“as long as the ship is not illegal”

there’s… no such thing… as illegal ships. nobody cares about your ships. holy shit I can’t, please log off tumblr ONCE in a while

In the fandom justice system, shipping based offenses are considered especially heinous. On Tumblr, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Shipping Wars Unit.

These are their stories. 





This is real 

Usually I think this kind of reaction shows conspiratorial thinking, but this time… holy shit! Check out the totally bizarre inclusion of 88 in the text of the last bullet point. I’m pretty sure whoever wrote this press release is a committed white supremacist

Holy shit, I didn’t even notice that!

At first when I skimmed the post I thought it said “out of 100, 88 will…” so I thought maybe it was a distinctly creepy-ass coincidence.

But “out of 88?” What in the sam cheesing hellfuck?!








男模·GOGO-Boy 花名册 ins 依次: runssm、samuruma、 yoshihiroyr、naottica、  go_kenta、 kenshirotricomi、marujin25、yutobrave、alex_v90  。

摄影师 Uto Zawao  IG: richman625 | Costume by GX3 Underwear


Look, I think its safe to say we are all tired of the same old fantasy hero designs: hidden away in layers of protective steel, scruffy and unkept looking in leather or just walking around with a tattered rag.

What the genre needs is more men like this: immaculately groomed in stylish, empowering outfits that let you know they’re both physically powerful, but also emotionally powerful due to their strong connection with their sexuality.

The kinds of men that men really want to be (even if they don’t admit to it).

– wincenworks

(h/t @bagarete)

i was just thinking as i scrolled through the photoset: this is the male equivalent of those oddly sexified yet gorgeous outfits female characters in rpg’s always have, and i am 900% on board with it.

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I have a mighty need for some redraws and y’all know exactly why

Okay, I’m borderline plus size, because I’m really petite/short and I’m getting more and more in love with my body because of body positivity and fat positivity! I think it’s totally great. I got a gym membership mostly because I want to exercise for the health benefits (ie, better heart function, sleeping better, stronger muscles etc.) I’m not trying to lose weight but if I do and I’m happy abt it is that internalized fatphobia? (Sorry if this is dumb I just don’t really know much about this)




TW for a discussion of weight loss–

This is a kind of a difficult question to answer, b/c what I suspect you are sort of going for is– am I a bad person b/c I want to lose weight? And no. You aren’t. Like, the world makes it super clear that our lives would be easier if we were smaller. And it is exhausting to fight a stigma all the time.

But you didn’t exactly ask that question. You asked, is it internalized fatphobia to want to lose weight. And I think the answer to that question is yes. 

Because when we say we want to lose weight, when the entire world pressures everyone to lose lose lose and be as small and hungry and obsessed as possible– what we are all doing together as a culture is saying that thin is good and fat is bad. That it’s better to do literally anything and suffer any misery than to be fat. And that cultural attitude is fatphobia.

When we know we would have an easier life if we were thinner, we aren’t wrong or confused about that. We would have easier lives if we were thinner. That’s just true. But most people are wrong about why our lives would be easier.

It’s not that being smaller is inherently easier or better. It is that society brings unbearable pressure to bear on fat people and the smaller you get, the more the pressure is eased off. 

But that is a choice we have made together as a culture, not a natural law about body size. 150 years ago, it was not this way. 

It’s not surprising that you would feel relief and happiness at weight loss. Some of the pressure in your life would ease up. People would praise and admire you. It is natural to want those things. You are a human being. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

But the reason you would be praised, why you would be happier and have less pressure on you– is because some other people are being subjected to more pressure, criticism and pain than people should have to bear. For no reason. 

And that is something to keep in mind. 

The reality is that all of us have internalized fat phobia. That is simply how hierarchical societies like ours operate: We expose people to the stereotypes and prejudices that define social hierarchies young and often, and those stereotypes and prejudices become internalized to form scripts that we use to make sense of the world. They also become internalized to form parts of our self-concept. 

This is very basic psychology, it is how the self is born, And it also happens to be one of the most potent tools of oppression that exists. Because if a population can be taught from a young age that oppressive social hierarchies are right and normal and good, and even essential to our very sense of self, then we will conform and uphold those social hierarchies. Even when it hurts other people. Even when it hurts us. 

Recognizing the oppressive beliefs that were spoon fed to us as children, and then working to carefully untangle them from our core sense of self, is the most important anti-oppressive work you will ever do. 

For the Anon in my inbox complaining that body positive spaces do not celebrate people who pursue weight loss “for personal reasons”.

Kansas flamingo is living large in Texas



Back in 2003, a flock of adult flamingos from Tanzania arrived at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita. A year later, the flamingo exhibit at the zoo opened. If the flamingos had arrived as youths, the zoo would have amputated part of the wing responsible for flight before it had fully formed and before the flamingos would have had nerve sensation there to prevent them from flying off on a whim. The idea of doing this to adults, however, was deemed unethical, and so the zoo engaged in a feather clipping each year, basically the equivalent of getting a haircut, Scott Newland, the curator of birds at the zoo, told The New York Times.

It’s important to keep an eye on those wings, and zookeepers learned that the hard way following a particularly windy day in June 2005. A visitor reported seeing two flamingos out of their enclosure, and as zoo officials attempted to return the birds, the birds kept getting spooked and flying further away. They ultimately reached a drainage canal on the western side of Wichita, where they remained for a week.

Just as zoo officials believed they could get the birds, named No. 347 and No. 492 for the bands on their legs, under the cover of night, a thunderstorm on July 3 spooked the birds, and by July 4, they were simply gone.

One of those birds, No. 347, flew north and was spotted in Michigan’s AuTrain Lake that August but it was never seen again. Newland told The Times the bird likely died later that year as flamingos aren’t equipped to deal with the cold, never mind a winter in Michigan.

No. 492, however, wanted a more scenic tour of the States. The long-legged bird has been spotted in Wisconsin, Louisiana and Texas over the years.It seems to prefer Texas, however, which isn’t a huge surprise.

“As long as they have these shallow, salty types of wetlands they can be pretty resilient,” Felicity Arengo, a flamingo expert at the American Museum of Natural History, explained to The Times.

It also helps that No. 492 has a friend, an unidentified a Caribbean flamingo that may have flown off course during a storm.

Kansas flamingo is living large in Texas


Happy 80th Birthday to Olympic National Park! Named after the Olympic Mountains it encompasses, Olympic National Park in Washington was established on June 29, 1938 to preserve the area’s unique wildlife and landscapes. With snow-capped mountains, lush forests and picturesque beaches, few parks posses such a variety of sights and experiences. Photo by Kristopher Schoenleber (