An aesthetic that first appears to be pure and basic Heterosexuals Are At It Again, but becomes increasingly uncomfortable until you finally understand:

these babygrows (onesies) with parental professions on eBay.

An entrepreneurial sort, eBay user “justtheshirt” realized that for some people, the perfect gift for, say, the baby of a beekeeper is a onesie saying “Daddy’s Little Beekeeper.” In fact, the more obscure the profession, the more excited the customer will feel about the representation! So they took a list of All the Professions, and generated a listing for each one. If someone buys a onesie, they can stamp it with whatever the listing said – and make a rather enormous profit, on a £3 onesie, having made exactly one design and used one script. Genius!

The issue is, they didn’t curate the list. Not a single human appears to have overseen this process. So they have inadvertently created some uncomfortably themed babywear, like “Daddy’s Little Maid,” “Daddy’s Little Nightwalker,” and “Daddy’s Little Courtesan.”

The database also contained a massive proportion of obscure Medieval English professions, like “fulker” and “meader” and “whipcord maker.” (The auto-generated listing enthuses something like, “the perfect gift for a whipcord maker – or just for someone who wishes they were one!”)

There are onesies for babies whose daddies are herbalists, muleteers and sacristans.

I have come full circle in my feelings about this and now I am all in favor of dressing babies in these, as long as the profession is incredibly obscure, and the daddy in question refuses to explain anything.

“…they have inadvertently created some uncomfortably themed babywear, like “Daddy’s Little Maid,” “Daddy’s Little Nightwalker,” and “Daddy’s Little Courtesan.”

‘perfect gift for a courtesan– or just someone who wishes they were one’

@elodieunderglass I came across another one!

It appears to be using a list of animals and a list of music genres. They are… specific.

Yes! I Really Love My Isopod As Much As You Love Your Kids

Yes I Really Love My Anti-Folk As Much As You Love Your Kids

There’s also the “Have No Fear” series by Eddany. In case you need to reassure people that it’s fine, the robot combat practitioner is here!

Redtail Fairy Shrimp – Day 9

Pretty good zoom view toward the end. They’re still small enough to make focusing hard.

They’re growing well, and I think they should be ready soon to start gradually adding (dechlorinated) tap water to acclimate, after hatching in Highland Spring for the low mineral content. After that, time for a move to a 10L tank.



TIL. A company named Ray’s Sausage spent over $20,000.00 in improvements to their sausage making business due to constant complaints for causing foul odors, but the odors were actually from the rotting victims of serial killer Anthony Sowell.


Wait, so this is cute and funny, right

But the serial killer, The Cleveland Strangler, targeted almost exclusively Black Women. Specifically Black Women who were drug users and/or street based sex workers. In an alarming parallel to the infamous, equally unrecognized, Grim Sleeper of South Central LA, he was caught and incarcerated (for 15 years). He was only caught for his crimes after that release because of the stench mentioned in the blurb above.

Vice, I believe, put out a documentary last year or the year before about Sowell, and there’s another coming out this year, called Unseen.

From the director

“I want them to think of a drug addict they might pass on the street as a human being and realize that we, as individuals, aren’t insulated from the circumstances that impacted these women. The killer, Anthony Sowell, took advantage of the attitudes already present — the idea of treating women with an addiction as non-people or as ‘crack heads.’”

Vernal Pool Life: Fairy Shrimp

[Note: Viewing about 1 minute into this video shows sharpest detail.] Ghostly, feathery fairy shrimp visit my flashlight in a small vernal pool in western Virginia on the evening of April 6, 2014. Their beautiful colors displayed in vivid detail like never before as captured in this high-definition footage. Chirping spring peeper frogs surround me in the forest as a symphony of life teems like a small circus in this pond. A vernal pools is created in the springtime from snowmelt and rain and only lasts for a few weeks before drying completely where fairy shrimp eggs can rest in dry leaves at the bottom of the pool…. for centuries…. before they hatch when water fills the temporary pools again. Only about an inch long, fairy shrimp are the most ancient of all crustaceans on Earth; 500 million years surviving the most extreme conditions nature forces these fragile creatures to endure. Video: Brian La Fountain

Suicidal Tendencies – I Ain’t Like You (Lyrics)

Too much time on my hands
Too much salt in my wounds
Too much pain in my heart
Too many things to regret
I’ve been thinking
The cause of my confession
I’ve been thinking
The cause of my oppression
I’ve been thinking
What’s causing my depression
I’ve been thinking
Because of my depression…

I’d hate myself if I thought like you
I’d have to hate myself to do the things you do
‘Cause I ain’t like you…

I hate myself sometimes that’s true
But I can’t hate myself enough to be like you