kindness is a renewable resource


so much of ‘woke’ tumblr acts as if kindness is a zero sum game, a limited resource that must be redistributed ‘fairly’. they act like being unkind to certain people balances the books somehow. like in order to be kind to those who’ve suffered, you have to give their suffering to someone else.

that’s not how it is, y’all. there’s enough kindness for everyone. being cruel doesn’t redistribute kindness. it only increases cruelty.


Also why do we constantly mock and scold women for being stupid because “dumb bitches aways think they can change a man,” when women are taught from day one that it’s our moral duty to ~fix a man~ and ~stand by your man~ to clean up his messes, both literally and figuratively, and to ignore our own discomfort and second thoughts while we do it.

How can we keep telling girls that kissing the frog is how you get a prince, then turn around and act shocked that so many women end up with reptiles



tropylium replied to your text post
This may or may not be the same thing, but I have been eyerolling the reification of “having pronouns” in general for a good while now (as opposed to having a gender that you’d prefer other people’s pronoun choices about you to reflect).

That too.

I’m not exactly sure what neopronouns reflect, or if they’re the kind of “having pronouns” that both of us have a bit of an issue with. That’s probably part of why they confuse me greatly.

Them: what are your pronouns?

Me: I don’t have pronouns.

Them: but then how can we talk to you?

Me: You don’t.






October 14, 1977, Anita Bryant is pied for her antigay bigotry at a press conference in Des Moines, IA.

It was 40 years ago today…

Never gets old.

40 years on and it still is gratifying

Anita’s still alive and kicking and being anti-gay. Thom Higgins, who threw the pie when he was 27 – and was poetically from Beaver Dam – passed away 17 years later at 44. Info on his life is here. The pie throwing was a big deal. In an age before the internet let gays feel connected, and long before ACT UP, the pie showed small pockets of gays that we could fight back.