Sandra Hill (Aboriginal-Chinese, b. 1951, South Perth, Western Australia, based Balingup, Western Australia)Female Artists – Remembrance Mixed Media: Oil, Wax Encaustic on Board


recent work refers to the Government’s attempts to superimpose ‘white’ domestic values over South-West Nyungar culture and onto Aboriginal women in the late 1950s and 60s. 

As part of the Assimilation Policies of that era, Aboriginal families previously living in makeshift dwellings on the fringe of towns, were taken and placed in modern white housing, they were then expected to learn how to take care of the property literally, overnight. The work expresses the absurdity of this preposterous notion.


You know that “throw all of your money at the screen” feeling you get when you finally spot the thing you’ve been looking for?
This Dioscorea Elephantipes showed up on my local florist’s website and I almost let out a squeal in front of my coworkers.

Did squeal a little inside when I saw the price tag, but I took him home without a second thought!

Are-are parents not supposed to parent their children? I just don’t understand this site sometimes. I hate conservatives, but how is parenting your child and not letting them run around to do whatever they want all the time ever conservative or sinister? Just what the fuck.




Do you equate “parenting” with the act of exerting control over your children in such a way as though they were a form of property that can be owned?

If no, then this criticism makes no sense. If yes, you should reassess the way you think about treating children.

Parents have authority over their children, absolutely.

The portrayal of authority as property ownership or absolute dominion is a bit ridiculous.

I’m not the one conflating authority and ownership here, I agree parents have authority over their children and have never said otherwise.






shit watching great depression cooking tutorials is so fucking cool because i love watching cooking tutorials but i never have the ingredients so i can never actually do what they’re doing so i just wishfully watch lmao

.. but with great depression cooking tutorials it’s like “HOLY FUCK.. I HAVE THIS… I CAN MAKE THIS… RIGHT NOW…I CAN HAVE THIS FOR LUNCH.” and they’re like actually delicious imo? so i can turn my ingredients into things i actually wanna eat. rly cool actually.

there’s something to be said though about the vast majority of cooking show/tutorials/books being like mostly too expensive to even do lmao. like they’re definitely not for the average person for the most part like 

… their ingredients are ridiculously expensive you just wouldn’t be able to do any of it without having serious cash just for one meal lmao. 

what does this say about our society though

that we’re mostly poor as fuck and the media is made by the rich for the rich lmao.

here’s the channel they’re probably talking about

Honestly, while I do have some other actual body dysphoria issues (which I am just not that comfortable going into)?

I mostly do just wish other people and society at large would stop being so creepy around chests. Pretty sure I would have very few fucks to give there if there weren’t such relevance attached, and people could just be.

(Obviously that’s not going to be everyone’s experience, and there’s no reason it should be. People are different.)



I’m going to blow your minds today. Are you ready?

– Sometimes I use crutches. Sometimes I don’t. 
– Sometimes I wear braces on my joints. Sometimes I don’t. 
– Sometimes I use my handicapped tag. Sometimes I don’t. 

Have we all grasped the ‘sometimes’ concept? Good. Because here comes the hard part. 

I am always disabled.

Thank you!