Help me get bottom surgery in my forever home.



So I’m nervous as hell about doing this, but…

Here’s the situation: While I can get surgery via my government health care, the current timetable on doing so is “anywhere up to four years,” and it may be pushed back further. I am unemployable, and Income Assistance has rejected me no less than four times for increasingly bullshit reasons. I’m left to beg for food and shelter from friends in the meantime. My family would gladly take me back with open arms… if it meant they were free to mentally and physically abuse me again.

Being here is terrible for my mental and physical health, for a number of reasons. I don’t feel safe, I can’t eat adequately on a regular basis, fighting for my basic care is an incredible drain… long story short, I’m not going to survive four more years of this.

There is an alternative, though.

In Arizona, I have a healthy, supportive, and welcoming home. My inability to work is a non-issue; I can live comfortably, surrounded by my loved ones. My mental health improves radically there, and I’m able to eat well without the guilt issues I have here.

The only catch: Surgery isn’t free. My datemate’s insurance will cover most of it, but we’re still looking at about $5000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

That’s where you come in. I feel like I’ve asked a lot of you already, but… this is it. The last donation post I will ever have to make. Just help me get to my loved ones, please.

We do only want donations from adults, and from those who can spare it – I don’t want to take food out of anyone’s mouth for my sake. If you can’t donate, please boost. And if you know anything about American immigration… we could use some advice.

Donate here. If you can’t donate directly to a YouCaring campaign, my paramour’s paypal is here; we’ll route anything we get to the main campaign.

Saturday update: We’re at the one-month mark and $1849/5000, or 36% of goal! Please keep this circulating, folks. Please help me get to a safe and comfortable place.

Puffin beaks are fluorescent and we had no idea





A scientist in England has made an enlightening discovery about Atlantic puffins — under a UV light, their bills glow like a freshly cracked glow stick.

“It was sort of discovered by accident,” said Jamie Dunning, the ornithologist who first saw the beaks light up.

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I can’t tell what is my favorite part of this article, birds see colors humans can’t comprehend, glowing puffin beaks was discover accidentally, or that puffins look really good with aviator glasses.

My favorite is definitely the quote:

So he’s had sunglasses made.

For the puffins.

“This felt like the obvious thing to do,” he said.

Puffin beaks are fluorescent and we had no idea

@prisonerofjazzkaban – That would be great. But, it’s from an IV checker app, Calcy IV. I recently switched over to that one from Go IV because the stats display format is really handy.

Both of those are in the Play Store, and I’m pretty sure Calcy IV is also available for iPhones.

@katisconfused – Have to say I’m tempted with this one, too. And not bother to throw more candy at it to power it up any. Should be good for amusement value, at least.

I was so mad that (of course) I had gone ahead and evolved another Gyarados not long before the research goals came out 😩 Left with

Luckily I did find an at least semi-accessible Magikarp nest. Tired of farming yesterday, but there was the shiny this evening. Almost worth the aggravation. Almost 🙄