Pittsburgh police shot a black 13 year old running away from them to death on Juneteenth

Pittsburgh police shot a black 13 year old running away from them to death on Juneteenth

Pittsburgh police shot a black 13 year old running away from them to death on Juneteenth.

If it is not clear from the text, they shot him in the back at a distance and was no threat to the officers

I saw a blurb on the news this morning about an individual shot by police and I just assumed the rest of the details. How fucking sad is that. I’m ashamed of my town right now.

I feel like the police violence is escalating here. They beat Jordan Miles (also a teenager at the time

Paralyzed Leon Ford

And finally murdered this child. His name was Antwan.

if you are in the pittsburgh area there’s a march at the courthouse downtown tomorrow at 12 pm. here’s a link to the event

to summarize:

-police were following the car antwon was a passenger in because it matched a description (note: antwon was 17 yrs old, not 13 like many of the reports say. There was a 13 yr old on scene, however).

-police eventually stopped the car & ordered the driver out/onto the ground. antwon & another passenger bolted

-police fired 3 rounds into his back. Although 2 guns were found in the car later, Rose was unarmed when he was killed

-the driver was later released without being arrested

-the name of the officer who killed antwon rose has not been released. What we do know is that he has been put on administrative leave, and he was involved in other local departments 7 years prior. However, he was sworn in the same night as he killed Antwon.

-there were no dash/body cams, but a witness took a video. Be warned, it is graphic by nature.

here is the statement that the family of the victim released

The fact they feel it’s necessary to shoot when we run away instead of chasing us proves there’s a problem. And it’s not the in the training received before being sworn in it’s their character in general. They are literally giving badges to demons out here. Breaks my fucking heart.

He was 17

His 13 year old brother was in the car as well. Initial reports said he was 13. I’m sure you can understand how that could happen in the chaos that transpired right?


Jitneys were the precursor to Uber or Lyft. Imagine you and your brother get a Lyft home and the cops pull the driver over. Then shoot at you as you run away.

He was a poet, an avid skateboarder, and volunteer at local charities. Loved by family and friends.

There have been at least three protests. Currently one is shutting down a major highway. Pictures above are from earlier today

There will be another protest tomorrow. There are also several recordings and live feeds of the protests on FB

This is in my area. Looks like they’re now trying to do damage control by claiming he had an empty clip in his pocket and participated in a drive by earlier. Smh…


As you can see the media tried to spin a false narrative about Antwon having guns. And were exposed for lying by a news anchor today.

Ciora Thomas was arrested at the peaceful protest on 376 last night after police showed in riot gear. She was let go this morning but will have court costs.

You can donate to support her here:


Please boost this and donate if you can to help those arrested tonight

Thanks in advance

More pictures from the protests in Pittsburgh.

Tonight’s protest on 6/28/18 lasted for 7 hours.

The people marched down the streets chanting, singing and dancing for 7 hours.

Thank you to everyone who came out and put everything on the line for Antwon Rose Jr. And for justice

Antwon Rose was a freedom fighter and he taught me how to fight

So we gon’ fight all day and night until they get it right

What side are you on my people, what side are you on?

What side are you on my people, what side are you on?

This attempt to justify killing Antwon is garbage.  If he had been a hit man who had killed a hundred people, it would still be wrong to shoot him in the back while he was running away with no weapon in his possession.

It would still be murder.  This is not a war between the police and black America.  The rules of combat don’t apply to the police, they were in an American city, not a combat zone.  You don’t get to shoot people who are running from you.

If the cops can’t be brought under control, take away their guns.  I’m willing to bet that the number of people who die in police/citizen interactions would go down, not up.  Give them tasers and billy clubs instead of guns, they can’t handle guns.

Just arm SWAT with guns and call them in for active shooter scenes.  Regular patrol cops have proven they can’t be trusted with firearms.



it’s time to talk about a weird animal again here at bunjywunjy dot tumblr dot com (my house), and what better way to begin the new year than with an inspirational survivor to motivate us all with its sheer bullheaded tenacity?

you see, this animal has been around a very, very, very, VERY long time. 

it’s called the Coelacanth, and it’s your grandma.


