i started seeing screenshots of tumblr users receiving messages from a blog called “sexygirlmax2019”

this is, of course, standard on tumblr, to receive porn bot messages

they were exceptionally weird
“Hey peebrain -you teleport?”
“Hi pea for brains…. can you teleport?”

checking the timestamps, all of sexygirlmax2019’s posts have been made today
they’re formatted impeccably like bot messages and posts
but they’re just a little off

this isn’t a bot
this is a human controlling a blog acting like a bot
all of the links?? aren’t porn links
mysterious bit.ly links to this site:
if you “click here to instantly transport” you get taken to
> /seraphim.html
if you click it again
> /cherubim.html
> /thrones.html
…which returns a “Page Not Found” error

Porn Bot ARG

So I ran the mp3 you could get from /cherubim.html through a sstv scanner and got this back


Which is just straight up the image from /seraphim.html.

But the it’s weird, when I went back to /cherubim.html the page changed from a picture and an mp3 download to this:


And when I clicked on that I was taken to /firstsphere/thrones.html which looked like this:


When I clicked on THAT I was taken to /secondsphere/dominions.html and greeted to this disturbing image:


The last eye was apparently clickable which took me to /secondsphere/powers.html which looked like this:


the text on it reads:

Hierarchy of Uniform Resource Locators”


So /dominions.html just changed to this:


and /powers.html changed to:


BUT since making this update, the file for the image is no longer there! So it looks like:


Clicking on the (now missing) picture, it takes you to /secondsphere/light1.html which looks like:


Clicking that takes you to /secondsphere/light2.html, whick looks like how /powers.html looks:


Clicking that takes you back to /secondsphere/light1.html, which has JUST NOW gotten worse:


a weirdass ARG starting from a spam account is absolutely not what I expected from tumblr and I have learned to expect a whole lot of weirdness

Violence, Abusers, and Protest





My grandfather was a generally peaceful man. He was a gardener, an EMT, a town selectman, and an all around fantastic person. He would give a friend – or a stranger – the shirt off his back if someone needed it. He also taught me some of the most important lessons I ever learned about violence, and why it needs to exist.

When I was five, my grandfather and grandmother discovered that my rear end and lower back were covered in purple striped bruises and wheals. They asked me why, and I told them that Tom, who was at that time my stepfather, had punished me. I don’t remember what he was punishing me for, but I remember the looks on their faces. 

When my mother and stepfather arrived, my grandmother took my mother into the other room. Then my grandfather took my stepfather into the hallway. He was out of my eye line, but I saw through the crack in the door on the hinge side. He slammed my stepfather against the wall so hard that the sheet rock buckled, and told him in low terms that if he ever touched me again they would never find his body. 

I absolutely believed that he would kill my stepfather, and I also believed that someone in the world thought my safety was worth killing for. 

In the next few years, he gave me a few important tips and pointers for dealing with abusers and bullies. He taught me that if someone is bringing violence to you, give it back to them as harshly as you can so they know that the only response they get is pain. He taught me that guns are used as scare tactics, and if you aren’t willing to accept responsibility for mortally wounding someone, you should never own one. He told me that if I ever had a gun aimed at me, I should accept the possibility of being shot and rush the person, or run away in a zig-zag so they couldn’t pick me off. He taught me how to break someone’s knee, how to hold a knife, and how to tell if someone is holding a gun with intent to kill. He was absolutely right, and he was one of the most peaceful people I’ve ever met. He was never, to my knowledge, violent with anyone who didn’t threaten him or his family. Even those who had, he gave chances to, like my first stepfather. 

When I was fourteen, a friend of mine was stalked by a mutual acquaintance. I was by far younger than anyone else in the social crowd; he was in his mid twenties, and the object of his “affection” was as well. Years before we had a term for “Nice Guy” bullshit, he did it all. He showed up at her house, he noted her comings and goings, he observed who she spent time with, and claimed that her niceness toward him was a sign that they were actually in a relationship.

This came to a head at a LARP event at the old NERO Ware site. He had been following her around, and felt that I was responsible for increased pressure from our mutual friends to leave her alone. He confronted me, her, and a handful of other friends in a private room and demanded that we stop saying nasty things about him. Two of our mutual friends countered and demanded that he leave the woman he was stalking alone. 

Stalker-man threw a punch. Now, he said in the aftermath that he was aiming for the man who had confronted him, but he was looking at me when he did it. He had identified me as the agent of his problems and the person who had “turned everyone against him.” His eyes were on mine when the punch landed. He hit me hard enough to knock me clean off my feet and I slammed my head into a steel bedpost on the way down.

