The premise of minimum wage, when it was introduced, was that a single wage earner should be able to own a home and support a family.  That was what it was based on; a full time job, any job, should be able to accomplish this.

The fact people scoff at this idea if presented nowadays, as though the people that ring up your groceries or hand you your burgers don’t deserve the luxury of a home and a family, is disgusting.

Also if a livable wage breaks the system then the system deserves to be broken.


Faig Ahmed Creates Psychedelic Rugs From Traditional Azerbaijani Textiles

Faig Ahmed’s latest project focuses on making contemporary carpets from classical Azerbaijani textiles. Ahmed graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Baku in 2004. His background as an artist covers painting, video and installation as well as other mediums; however, his attention is currently focused on working with textile and sculpture. 

Traditional Azerbaijani carpets rely heavily on geometric and symmetrical patterns, stemming from historical influence. The carpets are usually limited to be rectangular or square in shape. By dismantling the laws that govern the structure and pattern of these fabrics, Ahmed converges his love of ancient culture to create a psychedelic visualization. By refurbishing the traditional compositions into a contemporary sculpture, he disassembles their stable nature and injects motion into a pre-existing lifeless object.

The patterns break away from their rigid symmetry and melt away from the tapestry into a colorful puddle. Ahmed also adds a digital effect to the rugs by pixelating fragments and blank spaces on the drapery. Overall, the artist intentionally creates an interesting union between contemporary art and ancient Azerbaijani roots.







“why can’t female heroes kick arse in heels” because it’s not practical and will literally snap your damn ankle you can scream weaponised femininity all you want but first off, you need to admit that they’re not an almighty symbol of empowerment, and secondly that if you do a job with a lot of physical activity in heels you’re risking your own safety. all these women fighting in heels on tv are going to end up seriously injuring themselves. 

weaponised femininity is a concept made up in an attempt to get us to embrace the industries created to hold us back/profit from our insecurities so that we can continue to fit into the male expectation of what a woman should be and not question why we are forced to spend thousands on our appearance every year

just a small anecdote. I had a friend who worked in theater; she was the stage manager and an actress came to her in tears one day because the director absolutely refused to let her do a choreographed fight scene in less than 3 inch heels because “they’re platforms so you’ll be okay.” My friend, who is a woman’s size 10, brought her own heels in the next day and DEMANDED the director put them on and try the choreography before the actress did it. He finally agreed to change it, without putting the heels on.

so like I know you might think of “all those women on tv fighting in heels” as fictional woman who WOULD hurt themselves in real life, but its fiction so its okay…except those women are portrayed by real actresses who are actually fighting in actual heels, being directed by dudes who have never worn a pair of heels in their lives, alongside men who aren’t expected to constantly wear things that make their stunts 2x more dangerous than they have to be. Just a thought.

Men take “let’s see feminine women being badass” to mean “let’s see women impractically focused on their appearance in combat situations.“

That’s why I loved Black Panther even more Nakia took off her heels and used them as weapons and was running and driving around barefoot in that one scene

A number of stuntwomen have spoken out about getting injured on sets because the character is wearing heels and skimpy clothing that provide no protection or padding. It literally harms rl women.




Most of the anti-anti-immigration advice I see on here is skewed towards the US so here’s some useful UK info I just walked past


If the UK Border Agency or police stop you in the street and ask you about your immigration status: 

– You DO NOT have to answer any questions. 

– You DO NOT have to tell them your name or address. 

– Tell them that you do not want to talk to them. 

– Stay polite but confident.

 – You can walk away. 

They are not allowed to stop you just because of your race. They can only stop you if they have a good reason. If they stop you just because of how you look, or the language you speak, tell them: 

“This is racist.“ 

“This is illegal.“ 

“I will make a complaint.“ 

If you are detained, call Bail for Immigration Detainees (independent from us):  020 7247 3590 / antiraids.net





TIL a man once sued McDonalds for $1.5 million because of “emotional distress” he suffered after receiving just 1 napkin with his meal.

via reddit.com

Except no that’s not what happened, that’s not why he sued, he sued because when he went to ask for more napkins, the staff started racially harassing him, all over fucking napkins. As for the amount, ut was probably exaggerated by the lawyer so when the court shrinks it, McDonalds would still have to pay at least something.

There are no such things as frivolous lawsuits made by individual people.

McDonald’s (and most businesses) have insanely good pr departments. The woman who sued McDonald’s for being burned by their coffee was turned into the face of “people will sue over anything” because suing over coffee being hot sounds ridiculous, right? Except for she was literally burned to the bone. The pictures are nauseating. What she went through was horrifying.

If you ever find yourself ridiculing an individual on a company’s behalf you’re probably just repeating pr propaganda

READ IT and remember next time someone talks about some “ridiculous” lawsuit that’s just a sign of how supposedly easy it is for individuals to make bucks off suing poor, helpless huge corporations for oh, no good reason at all.

Who wants you to believe that? Who benefits?