-




This company understands dogs. (via jpellizzi)

this is Barkshop’s Consuela Cactus!

Barkshop does a lot of toys that have “destroyer’s prizes” inside, normally a sturdy squeaker ball.

They have packages of toys designed based on play-style (I’m getting the ‘thrasher’ pack for Aiden’s birthday).

They also have a “destroyer’s club” where you can earn points by showing them the carnage your dogs inflict on their barkshop toys and earn a free toy. 

It’s a really great company and if I could get free shipping i’d be spending my heart away on their stuff. 

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You have come across another spoonie in a terrible situation and you knew there was nothing you could say or do to make them feel better or really help but you really wished you could and felt at a loss because you wanted to help them but as a spoonie yourself, you knew there was nothing to do but give a few words of “you’re not alone in this”. 

I love you all and I know this life isn’t easy or pretty or fair, but you are NOT alone in this fight. 


Family gathering? Carry a sword.

All your old relatives that you don’t even know will ask about the sword instead of asking if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or asking about college. You can literally and metaphorically deflect annoying questions with the sword.






Waka Flocka Thought The Sign Language Interpreter Was Dancing


This caption makes it seems like he’s dumb. He knows she’s a sign language interpreter.. he was just feeling her energy and came over. 😐

It’s so cool to see a performer like interacting with the ASL interpreter, like he didn’t have to do that

Like he KNOWS she’s there and what she’s there for come on

Holly Maniatty is a professional ASL interpreter who specializes in rap concerts. I guarantee Waka Flocka knew who she was because he hired her.