When I shook off the stunned confusion, I saw that two of our friends had tackled him. I learned that one had immediately grabbed him, and the other had rabbit-punched him in the face. I had a black eye around one eyebrow and inner socket, and he was bleeding from his lip. 

At that time in my life, unbeknownst to anyone in the room, I was struggling with the fact that I had been molested repeatedly by someone who my mother had recently broken up with. He was gone, but I felt conflicted and worthless and in pain. I was still struggling, but I knew in that moment that I had a friend in the world who rabbit-punched a man for hitting me, and I felt a little more whole.

Later that year, I was bullied by a girl in my school. She took special joy in tormenting me during class, in attacking me in the hallways, in spreading lies and asserting things about me that were made up. She began following me to my locker, and while I watched the clock tick down, she would wait for me to open it and try to slam my hand in it. She succeeded a few times. I attempted to talk to counselors and teachers. No one did anything. Talking to them made it worse, since they turned and talked to her and she called me a “tattle” for doing it. I followed the system, and it didn’t work. 

I remembered my friend socking someone in the face when he hit me. I recalled what my grandfather had taught me, and decided that the next time she tried, I would make sure it was the last. I slammed the door into her face, then shut her head in the base of my locker, warping the aluminum so badly that my locker no longer worked. She never bothered me again. 

Violence is always a potential answer to a problem. I believe it should be a last answer – everything my grandfather taught me before his death last year had focused on that. He hadn’t built a bully or taught me to seek out violence; he taught me how to respond to it.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk recently about how, after the recent Nazi-punching incident, we are in more danger because they will escalate. That we will now see more violence and be under more threat because of it. I reject that. We are already under threat. We are already being attacked. We are being stripped of our rights, we are seeing our loved ones and our family reduced to “barely human” or equated with monsters because they are different. 

To say that we are at more risk now than we were before a Nazi got punched in the face is to claim that abusers only hurt you if you fight back. Nazis didn’t need a reason to want to hurt people whom they have already called inhuman, base, monsters, thugs, retards, worthless, damaging to the gene pool, and worthy only of being removed from the world. They were already on board. The only difference that comes from fighting back is the intimate knowledge that we will not put up with their shit.

And I’m just fine with that.

My mother always told me not to start a fight, to never throw the first punch. She also told me that once a punch was thrown, to give them my best, to ensure they would never hit me again.

Is it odd if I miss that grandfather despite not knowing who he was, besides the best grandfather ever?

He would totally have been a friend and mentor to anyone who asked or needed it, so no, not weird, he’d probably have adopted you too.








Duh… wtf yu think it’s so many Spanish street names lol

^ and whole cities. Los Angeles? San Francisco? lol

^ and states. Colorado? Nevada?

Imagine believing whites are the rightful owners of a bunch of places they cant even pronounce properly


What gets me about racists living in California is that they hate people speaking Spanish yet the name of state, city and street they live on is completely in Spanish lol.

I love how this post completely erases indigenous people while promoting the idea of a post colonial system as the previous owner of a stolen land.

Bookwyrm Readathon, Day Three




Day Three:
Dragon’s Wisdom
| Some dragons are known for being bloodthirsty and terrifying. Other
dragons are known for the wisdom they have to share. Share a book,
author, or booklr recommendation.


With a prompt like that, I have to talk about Terry Pratchett. If you’re looking for an author with great stores of wisdom, he’s your man.

There’s nothing about Sir Terry that hasn’t been said before. He was near and dear to my heart, as he was to a lot of people’s, and for good reason. On the surface, his stories were light fantasy, full of action and puns and mildly ridiculous characters, but underneath, they were all truth and vinegar. Social satire on a grand scale. Cautionary tales. Instructions on how to do right by people. There’s a Pratchett quote for every occasion, and a book for everyone.

I’m not just talking about the Discworld books either, though they’re his longest series and contain most of his best work. The lesser-known stories like Nation and Dodger and the Bromeliad and Johnny Maxwell trilogies are instructive too, if not always as well-written. (The trilogies predate the Disc and it shows.)

Really, the man was just good, and smart and incredibly well-read. His books make you think and often reconsider your outlook. He had a tendency to, as he’d put it, “go spare” about things like war and intolerance and nationalist thinking. He had a gift for presenting something as absolutely logical and then pointing out how it wasn’t, really. I’ve learned a lot from him, without really even knowing it.

