tried something new w the backing cards – it’ll be like pin the tail on the donkey!

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OH, absolutely! without the enamel pins, these backing cards will look horrifying


…………. a surprise

I know you’re joking, but I’m dead serious.

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I would rather let a “special snowflake” into the autistic community than exclude an autistic that needs support and cannot get a clinical diagnosis.

I would rather validate ten “special snowflakes” than invalidate one autistic who needs support and cannot get a clinical diagnosis.

I would rather welcome a hundred “special snowflakes” without question than force an autistic to disclose their entire life to me just to get the support they need when they cannot get a clinical diagnosis.

I would rather help those that don’t need help, than deny help to those that need it.





Me, asking my husband about literally any food he made that was invariably delicious because he’s a very good cook; “Hon this is awesome what’s the recipe people are curious.”

Him, blinking; “The what now?”

Me; “Recipe?”

Him; “Well, I used lemon, and minced up some garlic, and some pepper, and…”

Me, patiently; “How much of each?”

Him; “I dunno. Enough?”

Me; “You are an inscrutable food sorcerer.” 

Hate to break it to you, but in cooking, recipes only suggest which ingredients you use. Not how much of each, just which.


I can bake like a motherfucker (my pie crust is better than my GRANDMOTHER’S, by HER OWN ADMISSION) but cooking like this is strange and intimidating magic to me. 

See, this is why conventional wisdom says people are either cooks or bakers. This is because one of them is using a standard recipe and the other is just making shit up.



idk if I’ve posted about this before but by far the strangest things that’s happened to me in retail was the time someone’s total came out to my birth-year and I said “hey! that’s the year I was born!” and then the next customer’s total came out to like $12.57 and just bc I’m a weirdo I said “hey! that’s the year I was born!” and without missing a fucking beat this like, 70+ year old man said

“Ah! Another like me! We’re few and far between these days, aren’t we?”

And I was like oh man this guy’s sense of humor really aligns with mine! And I laughed and made some other joke about being immortal and thought that was the end of it,

but this man.

He stood by the register for five more minutes. Maybe more. Which let me tell you is an EXCRUTIATING amount of time for something like this to happen.

And he just kept upping the ante!! He starting talking about some REALLY specific details regarding day-to-day life in the 1300s to the point I started getting worried that I’d misled a genuinely immortal being to believe I am also immortal.

He eventually politely left when I got too busy with other customers to awkwardly respond.

Who the fuck was that guy.

I think it’s also important to mention this happened at Cracker Barrel.

Our Reflections: Wyoming Approves Extreme Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt


The State of Wyoming recently approved hunting grizzly bears, with quotas, relatively quickly after the grizzly bears in Wyoming (and three other states) were delisted from the Endangered Species Act. I’ve posted links to several articles about this action, so one more won’t hurt. I’m including this one, in particular, because of the quote from a member of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission as he voted to approve the hunt. That quote is highlighted in bold in the excerpt below.


Yesterday I joined dozens of grizzly bear advocates in Lander, Wyoming, to speak out against the state’s plan that allows nearly two dozen grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region to be killed in a trophy hunt this fall. Tribal leaders testified eloquently about their long-standing cultural connections to the grizzly bear, considered a sacred relative since time immemorial. Many spoke about the continued threats that these bears face, and they questioned why Wyoming is rushing to initiate a hunt so soon after Endangered Species protections were removed last summer.

But after two hours of public testimony – the majority in opposition to the hunt – the Game and Fish Commission voted unanimously to approve it, once again displaying the state’s historic bias against large carnivores. The state admits it wants to drive down the grizzly bear population, currently estimated at only around 700 bears, and says that there’s no need for the “extra” bears outside of a monitoring area adjacent to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. In that area, known as “Zone 7,” the state will even allow baiting of grizzly bears.

Grizzly bears are the second-slowest mammal to reproduce in North America; it takes a female approximately ten years to replace herself in the population. That’s why it has taken more than four decades for the Yellowstone grizzly population to increase from a low of about 150 bears, when they were given Endangered Species Act protections, to about 700 today. That’s most of my life and, still, grizzlies in the Yellowstone region have not reached full recovery. Wyoming’s plan will allow 13 female grizzlies to be killed by trophy hunters. It’s unconscionable, and it will seriously threaten continued grizzly bear recovery.

The Sierra Club and our allies are challenging the removal of Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone’s grizzlies in court, and we expect a decision by the end of August, before Wyoming’s (and Idaho’s) trophy hunting begins. We will continue working with Tribal Nations and many others in opposition to a hunt. 

Our Reflections: Wyoming Approves Extreme Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt