Now I hear people say they don’t like the word bisexual. They feel is has a negative and limiting connotation. But for me it will always be a cherished doorway to a new world. It represents freedom, honesty, and self-realization as no other word ever has.“

Marcella Bucknam, former national coordinator for BiNet USA, from Bisexual Resource Guide: 4th Edition







Let’s be real. If little girls’ knees, shoulders, and clavicles are a problem for male teachers, you don’t have a dress code issue. You have a pedophile issue.

Y. E. S.

You don’t have a dress code issue. You have a pedophile issue.

As a man in the field of childcare: THIS.

If your male staff are sexually distracted by children’s knees, maybe get other staff.






I think finding out that Hitler was inspired by how throughly Andrew Jackson committed genocide against the Natives would shatter or at least destabilize the ethos of the Founding Fathers & America for a lot of people

also the american eugenics movement which started in the late 1800′s was a huge inspiration for Hitler, and was even where the idea of blonde hair blue eyed superiority came from, and the idea of a “gas chamber” to take care of “undesirables”. In the early part of the third reich, the american eugenics movement saw it as the logical conclusion of their ““research”” and republished lots and lots of nazi propaganda 

but yeah, nazism is so un-american uwu 

Hitler praised American immigration restrictions in Mein Kampf. When the nazis wrote the notorious Nuremberg Laws, the centerpiece anti-Jewish legislation of the Nazi regime, they specifically modelled them after the Jim Crow Laws,

the Citizenship Law and the Blood Law of the United States.  

Big chunks of the American legal system and history inspired the nazi’s in their organisation of the Holocaust. 


At bare minimum, America was founded on two massive crimes against humanity: native genocide and slavery. To pretend that it’s some pristine shining beacon of freedom actually weakens us as a country, because we don’t deal with the demons of our past, which makes us vulnerable to continued injustice.

For people to cast realism as “hating America” is disgusting. We’re a flawed nation built on a good principle that we applied unevenly. Admitting that and trying to do better is strength, not weakness.



society needs shame. if you dont embarrass weird greasy kids in high school they turn into adults who walk their girlfriends around on dog leashes in the mall

  1. the ‘weird greasy kids in high school’ are probably just awkward, and they might even be autistic, either way, they are not consciously choosing to be weird, so bullying will not change their behavior.
  2. you cannot reliably identify the people who will grow up to walk their girlfriends around on dog leashes in the mall. many of the worst people in the world are superficially charming and seem cool to high schoolers.
  3. bullying is not, and can never be, a just tool of social engineering. to pretend otherwise is to pretend that your potential victims deserve it

bad post op.