Did I do a mountain of crack or did Bernie just endorse Hillary’s 2016 plan.

All of the Bernie Bros on Twitter are tying themselves in knots to defend Bernie on this (Incrementalism is okay! We have to do what we can in the short term! Bernie is a genius!) after calling HRC a corporate whore for championing this exact policy in her platform two years ago.

Fuck that. Fuck this. Fuck all these people. Fuck Burning Sandals. 

Fuck men who repeat women’s words as if they are their own, after spending months lambasting them for those exact words. Fuck people who dismiss or outright shit on women’s ideas, but immediately accept the same exact idea when it’s parroted from a man’s gaping maw.

Fuck people who will say he can’t credit HRC because she’s ‘divisive’. 

 Fuck people who will still find a way to suggest that this wasn’t really HRC’s platform, and will try to write her out of that history, too. Fuck them, most of all.

He still wants universal healthcare, but since that’s not realistic right now with a Republican Congress, he says the goal should be to improve the ACA. That is not the same as copying Hillary.

☝️ The fact that people don’t realize that this was exactly what HRC ran on makes me want to lose my fucking mind. She ran on universal and affordable healthcare made possible over time through incremental improvements to the ACA, including those points that Bern snatched. And she knew from the get-go that obstructionism of the Republican Congress would make even that much nearly impossible – let alone the single payer pipe dream.

The inability to rally around shared goals regardless of the method to get there (who gives a shit if it’s single payer or multi payer – use the best one and drop the dogmatism), or to even acknowledge that those shared end goals exist at all, is fucking the progressive left.

She said in 2016 that universal healthcare will never happen. She conceded upfront. Bernie would’ve fought for universal healthcare if he were elected president, but as a temporary solution he wants to improve the ACA instead. His ultimate goal, however, is universal healthcare, something he has fought for for decades, unlike Hillary.


#like… if you weren’t born when Hillarycare was going on that’s fine but like#google exists#HRC became INFAMOUS for advocating for universal healthcare.#PEOPLE LOATHED HER FOR TRYING TO IMPLEMENT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE#AND SHE FAILED BTW#IN PART#BECAUSE#OF#BERNIE (via leupagus)

Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it LEARN YOUR FUCKING HISTORY YOU FUCKING ASSWIPES

she ran expecting that people would hold her liable for her promises and bernie didn’t.

Yeah, I was 18 when that proposal came out. (And uninsured. With my family at risk of losing the house thanks to medical debt.)

The situation was already bad enough by then that, as pointed out through that earlier link, Bill Clinton’s first campaign relied heavily on the need for healthcare reform. So, the administration actually did try to follow through. And the US did come that close to getting some form of universal healthcare almost 25 years ago!

So, the fact that Hillary did work on the initial proposals very deliberately got used to help discredit and ultimately scupper the whole idea. Then the fact that the task force was set up to fail got used to discredit her further.

(Sort of a prequel to the whole “Obamacare” demonization act, yeah. With some of the same loud assholes involved. What a surprise 😩)

It was all a disgusting mess at the time, and in the meantime the political climate around healthcare has shifted to the point of seriously trying to destroy what little safety net already existed.

I’m not a huge Clinton fan overall–either of them, for that matter. But, I can’t help but get frustrated at the amount of just plain bad information which continues to get pushed. Including around things that easily checkable.

Champion of the Black Community Is Given Her Rightful Due in Richmond


Champion of the Black Community Is Given Her Rightful Due in Richmond

Maggie L. Walker fought segregation her whole life in the former capital of the Confederacy. Now her statue towers over the Virginia city

Maggie Walker

The daughter of an enslaved woman, Maggie L. Walker led the fight for civil rights and women’s rights in Richmond, Virginia. (National Museum of American History)

By Ben Panko

In Richmond, Virginia, a city full of monuments to Confederate leaders, a statue…

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I love reading as much as the next leftish Proletarian Intellectual/Hackademic but you gotta understand not everyone wants to, most people Ive worked with don’t wanna read. Doesn’t mean reading is bad or counter rev but like you gotta meet people where they’re at, and they ain’t in books

Standing rock and living/working in rural OK really hammered this into me over the last couple years, like there’s a lot to be said about under education but so many ppl take a moral stance on the simple issue of desire to read without understanding that destroying the personal desire to educate academically (necessarily involving dense and heavy text as the visage of ‘legitimate’ education) is very much an integral part of the entire project to keep people complacent. If you want to motivate people to fight you have to engage them over what’s important to them which means approaching them as an actual person and not an academic and especially not giving them shit for not being interested in books and theory written >50 years ago. If it’s still relevant and practicable it can be explained in a way that makes sense for 2017, to someone who’s never read a thing over leftist theory.

