Хлеб в хлебопечке

“Bread in the bread maker”

is the cats name BREAD

dunno if it was already explained but
there is a russian cat meme and this meme is about that meme (meme²)
here you can see original one: 

the text is:
“you may think i’m a bread
but i’m actually a cat, not a bread!!!! don’t eat me!!!!”
this meme was probably made by some child, that’s why the original grammar is so bad (in english it could probably be like “you may think i a bread, but actualy i a cat and not bred!!! dont eat me!!”)
for some strange reason this thing became iconic in russian meme culture and if you will say “here’s a bread on the street, it’s so cute!” almost every young adult will get the fact you meant cat
thanks for your attention, your fellow professor of memology is always here to make russian memes clear


Cat loafs are a universal cat meme.


My needlepoint Jaguar rug is finally finished and she turned out great! She measures roughly 3 x 4 feet and is about 80% recycled materials! The most expensive part of the whole project was her custom laser cut claws! This was a really challenging and humbling project and I’m proud of the finished piece! I can’t wait to start a new project! 


BONUS: This is what she looked like five months ago!


Harry Patch: The stirring words of Britain’s ‘last fighting Tommy’

“WAR isn’t worth one life,” Harry Patch – the man nicknamed “the last fighting Tommy” – said before his death on July 25, 2009.

Mr Patch, who was the last British
First World War soldier to pass away, became a symbol of dignity and
unswerving honesty about the horrors of the trenches.

The veteran, of Combe Down, a small village near Bath, was born on 17 June, 1898 – while Queen Victoria was still on the throne.

was conscripted into the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry in 1917 and
trained as a machine gunner – having left school at the age of 13 to
train as a plumber.

Despite not breaking his silence about the
Great War until after his 100th birthday, Mr Patch became famous for the
unerring humanism of his words.

recorded excerpts of his memoirs, he said: “I had no inclination to
fight anybody. I mean why should I go out and kill somebody who I never
knew? For what reason?”

Mr Patch found himself en route to Reims on his 19th birthday and installed in the trenches in July, 1917.

He arrived in time to witness the Third Battle of Ypres, also known as the mud-soaked offensive, Passchendale.

brother had been injured in Mons while serving with the Royal Engineers
and Mr Patch said he knew he did not want to take to the deep trenches,
surrounded by filth and exploding shells.

He said: “I think every
man who went on the front line at some time or another was scared. And
if any man tells you he wasn’t scared then he’s a damn liar.

it came to the point where we went into action I was scared stiff
because I thought the first time I go over the top – you don’t know how
much longer you are going to live.”

Questioning the “war to end all wars”, he said before his death: “It
wasn’t worth it. No war is worth it. No war is worth the loss of a
couple of lives let alone thousands.”

After the conflict he
returned to plumbing and raised his family in the West Country. When he
died in his sleep at a nursing home in Wells, Somerset he was Britain’s
oldest man.







so uh, my water pump for our well broke, we’re not hooked up to the city’s water, so the city isn’t responsible for it, because we’re far too rural to be on city’s water system, the only way we can get water is via a pump

uhh anyway, i have kidney stones, my brother has cancer and diabetes, and my dad has diabetes, we need water …. we will die without enough water lmao… like this isn’t a “oh we’re mildly inconvenienced we can’t shower and have to pee outside” this is a “we don’t have fucking water and our health relies heavily on it”

on average i alone probably drink 6 liters of water, now you make think thats unhealthy, but like … thats how much water i need to drink when passing a kidney stone lmaoo i drink an obscene amount of water and my brother and dad drink similar amounts to me.

this is very urgent … 

it’s $1300 for a pump and having it put in which we cannot do ourselves because it’s particularly deep, and dangerous.

if you wanna help us out you can 

donate here:

i would be very thankful for this. water is very important. we all have severe health issues.

down to $982.81

… my brother is very sick, as is my dad, and i’m not doing too great either.

not having water just makes this hellish and impossible

the guy says he can come tonight at 7pm EST, so if we can maybe raise this by then that’d be great?

Aren’t you the girl sitting pretty on 8.8 acres????? I think you’ll fucking manage!!!!!

This is sick lmao @1011010010101

Like you’re rlly fucked up while there’s domestic and global water crises going on and you’re trying to extort money out of your sympathetic followers who most likely have less than u to begin with??

?? i do not own land i live in a tiny house…. idk what youre talking about. what. u think i got tax money for 9 acres who the fuck do you think i am.

@lesbianhater where did you even get that? Im so confused lol

this is that “panhandlers are all secret millionaires” levels of bullshit








this is the funniest ad i’ve ever seen on here i am cackling

This is one of the most misaimed ads you could possibly run on tumblr on multiple levels

i got another one, only this one is kind of viscerally terrifying

someone somewhere had to pitch “Peter Griffin with a mouthful of photorealistic flesh” as an advertisement for a product and someone else had to official approve that idea for us to get here

theres a third one and the caption is just viscerally upsetting

this reads like a monster factory goof