SEE-la-kanth. say it right sonny, my ears aren’t what they used to be

Coelacanths are the oldest form of lobe-finned fishes on the planet. their  relatives first appeared 400 million years ago, and immediately made themselves famous by being the very first vertebrates to wiggle onto dry land. (they immediately wiggled right the fuck back into the water, as they had forgotten to evolve lungs first)

these fishes later evolved those weirdly buff fins into actual legs and developed into the first true land animals, though tragically they lack the Coelacanth’s roguish sense of style.


there’s a lot of stumpy little legs in this picture

while these lobe-finned fish did go on to become literally all land-dwelling vertebrates ever INCLUDING YOU, the Coelacanth was content to retain its fishy shape and continue on as it always had. for 400 fucking million years

they probably barely even noticed all those major extinction events. meteor who?


it’s coelaCAN, not coelaCAN’T.

today, Coelacanths are still more closely related to you than they are to most other fish. think of it as the weird cousin that never gets invited to the mammal family reunion.

the Coelacanth’s relationship to land vertebrates has long been known from fossils, but Science believed it had gone extinct sometime in the Cretaceous period more than 60 million years ago. so imagine Science’s surprise when a live Coelacanth was pulled up by a fishing trawler in 1938, off the coast of South Africa.


surpriiiiiiise! bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

this makes them the first ever example of a Lazarus Taxon (which is an absolutely badass phrase that would make a damn good name for a rock band), meaning it’s an evolutionary line we thought was extinct but they lived, bitch.

today, the Coelacanth is known to live in the Indian and South African oceans, where they thrive in deep water far away from the prying eyes of their nosy hairless ape relatives. 

they are mostly active at night and can grow to be 6 and a half feet long, and live more than 60 years. they don’t have much personality, but BOY are they tenacious.


I make up for it with my stunning good looks

Coelacanths mostly drift with the current, eating whatever happens to pass by that’s smaller than they are. this just goes to show that laziness does pay off in the long run! 


it’s a valid survival strategy, MOM.

Coelacanths don’t have many natural predators, as they taste completely disgusting. sharks are pretty much the only predator who will give it a try, but sharks also eat outboard motors and license plates so that’s really not saying much.

all that aside, these ancient fish can motivate us to face the challenges of the new year. just remember, if a weird fish with demi-legs can survive for 400 million years on the benefits of laziness and just being kind of weird and disgusting, so can you!









Wanna do direct action but you can’t run, can’t fight, can’t deal with stress, can’t risk getting arrested? Not near a community to support? You can still do something.

Like write to prisoners.

Prisons try to disappear people, isolate them, crush them. Don’t let that happen.

Write to activists in prison, write to trans people in prison, write to isolated prisoners, write to prisoners who no one else thinks are worth writing to.

Write to prisoners.

Are there any programs or websites that help facilitate this which are based on the UK that you know of? Most of the info I’ve found tends to be US-based or just general info about writing to someone you know in prison.

But given that I’m chronically ill or seems like a great way to actually do something and be an active part of change.

Great to hear that you’re interested!

The Anarchist Black Cross is a prisoner support network that has chapters in a lot of countries and cities. In the UK there are:

Other UK based groups include:

You can also find a prisoner to write to on your own via:

Do check out some of the ‘do’s and don’t’ on one of these websites before you start, there are some basics like ‘don’t talk about illegal activities’ and ‘don’t stop writing without being honest to the person about the fact that you’re going to stop writing’ that are essential to know, and a lot of less important tips that just make it easier to start writing to someone you don’t know yet. Goodluck!

Shoutout to @freackthejester for pointing out Black and Pink (, that can help you find LGBTIAQ+ prisoners in prison in the US, with chapters in:

Someone also requested resources for Australia so I’m going to add those to this reblog chain:

Antifascist Action Brisbane has also hosted prisoner solidarity events (

And whenever there is no explicit prisoner-support organization, ask your local anarchists! Most anarchist groups do some prisoner support as well since supporting those who defy the state is basic anarchist praxis. This long list of Australia anarchist organizations probably includes groups that do some prisoner support:

Also contributed by people in the notes of this post so far:

Canada: Inmate Innk Calgary,

Japan (English-speaking prisoners):

Turns out people really like the extra resources on this post so here we go. Most of these urls were listen by Anarchist Black Cross Gent but I took out some dead urls and make them clickable.

ABC Argentina:

ABC Austria:

ABC Belarus:



Bulgaria Prisoners Association:


Czech Republic:




The Netherlands: