This is fucking terrifying

big nope 

I would’ve been so shook

Awww whale.

Whale I didn’t see that coming

it would’ve scared the fuck out of me holy shit that’s big

So for anybody who doesn’t know, that ring of bubbles you see coming up before the humpback does is a “net” that the whale creates by swimming in a circle and blowing the bubbles from its blowhole. The bubble net disorients the krill/small fish/whatever and corrals them into one spot so that the whale can lunge up and feed as you see it doing. It’s most often done cooperatively in groups, and a whole bunch of whales will lunge up at once.

In other news that is one deep harbor, holy shit.



It’s so wild to me that capitalists really have people convinced that capitalist countries provide a higher quality of life when the US doesn’t even provide clean water, electricity, disaster relief, health care, or internet infrastructure, or housing to huge segments of its population

Like you can’t judge a nation’s quality of life by the wealth of its ruling class

and the wealth that does exist in the capitalist countries they mention as good examples, like the US and western Europe, is largely dependent on the poverty and exploitation of people who live in the capitalist countries of the third world, but they either don’t mention those countries, or they just say it’s “crony capitalism” and that the real problem is actually a lack of real capitalism

First Nations woman, Barbara Kenter, dies after being hit by trailer hitch thrown from passing car in Thunder Bay, Ont.


A First Nations woman who was hit by a trailer hitch, thrown from a passing car in Thunder Bay, Ont., last January, has died.

Barbara Kentner, 34, required surgery after being hit in the abdomen by the trailer hitch on Jan. 29. She was released from hospital in time to take part in a walk in her honour on Feb. 5, but later returned to medical care.

Her sister, Melissa Kentner told CBC News in March that Barbara would not recover from her injuries. Melissa posted on Facebook early Tuesday  that Barbara had died. She and other family members confirmed the death with CBC News.

The passenger in the car yelled, “Oh, I got one,” after throwing the hitch at the sisters who were walking on McKenzie Street between Dease and Cameron streets, Melissa Kentner told CBC News in February.

The internal damage when Kentner was hit in the kidneys by the hitch was irreparable and proved fatal, her sister said.

An 18-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault relating to the incident. Thunder Bay police told CBC News they are looking into whether the charges will be changed, in light of Kentner’s death.


Barbara was a member of Waabigon Saaga’igan Anishinaabeg (Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation). She had a beautiful anishinaabe daughter who is 16 years old. Her name is Serena. They both endured violence and racism. Barbara was murdered. No other word can soften what happened to her. I hope her journey to the spirit world is safe. Justice for Barbara. No more stolen sisters.

(Last updated: July 4, 2017 But, worth bringing back.)