Japanese Sumo robots

this is the funniest gif i’ve seen all week what the fuck is going on

the best part is this isn’t even HALF the relentless bullshit insanity that goes on in robot sumo wrestling, a sport where the contestants are all hyperfast robots with scoop attachments and preprogrammed moves. 

(this one wants to be a beyblade when it grows up)

the idea is to include as many unique moves as you can, to make your shrieking deathbot difficult to counter

or dodging. that works too.

also, some of the speed demons have… unorthodox attachments to fool other bot’s sensors


robot sumo is also a sport where spectators may end up taking a small robot to the shins if they aren’t careful.


I hope you enjoyed our foray into madness!


Y’all. Looking at professionally made sumo robots is great. You know what’s better though? Looking at extremely UNprofessionally made sumo robots.

Here enjoy.

oh my god please watch this video

“she gave up looking for the robot and sent us a photo of her having a beer. the crowd applauded this act of supreme crappiness.”

one robot is just a kleenex box with a bunch of dildos on it, one does nothing but shake a packet of instant soup, i love humanity so much right now




My boss’s first language isn’t English. However, she loves giving inspirational speeches to everyone. I think today she was trying to tell us “don’t just stand around looking pretty”, but what she actually said was “WE DONT HAVE TIME TO BE SEXY”.

It reminds me of my Russian boss at the bakery. I didn’t wrap the bread correctly so she told me to “Snuggle like baby. Bread is your baby, Shelly. It’s sweet and gentle. Fragile, Italian.”

What you should know about birth control: even a rare side effect can happen to you



For anybody that wasn’t following me last fall, or any passers-by…

You know how when you go on The Pill, there is a warning about the possibility of blood clots? That goes something like this?

Combined oral contraceptives increase the risk ofvenous thromboembolism(includingdeep vein thrombosis(DVT) andpulmonary embolism(PE)).[88]On average the risk of fatal PE is 1 per 100,000 women.[88]

The risk of thromboembolism varies with different preparations; with second-generation pills (with an estrogen content less than 50μg), the risk of thromboembolism is small, with an incidence of approximately 15 per 100,000 users per year, compared with 5 per 100,000 per year among non-pregnant individuals not taking the pill, and 60 per 100,000 pregnancies.[89] In individuals using preparations containing third-generation progestogens (desogestrel or gestodene), the incidence of thromboembolism is approximately 25 per 100,000 users per year.[89] Also, the risk is greatest in subgroups with additional factors, such as smoking (which increases risk substantially) and long-continued use of the pill, especially in women over 35 years of age.[89]

So you hear this stuff and promptly forget about it, because everybody takes the pill and this hardly ever happens?

Well, six months ago it happened to me.

TLDR: This can actually happen and it’s serious, so get medical attention. For actual details see after the jump.

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just a re-run for anybody who wasn’t following me six years ago. 

TLDR: Birth control pill side effects are no fucking joke