I tried to wait out strep throat. You know what happens to people who try to wait out strep throat?

My sister made me go to urgent care and paid the $75 fee that had to be paid, in full, before I could even see a doctor. 

Image description: a series of tweets posted on May 3, 2017 by Twitter user dubsteppenwolf

1. “Lot of folks talking about the Bad Old Days before the ACA – pre-existing conditions, sick babies using up lifetime limits in a week,”

2. “Really inhumane, grotesque stuff, but mostly coming from basically middle class voices. I want to talk to you about what it was like” 

3. “for me and my little group of friends, who never had access to the old insurance. Who had less than nothing, actually.”

4. “The first time I got sick as an adult, my older brother shoplifted fish antibiotics from an aquarium store.”

5. “I want to pause right here and point out that we had basically normal lives. We weren’t homeless, we both had jobs.”

6. “Things were touch & go for a few years but nothing that millions of people across this country don’t experience every day.”

7. “Once he was stabbed at his bouncer gig and he came home and we just closed it up with duct tape. He went back to work the next day.”

8. “I bartended and cut myself on a fruit knife, had pus coming out from under my thumbnail for a week. Oh well, right.”

9. “Around that same time a friend of our lost like 10% of the flesh on his leg treating a brown recluse bite at home with witch hazel.”

10. “A girl broke her ankle and waited so long to go to the emergency room that she somehow got staph. She’s dead.”



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I like how you completely removed my caption so you could promote your blog, which hosts a number of different independent artists, none of which are credited. 

So here is a gentle reminder that if you actually give a shit about the artist who makes these things and want them to continue making things, do everyone a favor and don’t delete the captions when using them to promote your blog. 

Because if you actually cared about jewelers, you’d keep their information intact. 

By the way, if you DO actually want more of this and other cool stuff, my art blog is @leebradford 

Six members of the Canadian military are under fire for this alt-right protest


The five men who crashed an Indigenous ceremony in Halifax over the weekend, identifying themselves with a “Western chauvinist” fraternity, are members of the Canadian Armed Forces and could face discipline as a result of their actions.

The Department of National Defence confirmed to VICE News on Tuesday that all five of the self-styled “Proud Boys” are enlisted in the Canadian Forces. Four are in the navy, and one is enlisted in the army. As of Tuesday afternoon, a sixth member of the Canadian Armed Forces is now facing disciplinary action in connection to the protest, although it remains unclear as to how they are connected.

While the government couldn’t yet comment as to whether discipline would be coming, as that decision will be made through the chain-of-command, Rear Admiral John Newton told reporters on Tuesday they would have their files reviewed, both administratively and through the military police system.

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Six members of the Canadian military are under fire for this alt-right protest



Mercadera (c.1245-1300): the Farmer Who Caught a Knight

Had some fun with this one! Art notes after the cut. Full entry (with footnotes) here.

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Some additional info, courtesy @arigata-the-neko​:

Hi! Spanish reader here from Valencia, I can shed a bit of light about the name of the heroine you just drew about.
First, Mercadera means “merchant” both in Catalonian, Valencian and Castilian in general, not “merchandise” as you say in the footnotes. [ed.note: this was a conclusion I drew from Google Translate – I didn’t have time to contact the friend-of-a-friend who translated the original article for me. I figured putting in one word would translate properly, but I was wrong. Betrayed by Google again!]

Second, the Na. It’s a definite article that’s still used in Catalonian and Valencian languages. The masculine form is En,
and you usually use it in names (Na Pepa, En Pep) as a way to imply familiarity. It’s how you’d reffer to a group of friends about one of them (“I talked with Na Rosa yesterday, guys, she told me to give you all hugs!”),
or someone from your neighbourhood that’s well known by all (“Let’s go to En Pau’s bar for drinks!”).
For translating, one option would be omitting it entirely, and another using “our” (Our Pepa, Our Pep), which would convey a lot of the closeness this form implies. 

In the case of Mercadera, since it’s her title and not her name, you could also translate it as “the”, but I admit I’m partial to “Our Merchant”.
Considering she was known for her job and not her name by familiarity, one interpretation would be that she was the female merchant in town,
but it could also mean she was the only one native to it, the only one the neighbours actually liked, or the only female merchant in town, period.
So yeah, take the interpretation you like best.

Thanks, arigata! 😀