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recent days bloggers have been discussing what gall it takes for the
Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) to respond to its
antisemitism by dichotomizing, claiming to hold the moral high ground
with people of color while looking down on its enemies who are
allegedly white and who are allegedly Zionists. We have been infuriated while learning that
CDMC cried, “White tears!” after kicking a Jewish woman of color
from the 2017 Chicago Dyke March and did so again after Gretchen Rachel Hammond, a Jewish trans woman of color, was harassed and robbed of her job for giving a truthful account of what happened at the March. I was thinking
about what I could contribute to this conversation when I realized I
had already said pretty much all I need to say about this matter in a
zine I first published in the fall of 2015 (about a year and a half
before the March).

little background: For anyone who does not know, I was a core member
of CDMC in 2009. This is a recollection of one of my experiences as a
core member:

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@tikkunolamorgtfo, relevant to your posts on their current Chutzpah Tour, this is documenting an old one they pulled.

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How did I not know that fire-bellied toads [in this case Bombina bombina] look like this when calling for females? I thought the frog in this video was sick, because although most frogs inflate themselves to keep from sinking while calling I’ve never seen one so bloated, but it turns out this is just a thing fire-bellies do sometimes. So much work for a call that’s just a tiny hoot.




In 2006, Simpson starred in his own improv, hidden-camera prank TV show, Juiced. Typical of the genre, Simpson would play a prank on everyday people while secretly filming them and at the end of each prank, he would shout, “You’ve been Juiced!” Less typical, each episode opened with topless strippers dancing around Simpson, who is dressed as a pimp. He sings his own rap song, which includes the lyrics “Don’t you know there’s no stopping the Juice / When I’m on the floor I’m like a lion on the loose / Better shoot me with a tranquilizer dart / Don’t be stupid, I’m not a Simpson named Bart.” In one episode, Simpson is at a used car lot in Las Vegas where he attempts to sell his white Bronco (made famous during the chase in Los Angeles prior to his arrest). A bullet hole in the front of the SUV is circled with his autograph, and he pitches it to a prospective buyer by saying that if they “ever get into some trouble and have to get away, it has escapability.”[45] In another sketch called “B-I-N-G-O.J.”, Simpson pretends to be having an affair with another man’s girlfriend. Later he transforms into an old white man whose dying wish is to call a game of bingo. “Juiced” aired as a one-time special on pay-per-view television and was later released on DVD.[46]


my mom and dad were arguing in front of me whether to give me a present now or to wait til christmas and my mom was like “can we give her it now?” and my dad was like “what present” and my mom was like “you know… the good one” and my dad was like “spell it” and my mom goes “GREG, SHE’S 23”