we should make fun of americans more. why dont their shops include tax in the price tag. like how much does this item cost? its a surprise 🙂

Honestly, tea. I’ve lived here my whole life and I have never once known what my total is gonna be at the register. Total fucking mystery.

im an ex-american living in new zealand for the past two years and it still never fails to blow my mind that i can take a $2 coin, walk up to a counter with two $1 items, and perform the expected transaction

this callout is completely deserved

Our sales tax system isn’t at the national or even sometimes state or city level, because of that states and cities have completely different rates, and some cities ad on an additional sales tax on top (Austin is 8.25% total, but Texas as a state is just 6.25%) while some states don’t have any sales tax at all. None. Zero.

So, a business that operates across state lines or even City lines puts the base price of the item so that the individual tax rates can be calculated at the point of sale, rather than having a different price tag in ever single city they operate in.

Also “small business owners” argue it allows them to advertise lower prices (ie fucking lie). It’s also why gratuity for food services workers isn’t included in the price of the food, but expected as an additional tip on top of the meal.

Photographer Being Sued By A Monkey Over Its ‘Selfie’ Is Now Broke






THIS is what i mean when I say animal rights groups are absolute garbage that waste time, resources and money, all whilst doing nothing for animal’s welfare. 

peta have ruined a person’s life and career over a fucking photo. This is what peta does with it’s donated money and resources. This is what you’re supporting when you support animal rights groups.

It’s even worse because the photographer was working towards macaque conservation and welfare.

Okay but how the fuck did this not just immediately get thrown out of court? Why is this absolutely ridiculous case even being considered?

Because judges have forgotten that the idea of a frivolous lawsuit even exists.

This was before the decision came down from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (in a rare moment of sanity) tosses the case. They also upheld the request for attorneys fees by Slater so PETA should be signing over a large check made out to Slater’s attorneys in trust for Slater.

Photographer Being Sued By A Monkey Over Its ‘Selfie’ Is Now Broke

What to say when an artist quotes your commission higher than you expected:


  • “Thank you for the quote, I’ll keep it in mind and get back to you sometime when I’m able to commission you!”
  • “That’s a little out of my budget for the time being, but thank you for your time. I’ll contact you again if/when I am able to pay!”
  • “I appreciate the quote, but i’ve decided to wait on the commission, thank you!”
  • “I understand your prices and that they are fair, but I am unable to afford this for the time being! Good luck on the rest of your commissions.”

What NOT to say when an artist quotes your commission higher than you expected:

  • “@-@ Holy crap that’s expensive!!”
  • “Could you maybe give me a tumblr follower discount? :3”
  • “Your prices are too high!!!!”
  • “Really?? Just for a sketch? I could draw it for half that!!”

Treat artists like human beings. We gotta eat too. Commissioning an artist is not different from any other contract work. You’re not going to ask your dentist for a discounted root canal or tell your contractor his cabinets are too expensive, don’t ask artists to change their prices because you perceive them as too high. More than likely, an artist taking commissions from the internet are drastically under charging themselves already. Please be respectful and understanding that art is a skill and not a favour.

Machines for blind voters repeatedly failed when California woman tried to vote


“Miso Kwak’s attempts to vote in Tuesday’s primary election turned into a…morass as L.A. County voting machines designed to help blind voters repeatedly failed to work at one polling station after another — thwarting Kwak and… poll workers alike.”

Machines for blind voters repeatedly failed when California woman tried to vote









A friendly fox in Pripyat, Chernobyl exclusion zone

*happy cheerful music as fox plays in deserted nuclear radiation land*

This is the aesthetic

Fun facts about the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:

1) Most of it is pretty safe, even for long periods of time. In fact about 200 native people still live there, but no new settlement is allowed, so that number has declined from about 1200 after the zone was created in 1986.

2)The zone has become an unintentional animal reserve. Its ~1000 square miles of uninhabited forest. Poaching happens, but not to the degree one might expect due to the fear of radiation. Also as a consequence there are lots of human friendly animals like this fox. Most of the humans they do see are tourists that regularly feed them.  

3) Its one big science experiment on post human occupation, environmental contamination, and radioactive degradation. Weve actually learned a hell of a lot about what would happen to a city after everyone leaves and how nature takes back over thanks to the city of Pripyat. And how the environment adapts to sudden changes and evolves. A fungus was desvovered in and around the Chernobyl Disaster Site that creates chemical energy out gamma radiation emitted from the melted down core. Something biologists had only theorized as even possible a few years ago, and heres this fungus feeding on it. Its crazy man! 

^^ i was literally thinking about if nature and wild life had taken back over the area

Adorable fox + interesting science, 10/10

Reference on the radiation eating fungi:

Dadachova, Casadevall and their colleagues tested how three different species of fungus respond to gamma radiation from rhenium-188 and tungsten-188. They found that all three, Cladosporium sphaerospermum, Cryptococcus neoformans and Wangiella dermatitidis, grow faster in the radiation’s presence. The results are published in PLoS One.1

…Some fungi can decompose radioactive material such as the hot graphite in the remains of the Chernobyl reactor. Previous studies have shown that most fungi found in contaminated regions grow towards various different radiation sources, as if trying to reach these compounds2

…Dadachova’s team found that exposure to radiation caused the fungal melanin molecule to change shape so that it was four times better at carrying out a common metabolic chemical reaction. Fungal strains without melanin generally did not grow faster in response to radiation…