hey guys!!!!

so i’m back in a toxic household after being in americorps, where i worked on active disaster 10-12+ hour days for 6-7 days a week for 9 months which left me exhausted and burned out. they only gave a small living stipend (roughly $300/mo bc they already pay for food/housing/transport). thankfully i was able to save up a little bit, but not a lot.

the first morning i woke up after being back i cried for like 2 hours because i realized that i’m most likely not in a healthy environment anymore. long story short my mom is a terrifying person and, surprise surprise, my mental health is shit when i’m living here but it’s near perfect when i’m not living here.

i’m going to try to move out of my parents’ house within the next few months and i’m gonna have a lot of expenses to deal with. even if my family wanted to help with expenses they probably couldn’t because we’ve basically been living at the poverty line the majority of my life (partially because my dad lost a good job due to sexually harassing a bunch of women). I’ll be looking for jobs soon but for now here are some things I need a little help with if y’all are able:

-general moving expenses

-food + other potential bills

-i’m still $1500+ in medical debt from that time i got a uti/kidney infection over a year ago

-my laptop is on its last leg and i’ll need a new one pretty soon

-i desperately want to go back to college but i’m afraid i won’t be able to afford it

-when i came home i discovered that my cat peed on the majority of my clothes so i need new clothes (i’d been wearing them since high school anyway…)

SO i would be super thankful for any donations to help me out

my PayPal is thumbskyster@gmail.com or paypal.me/thumbskyster


There is nothing more blatantly evil than people who want to take away free school lunches. How do you even begin to justify that. Being against free school lunch programs is literally saying you don’t think actual children deserve to eat. Many kids in these programs rely on free lunches as they ONLY meal they get in a day. How the fuck do these people sleep at night. How can you live not giving a shit that children starve

This evening, Mr. C got an urge to put together one of his favorite quick hot weather meals: his version of a ham and cheese mixed green salad which is apparently fairly popular in Sweden.

(With that last one, I actually got sidetracked looking out of curiosity to see whether I could find a similar recipe 😅)

That was fine by me, especially since I didn’t much feel like cooking and we already had takeout once this week. It’s also a pretty good salad.

One problem, though: it’s a green salad as a meal. Which, for some reason, he prefers to make without any dressing.

Even the hefty amounts of added ham and cheese don’t make ED Brain any less screwy about that, as a whole meal. Too many bad associations.

What did today, though? Adding some (full fat!) dressing to mine, and having some leftover potato salad on the side.

(To try next time: Escalation, with lightning! 😊)

Having a less complicated relationship with food would be nice. But, thankfully workarounds can help a lot of the time.

One that I ran across while looking for something else (in Swedish and not Norwegian, no less), and clicked through because a ham and cheese pasta salad sounded like it could be promising.

It’s been a while since I got any Google auto-translate results of that quality 😁

Scroll down the page, see the escalation with lightning, can’t stop laughing for a while. What is that even supposed to be?

Displaying the original:

OK, a sour cream dressing calling for light sour cream as the first ingredient! Not nearly as spectacular, but it makes a lot more sense as one option for a pasta salad.

Still not much less confused looking into it a bit more, with “escalation” turning up as “eskalering” or “opptrapping”. Not finding anything which could reasonably be confused with “lettrømme”, at least as someone with an extremely limited understanding of Norwegian.

Also, from Translate:

As I suspected, those are two totally different root words covering the different senses of “light” in English. No idea how light sour cream could get turned into lightning. (Escalation?)

Whatever happened with the auto-translate, I’m at more of a loss than with that soup involving dung and cocaine. 🙄

(This one also doesn’t have the excuse of getting autodetected as a related-but-different language, for some unfortunate translation near misses.)


Hey everyone, its ya girl Raine. And this is gonna be one of
those ‘oh god im going into debt help pls oh god’ posts

On April 4th, at like midnight, I cracked a
molar. I cracked a molar on a bitch ass almond. Very painful. I went to the only
dentist in the area who could see me with any sort of urgency (had to wait til
the 7th) and was told it was going to cost $2,800 to fix. I couldn’t
not fix it so we had to put it on a credit card.

I’m a college student who gets $100 dollars a month, I can
barely afford to eat as it is. If any of you could throw me even a dollar I would
be very appreciative. Because I can’t pay this and the interest is only gonna
make it worse and worse and I literally can’t stop crying every time I think of

Here’s my paypal. Seriously i would appreciate even a dollar