Reminded of bathroom sinks, it’s a good thing I haven’t had a lot of reason to want to use the stopper on the new sink we had installed an embarrassingly long time ago, when the whole room got redone.

Because the plumbers didn’t leave manuals or anything, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the plug to go down. There’s no lever/knob, and it doesn’t budge at all pushing on it. Can’t pull it out of the drain to get a better look, either. I just had to mess with the thing some again, and I’m no less confused.

The faucet thing reminded me to try again to find some info, and I’m not seeing anything useful again. If it’s not the lever type or the spring-loaded push type, wth type of mechanism did they even use?

Makes me feel really stupid, but I also have to wonder if they didn’t somehow screw up the installation. And it’s a little late to try to get back in touch about the stopper.


Hundreds of disability rights activists vow indefinite sit-in if GOP proceeds to ACA repeal

  • On Tuesday, just as Senate Republicans were meeting behind closed doors to make their final case for a motion to proceed on debate of the health care bill, hundreds of protesters with ADAPT, a grassroots organization that fights for the rights of Americans with disabilities, were planning a massive sit-in at the lobby of one of the Senate office buildings, ADAPT spokesman Adam Prizio said in a phone interview.
  • Prizio said ADAPT demonstrators will not leave the lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building until the Republican vote to proceed to debate fails. If the vote passes on Tuesday, ADAPT vowed it will occupy the Senate building indefinitely. Read more (7/25/17 2:15 PM)

A bit of incidental validation I probably shouldn’t have needed, but here we are:

“What happened to your blood sugar?”

“It was almost 400 when I woke up. I felt so sick, and I couldn’t go to work that day.”

Yeah, that does feel more strikingly terrible when things are better managed as a baseline. (From past experience.) But, it’s actually not been unusual for mine to run somewhere around there for a good while now. Maybe a legitimate reason to have some trouble functioning? Hmm 😵






I only learned one minute ago that instead of a single adjustable tap like the entire rest of the world,  the sinks in Britain just have a separate “hot” tap and separate “cold” tap. What the fuck is that shit. How do you people get lukewarm water out?? You just have to wait until the sink itself fills with both extremes???

yer all sayin America has these two and I’ve never seen one in three decades of living from one coast to the other, my mind is blown


There are two different faucets on that sink. Two spouts. One only has a “hot” knob and one only has a “cold” knob. Two streams of water come out of this type of sink and neither can come out lukewarm. Here’s another photo of one:

They apparently do make it difficult enough that you can buy adapters for them and some people just make their own:

There are also lots of British people complaining about them in memes:

So I was right that these things are a shitty pain in the ass, I dunno if they’re really at their most common in Britain but I know I have seen 10,000 sinks in America and every single one just had the single stream.

what the fuck

Ah, I don’t recall the details, but it had something to do with their shitty, shitty infrastructure post-WWII. Something about water tanks in the attic? Let me see…

Ah, yes:
“Most of them have a cold water storage tank
in the attic – it feeds a hot water tank that’s for central heating and
hot water in the bathroom and kitchen. The water from the hot tank may
not be entirely safe. That cold water storage tank in houses that weren’t properly
maintained might have been open to the elements, or silted up, or
covered with iron rust”

So, just to be safe, you shouldn’t drink that. But the cold came right from the mains, and was safe to drink. So they completely separated the taps. Next time, just build decent hot water tanks, guys.

I was surprised to see some separate taps here, which I’d only previously encountered with like 1920s-vintage public building plumbing in the US. (And that was only a couple of times when I was a kid.)

You do see some of the separate hot and cold taps, but they do also sell “normal” single faucets. That’s what we have.

A mixture of both kinds, for example:

Some older systems may still have the water storage tanks like that? I’m far from a plumbing expert. But, inline on-demand water heating with a combi-boiler is what’s been commonly used in houses for a good while now, with no good reason to keep the water taps separated. (As pointed out .)

Not sure if there are enough older water tank systems still in use to explain the number of dual taps available, or if that’s just what a lot of people are used to having.

You know in your angry post about children’s school meals that poorer children still were to get subsidised food under Conservative plans, surely. Living up to your name, though you might want to add ‘uninformed’ too.


i ignore most asks i get abt that post bc theyre usually from american libertarians called ‘cody’ who think feeding children makes them ‘welfare-dependent’ or some incoherent shit like that. like i cant even be arsed lol

 but this made me laugh bc u use the word ‘poorer’, when u should say ‘poorEST’. the tories’ proposals meant only the abso poorest children would get free lunches, which according the education policy institute, would mean 100,000 kids in relative poverty would have not received them, and a further 667,000 kids from ‘ordinary families’ (getting by, eating, heating but on bones of their arses otherwise) would have gone without as well. families being too skint to find the coin for their kids’ lunches aint on a scale. children being hungry, performing badly at school bc they cant concentrate, missing out on perhaps the only nutritionally balanced and substantial meal in their day aint on a scale. i been the proper scabby poor kid who gets free school meals and i been the relative poverty kid who gets free school meals, i was on free school meals my entire primary and secondary school education, my mum could no more afford to pay for my lunches when she was working than when she was on benefits- but under them tory plans so many kids whose parents are working n barely getting by would have been expected to find money from literally nowhere. more than two thirds of kids in poverty are in working households. thats a lot of ‘poorer’ kids w hungry bellies. 

im a dumb shit about a lot of stuff but not this, im not ‘uninformed’ about the gravity of the tory proposals to scrap free school lunches (i say ‘proposal’- its all academic now bc they binned it cos theyre on their arses lmao). u just have no idea what constitutes ‘poverty’ or what it ‘looks like’ and ‘cant google shit’ before ‘sending me arsey messages’