It’s Gimbap Night, because I got an urge. With the usual great presentation 😉

(And some Turkish chili pickled garlic we had on the side, because why not. The flavors do work well together.)

A little more prep work than I really had the spoons to do, but the results are pretty good. Some of them have the marinated beef, some have browned Spam. A bit less colorful than usual, because I used some natural-colored pickled radish instead of the bright yellow kind. Very tasty, though.





Finally a prequel to the iconic image

@majimemegoro This guy played Kiryu in the Yakuza Movie.

my family watched this movie and my dad spent the whole time complaining that the cat was a bad actor. like “that cat has no personality!” “the cat isn’t compelling!” “it’s barely doing anything!”

It’s not just a movie! There’s a tv show as well, while the movie is more of a recap of the show, i think. The cat is adorably confused and a bit scared the whole time, but it’s understandable given the circumstances. You can watch the tv series online at ^^