I’m not going to even touch on his writing style, which I’ve also found profoundly influential and admirable, or start on specific book recs (unless I’m asked). I kind of want to recommend everything, which is silly, and anyway, like I said, there’s a book for everyone. But I do rec him, will always rec him, and need to figure out how he made his dialogue so good, for reasons.

Reading Update

  • Of Books and Bagpipes by Paige Shelton officially a DNF
  • London by Edward Rutherfurd two chapters done!
  • How the Marquis Got His Coat Back by Neil Gaiman done!
  • Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire Chapter 2
  • Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Join the readathon

I’ve wanted to get into Discworld for a while but I have no idea where to start because there’s so much! I’ve looked at various guides/charts that recommend different books to start with (and most say to not start with the first book in the series), but what would you recommend as a big fan?

A few years ago I bought Raising Steam but it’s just been sitting on my shelf, would it be ok to start with that one?

@elfspectations  I’ve read the entire series and my family is full of Pratchett fans.  We’ve recommended his works many times over the years, and others can step in with their opinions, too.   Raising Steam would probably be one of the worst places to begin – unless you just really adore trains – because it’s not only near the end of his writing career, it’s also last in it’s own storyline (and the last one published before his death).

When we’ve encouraged people to start Discworld, we usually suggest Mort (my daughter’s favorite and the first one she encountered, which introduces some of the more spectral denizens); Guards, Guards (my choice because it introduces a lot of important Ankh-Morpork characters), or A Hat Full of Sky, the first in the Tiffany Aching set (my husband’s favorite section, especially for younger readers).  However, since you have Raising Steam, so one book in a set already acquired, you could begin with the first  Moist von Lipwig story in his world, which was Going Postal, follow that with Making Money, and then Raising Steam.

If money isn’t an issue, starting earlier in the series is recommended, so you get a feel for his world.  There are also a couple of books that work as standalones – Hogfather and Small Gods work as two of those.  There was one book published after his death – The Shepherd’s Crown – which is actually the last book in several lines of his world.  It may not even make a lot of sense unless you’ve read several of those lines.  It was his farewell to his fans and his worlds.





Oh boy if you’re mad about the US separating children from their parents, putting people in camps, and having a zero tolerance policy towards asylum seekers that has led to deliberate extensive cruelty as a futile deterrent wait until you hear about Australia.

…what’s going on in Australia?

Buddy! Strap in because there are two parts to this:

  1. The past 100+ years of ripping kids from their families, racism, and attempted genocide
  2. The past 20+ years of racism, but now island torture prisons! LEVEL UP!

Australia has had a long history of separating children from their parents. The government decided that mixed raced children of Indigenous Australians were not OK so literally kidnapped them and raised them to assimilate into white society and “breed the colour out.” This started about 1905 and ended about 1970. We call them the Stolen Generations. This has had long lasting negative effects on Indigenous Australians as it was a decades long attempt to absolutely destroy their culture and commit genocide. “But that was the past?” Surprise! By “ended in 1970″ I mean “the reasons in which we en masse tear children away from their families now has a different reason” and Indigenous children are now being taken away at even higher rates than during the stolen generations. Australia saw its Indigenous population, thought “how do we destroy their culture?” and when we were done thought “gee, how do we blame them for having all these issues in their communities?”


Fast forward to now: Trump is using kids as political leverage to stop people from coming to the US right? Buddy he’s ripping Australia off. Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration at the time once did that.

OK so for context: when people try to come to Australia via boat seeking asylum because they’re fleeing war/persecution we do either 2 things: turn them back and let them just… die elsewhere… Or we lock them up in detention centres on Manus/Nauru Island. That’s where we keep them indefinitely in bad conditions, give them dodgy medical care, smear them in the press, and react indifferently when they die from suicide/negligence/assault… and cover up sexual assaults from guards and the incredibly high rate of self harm and depression even in children. The entire idea is to be as cruel as possible so other people hear about it and go “geez, let’s not go to Australia. They’ll literally torture us before they give us a protective visa.” And when I say indefinitely I mean indefinitely. Some refugees have spent 5 years wasting away in these prisons. Some children have spent their entire life in these prisons. And the government openly admits that they’re genuine refugees. They’ve been rigorously vetted and known to be safe people with no intention of harming us but it’s the zero tolerance principle. You tried to come here via boat? You go jail but we call it “detention.”

