Siyanda Mohutsiwa on the rise of the alt-right.

[Screenshots of a series of tweets from Siyanda Mohutsiwa (twitter user SiyandaWrites) on 9 November 2016:

If people followed the alt-right groups on Reddit, they would know that young white Americans were told to hide their support of Trump.

Many young men are told to keep their anti-POC, sexist views from their “libtard” family and friends. Hence this surprise from mainstream.

Just because folks weren’t yelling their support of Trump off the rooftops doesn’t mean they didn’t have it. They were told to hide it

When we talk about online radicalization we always talk about Muslims. But the radicalization of white men online is at astronomical levels

Many of these radical white men were raised by single feminist mothers. Internet groups radicalized their sexual frustration into bigotry.

These online groups found young white men at their most vulnerable & convinced them liberals were colluding to destroy white Western manhood

I’ve seen this happen w/ a FB friend who lives in a tiny 100% white town in Finland. He started posting about “flawed multiculturalism”

How could a guy who goes months w/o seeing POC be so adamant about failings of “multiculturalism”? Online radicalization

Young men came to these online groups for tips on picking up girls & came out believing it was up to them to save Western civilization

I’ve been following these online alt-right groups for three years and watched them evolve from PUA forums to hate-fueled organizations

And not all these young men are “stupid”. Men who boasted STEM degrees from elite institutions were taught how to intellectualise hatred.

By the end, many were using every ounce of college-level “logic” to argue that liberals aimed for the destruction of Western civilization

These college educated young men were then ripe enough to be sold idea that Trump represented a return to Men Being Real Men

There are even entire posts training young men to parrot “libtard” ideology. To say the “right thing” to keep safe in “hostile (PC) spaces”

They are told that feminism is why they can’t get girlfriends, that “feminization” of schools is why they didn’t do well in high school

They truly believe that it is feminists, globalists, anti-racism activists, liberals who are the “true fascists” in the world.

+Those who don’t believe he is sexist, think the accusations of assault are proof of how society rewards women for “lying about rape”]

Gym instructor loses job after autistic man he publicly humiliated spends two years studying law and successfully sues for discrimination.



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A fitness enthusiast who complained his gym’s music was not motivating enough has won damages after an instructor humiliated him over a microphone for complaining.

Ketan Aggarwal, 30, who was branded “stupid” by staff in a Virgin Active club spin class has successfully sued them for disability discrimination while representing himself in court.

The gym goer, who is autistic, proved he was anything but stupid by swatting over law books to beat the multi-million pound company’s legal team.

Mr Aggarwal was in a spin class when he agreed with a fellow cyclist the music was too slow – prompting the instructor to apparently yell “don’t tell me how to do my job”.

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Autistic man, who is not a lawyer, studies law for two years and successfully sues company for ableist discrimination while representing himself in court.