Gay and same-sex couples can have messy breakups. 

LGBT people can be in messy relationships where there is screaming, crying, and angry nights. 

LGBT people can hate their exes and be in toxic and/or abusive relationships. 

LGBT people are people

Having a messy breakup, hating your ex, etc. isn’t some “hetero bullshit uwu”. It’s people bullshit. People can get angry, petty, jealous, etc. and LGBT people are no different. 

We are human. We make mistakes. Our lives aren’t perfect. Our relationships are not always perfect. 

And there is nothing wrong with that. 

Cause it’s pride month this is relevant.

Leave abusive, toxic, etc. relationships. It isn’t “heterosexual bullshit” to leave a toxic relationship or have a messy breakup. If a relationship ain’t working don’t make yourself stay because ya gay. 

Don’t run towards the fire (the on-going problem with emoji directions)


I’ve written about the problem of emoji directions before, but this is an example of a communication-fail that happened in my life because of the problem of emoji showing up as different directions on different platforms.

After messaging with someone about their terrible day at work, I suggested they get away from the (metaphorical) flaming wreck, and then sent this emoji string from Twitter (on my admittedly rather old phone) to illustrate the point:


I was met with a string of question marks, and a screen cap of what the other person saw on their newer Google Emoji enabled phone:


NO!!! Don’t run into the fire!!! Save yourself!

Twitter Emoji on my computer showed the same (but a much snazzier door):


My phone is still using a much older emoji set, but one that (at least for fires that start on one’s left) shows the correct safety procedure.

As Emojipedia shows, all major emoji sets have now reconcilled the running person to be left facing. Other emoji have also had inconsistent directions on major platforms before (and some still do), including the Hocho knife, thinking face, lizard, airplane, rocket, water polo player, handball player, and trumpet.

Of course, all of my angst about emoji directions may soon be moot – Unicode are in the process of considering a proposal to be able to flip emoji, using the same technical process that allows for different skin tones.

if you’re canadian and you’re concerned about the immigrant detention centres in the states right now:


PLEASE call/write/email your mp and tell them you want the SAFE THIRD COUNTRY AGREEMENT (alt. info) suspended immediately!!!

here’s a cbc article talking about calls for suspension

if you don’t know what the safe third country agreement is:

the safe third country agreement is a bilateral treaty between the united states and canada asserting that refugees must claim status in the first safe country they arrive in (and in canada, the united states is the only country considered a safe third country) — which means, essentially, if a refugee travels to the united states, they must apply for refugee status there, and cannot pursue claims of refugee status in canada

this is relevant right now, in light of the current political climate of the united states, because:

the united states is considered a “safe third country”, so (predominantly latinx) refugees and undocumented migrants are deemed safe in the united states and cannot pursue refugee claims in canada if they’ve already been to the united states.

clearly, the united states is not any kind of sanctuary for refugees. families are being separated, children are being traumatized, people are being treated like animals, due process is being denied, human rights are being systemically violated, targeting a specific marginalized minority population.

to allow an escape from the atrocities the united states government is committing, refugees must be able to flee the united states and seek asylum in canada. under the safe third country agreement, they cannot.

it’s also important to remember that we had a policy like this in place before in canada — the continuous journey regulation, passed in 1908 as canada’s first attempt to restrict immigration. this order-in-council targeted asian — specifically indian — immigrants, stating that immigrants must make continuous passage to canada from their country of origin/birth. this targeted asians and indians in particular, as the transportation technology at the time meant that most indian immigrant ships needed to stop in japan or hawaii.

the continuous journey regulation resulted in the komagata maru incident, a massive xenophobic and racist tragedy that’s considered one of the greatest stains on canada’s history.

PLEASE contact your members of parliament. we cannot repeat history like this; the consequences are far too great.

contact information:

  • find your member of parliament
    • you can enter in your postal code and it’ll tell you your mp’s name, with all of their contact info (incl. phone number, mailing address, email address, constituency office address and website)
    • you can mail ANY member of parliament postage-free very easily — here’s a link for more info
    • if you have a social media presence or feel more comfortable doing it online, most members of parliament have their social media accounts linked to their official websites! tweet them! call them out publicly! if you’re writing an email or letter, attach that to your tweet!
  • this is the current minister of immigration under the liberal government
    • call, email, write, even visit his constituency office! tell him that we absolutely no longer can consider the united states a safe third country
  • marc garneau, minister of transportation, also stated that we can continue to consider the united states a safe third country, despite the current political client. consider calling, emailing or tweeting him to tell him we value the lives of refugees more highly than we value the feelings of our southern neighbours

if you don’t know what to say:

writing a letter in your own voice to your own mp is the most effective way to go about this, but if you don’t know how or don’t feel comfortable, i’ve prepared a template that you can send. it’s linked right here

if you’re not canadian, please reblog this anyways. as the united states’ neighbours, we’re best positioned to offer refuge and asylum to the victims of america’s inhumane policies. please get out and act — contact your representatives and make your voice heard.



adults, while forcing all children above the age of 5 to sit still, be silent, and obey orders for 7-8 hours a day with minimal breaks, reducing their exposure to fresh air and sunlight to almost nothing, forcing them to alter their natural sleeping patterns to increase productivity, and repeatedly telling them their self worth depends on their being able to follow these instructions perfectly for 13 or more years: kids these days are so lazy! they never go outside! they never want to do anything! clearly it’s not because of us!

It is honestly so heartbreaking to see how many conversations in the notes are comparing who gets 30 minutes for lunch

and an afternoon or two off or no homework until they’re 12 years old.. as if that in ANY way compares to being able to run out in the sun whenever you feel like it and sleep as much as you need in your own rhythm and be in control of what your day looks like and who you spend it with and not being subjected to an environment that is designed to train discipline.

Experiencing true autonomy and freedom isn’t being able to go to the bathroom without asking, or having wednesday afternoons off. Slightly ‘better’ school systems are still designed to acclimatise kids to the drudgery of wage labour.