Well Scott Morrison decided once to tell the Senate that he could release a few kids from detention centres but only if they voted for a bill that increased his powers to send refugees back to where they would suffer persecution and basically told them if they don’t vote for it the kids will continue to suffer. He held children as ransom for his own political power. Our Human Rights Commissioner slammed it as terrible to use kids as bargaining chips. You know what the government did? Personally attack her and ask her to resign over his bias. Our Prime Minister at the time complained that Australia was “sick of being lectured” by the UN over how we keep torturing refugees.

The main line of attack against refugees: “they’re just coming here to take advantage of our welfare.” Oh no! It’ll cost the taxpayer money to subsidise a refugee to live in a safe country! So instead of having them “rip off” the taxpayer with a couple hundred a fortnight we’ll just lock them up on an island where it costs $1 million per person on average over the past 4 years and operational costs have wasted $5 billion in 4 years. Why help someone for barely enough money to survive when you can torture them and keep them imprisoned for several times more!

Scott Morrison, or Sco-Mo as we kids call them, loved the US’s Muslim Ban idea by the way. He said it was proof that the rest of the world was “catching up to Australia.” Yeah. Geez guys. What took you so long to be as bad as Australia?

Mandatory detention has had bipartisan support from the two major parties since its creation by the Keating government in 1992. We have been keeping people in prison for seeking asylum for 26 years.

Oh and the government super doesn’t them to come here. The Abbott government spent $4.1 million on a propaganda movie to be shown overseas to deter refugees.

We also don’t want to get rid of them. There was a deal under the Obama administration to take some of these refugees but this process has carried on into the Trump administration. He was livid the idea that he should uphold this deal because 1) OooOBaMaaaa!! 2) REFUGEES?? In America??? So that’s currently going nowhere. Meanwhile New Zealand, our good ally and close neighbour, has said “I’ll take some of them” and the current PM (Turnbull) has said no. His excuse? We have a deal with the US. We should see where that goes. It’s going nowhere. So he conveniently can just pretend his hands are tied and let refugees continue to be tortured and die under his care.

(And he hasn’t said it but I bet he’ll never let refugees settle in New Zealand because if they become NZ citizens they’ll have travel rights to come to Australia without the same visa restrictions as other countries AND THEN THE REFUGEES WOULD WIN).

Papa New Guinea (Manus Island isn’t Australian, we just have a deal to pay another government to let us keep a torture prison on their land… hmm I feel like there’s a US equivalent somewhere too…) decided a while back “hang on, this is unconstitutional and horrible. You need to close down the detention centre on Manus.” So we “did.” And then made a new building on the same island to keep them in and forced them to go into it despite it not being finished. This was after guards physically beat the refugees to make them go to this new prison.

I could go on but you get the idea.

So let’s top this all off with the icing on the cake: a phone call between Trump and Turnbull when Trump was getting acquainted with all the world leaders last year. Turnbull explained our zero tolerance refugee policy and the cruelty as a deterrent that is employed and Trump said “That is a good idea. We should do that too. You are worse than I am.”

“That is a good idea. We should do that too. You are worse than I am.”

Let that sink in.

And that’s where we’re up to now in modern history. See everyone likes to go to the obvious big example we have of the Nazis and their camps but the truth is… this never stopped. There are similar examples of this abhorrent behaviour happening right now and have been for decades. Governments have been putting people in camps and trying to destroy cultures, or ethnicities, or deny people safe havens from wars, and be utterly heartless and deliberately cruel since forever. This is the ongoing drive of conservatism: keep people out, keep people a certain way, and the current example in the US is just that bubbling over the horribly inescapable surface. We are deluded to think that this cruelty took a 70 year respite when WW2 ended and it’s taken this long to get this strong.

The world has always been racist. Trump just doesn’t bother to filter it. And Australia just wants to keep it on an island so no one can see it.

Also, that Australia/New Zealand immigration deal? Australia has slowly been taking away the rights of New Zealanders resident in Australia – including children born in Australia to Kiwi parents – and making it nigh-impossible for them to actually get Australian citizenship, basically all because of paranoia that brown people will move from NZ to Australia. They’re aggressively deporting Māori and Pasifika New Zealanders, even those who may have come as small children and have no memory of New Zealand, both for things like being convicted of any crime and for things like “being of bad character”. Or, rather, they don’t deport them. They put them in offshore prison camps and tell them they can’t leave until they agree to leave Australia. (It’s not that these things don’t affect Pākehā NZers, it’s that we’re not the real targets.) 

During our election campaign last year, the Deputy PM of Australia openly said that if Labour were elected to government it would be bad for Australia because they would encourage refugees to try and get to Australia hoping to be taken by New Zealand. They have an island fortress mentality Trump hasn’t even started to achieve.