Yo anyone linked this yet

Shit like this is part of what we’re criticizing

Yeah that exact process of ‘sees criticism’ ‘links to text’ is literally the problem- like screw the link, can you explain the text to your 45-yo old single mom coworker while working the grill during the middle of a 50 hr work week? What do you do when there is finally a break with a spare moment to talk and she blinks and says ‘who’s mao?’

The link, the text, honestly even the history is functionally meaningless when you can’t just hold a conversation with someone about why this shit is important and/or relevant.




Frankie Goes to Hollywood – the video game

In 1984-85, Frankie Goes to Hollywood were one of the biggest pop groups in Britain. Their debut single ‘Relax’ was at number 6 when numbskull DJ Mike Read took exception to its sexual content and got it banned from BBC radio, whereupon it became number 1 for five weeks; their next two releases, ‘Two Tribes’ and ‘The Power of Love’, also topped the charts, and rank amongst the biggest-selling UK singles of all time.

But Frankie were more interesting and intelligent than many other post-New Romantic acts. ‘Relax’ brought an overtly gay sexuality into the mainstream, whilst the ‘Two Tribes’ video turned the cold war into absurd theatre; the band’s label, ZTT (Zang Tumb Tumb) was named after a Marinetti poem, whilst the title track on their first LP, Welcome to the Pleasuredome, referenced Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan.

With the ubiquitous ‘Frankie Say …’ T-shirts representing the peak of their fame, Mancunian software house Ocean bought a license to make a computer game based on the band. It was a strange brief, given to Denton Designs, a developer based in Frankie’s home city of Liverpool. Denton’s previous title, Shadowfire, had been an innovative adventure RPG, but nobody knew what to expect from Frankie. The end result, however, was brilliant, voted the best Commodore 64 game ever by Commodore Force (formerly Zzap! 64) in 1993.


It was an arcade adventure, in which an anonymous, monochrome character (”Frankie”) had to solve puzzles and complete sub-games to achieve 87,000 ‘Pleasure Points’ and become a 99% real person in order to escape Mundanesville and enter The Pleasuredome to win the game. These included a murder mystery: you find a dead body in one of the houses, and then get a series of clues such as ‘Joe Public has always voted Tory’ and ‘The killer is a socialist’ to help you identify the culprit.

The instructions were cryptic: ‘Behind the facade of flying ducks and
kitchen sinks however lies a giant web of drama and intrigue spun within
the pleasuredome. Scruntinise! Investigate! Probe!’
At times they were misleading (contrary to what they said, the cat’s only purpose was to drink the milk – getting it to do so opened a sub-game where you have to collect flowers), but they added to the sense of the game as a surreal, ridiculous work of art.

Other sub-games included a shooting gallery where you had to hit Thatcher, Reagan and other celebrities; a ‘Talking Heads’ game where you played as Reagan or a Soviet leader (either Chernenko or Gorbachev) and spat at the other; Cybernetic Breakout, where there was only one brick; Raid Over Merseyside, where you had to stop bombers destroying Liverpool; and the ZTT Room, with a puzzle that Zzap! 64 said could be solved with ‘a reasonable knowledge of the multiplication of matrices’.

The game wasn’t about the band, or being in a band, but Frankie’s music and aesthetics featured prominently. The Mundanesville scenes were scored by a SID chip rendition of Welcome to the Pleasuredome; the Corridors of Powers, which linked the sub-games, had Two Tribes; Relax played as the game loaded from the cassette; getting into the Pleasuredome was rewarded with a version of Bang. There was a War room where shooting different symbols (representing Sex, War, Love and Religion, the four fields in which you had to develop your personality) opened up sub-games, and the achievement of pleasure points was announced with a message, beginning with ‘Frankie say …’

It was the atmosphere that made the game: the experience of wandering around Mundanesville was unlike any other, Denton Designs creating a little world more successfully than most other 8-bit programmers. You could keep going indefinitely – you could lose a sub-game and your status bars would go down, but try again until you completed each one. Only then could you finish the game. I never managed as a child, although I loved meandering through it all – a solution is here, so if the Pleasuredome has always eluded you (and you have a C64 or emulator), now may be your chance …

omfg vintage0violence

This reads exactly like some sort of super small-scale surreal fiction of some kind. The kind of thing Tumblr loves, that often starts with “Most people don’t realize…” or “Did you know…” and goes on to present an initially plausible series of facts that become steadily more absurd until they slide into obvious fantasy.

This replicates that tone perfectly. And it’s apparently real. This is wild.