Egg bhurji recipe | How to make egg bhurji recipe | Anda bhurji recipe

Tonight’s delight: Some quick jazzed-up scrambled eggs, on buttered toasted bread. Partly because I had the end of a nice loaf of bread to use up before it went more than slightly stale, plus some odds and ends of sweet peppers.

No cheese added tonight, though that’s good too. Just plenty of butter all around.

Still not as much as in one street food version from Mumbai I ran across on YouTube a while back. Wouldn’t be surprised if that guy used half a pound per (large) plateload. Not in the mood for quite that much tonight 😉

Egg bhurji recipe | How to make egg bhurji recipe | Anda bhurji recipe




Fun statistical fact: Cows are about 300 times more likely to kill you than coyotes.

Minor sidenote to statistical fact: If it was common for people to keep several hundred coyotes on their property and routinely chase them into a corral and handle them, this statistic would be different.

this is a great summary of ‘conditional probability’, a statistical property many people grapple with 

…I feel like this post just made me realize that both coconut trees and vending machines, items often quoted in wacky death statistics, are both things that people shake vigorously often






Okay heads up for all Americans eligible to vote:

The Supreme Court just issues a ruling allowing Ohio and other states to purge voters from their election registration rolls due to their failure to cast a ballot in previous elections.

This is a major victory for the Trump administration and the GOP, and a direct consequence of the Supreme Court being stacked with more conservative judges (the votes were 5-4). This is also a huge part of what Trump/the GOP were counting on to save them in the 2018 midterm elections, which is where Democrats have been hoping to take back a majority in the House, giving them more power to combat Trump’s abuses of power and Republican legislation.

What this means is YOU CAN NOT ASSUME THAT YOU ARE REGISTERED for the 2018 elections, just because you SHOULD be. Thanks to this decision, red states can purge voters’ registration based on their not having cast a ballot in even just previous federal elections, NOT just the national Presidential elections. Effectively, if you haven’t voted in previous senate races or for congressional representatives in the past few years, that’s all they need now to say you’re no longer registered and need to register again.

They’re deliberately counting on people assuming they’re still registered and so not checking until after registration deadlines have passed, or showing up to vote this November and only then finding out they’re no longer registered, when its too late to do a damn thing about it.

And this is absolutely targeted at marginalized communities, low income voters, disabled voters, and basically anyone who simply can’t always AFFORD to keep on top of every federal election and show up to vote in every senate race, etc. Which not so coincidentally happen to be all the communities and voters who have the most to gain from Democratic victories in the 2018 midterms and are the least likely to cast votes for GOP candidates at this point.

This was absolutely a calculated effort aimed specifically at keeping the GOP in power with a majority control of the government come November, and unfortunately, it has a DAMN good chance of accomplishing just that if it goes by unacknowledged. I’m not looking to alarm or panic anyone, simply to say:

If you are a registered voter in a red state at this point, please please please do not take your registered status as assumed. Check on your registration status, look up all relevant voter registration deadlines for your state and district, CIRCLE THAT SHIT ON YOUR CALENDAR, and check your registration status AGAIN right before those deadlines pass, so you can be sure of it before its too late to do anything about it til the next voting cycle.


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Here’s a Twitter thread with resources for voters in every state to check on their registration status:

Make sure you check it periodically because the newest voter roll purges likely haven’t happened yet.

Know when the pre-election deadline is in your state and check periodically in the weeks before it so you’ll have time to re-register.

So you don’t think male privilege is real?????? Or that people with penises oppress people with vaginas?????? Maybe I need to take you with me when I visit family in Chennai to better understand how sex-selective abortion has decimated the female population of India, menstrual stigma affects schoolgirls’ education, child marriage makes girls more suspectible to domestic violence, the police don’t investigate sexual assaults…You don’t believe being born with a penis is a privilege?? Wow.




Misogyny certainly has a hideous and profound effect on the world, but it’s not the sole root of all gendered evils

Also me: 

penis privilege isn’t the root of everything wrong with the world

You: [this ask]

Anyway, I think we can all agree that a lot of hideous shit is perpetuated on people born with vaginas of all genders and that people born with penises are, in general, less prone to experiencing violence based on their genitals … until people born with penises start presenting as anything other than male. In other words: the only people experiencing penis privilege is cis males and being born with a penis is dangerous as fuck for anyone else. 

In other, other words: it’s not just having a penis that creates privilege. (Not to mention all the other reasons humanity finds to dehumanize or declare one another of lesser value, like race or what region they come from or religion or on and on ad infinitum)

Even cis males who are not gender-conforming to whatever their current social standards for gender conformity are end up in a lot of danger. They may still have privilege, but it comes at a terrible price. There was a cis, het man, married to a woman, who was shot and murdered by a homophobe because he was holding his wife’s purse for her while she went to the restroom. (I can’t find the link; this was years ago and far too many men have been shot by cops for holding wallets since.) And gay men have historically faced enormous violence, moreso than lesbians, for being gay.

The other thing I’d like to point out is that men are the violence class, and I’m not actually sure we can argue that people born with penises are less prone to experiencing violence based on their genitals. Like, very, very few people set out to murder a man because he’s a man as opposed to an Adjective man, where Adjective is seen as the reason for the murder. But… 80% of all murder victims are men. 90% of all murderers are also men, but this isn’t much consolation for the dead guys. I feel like we’re missing something when we analyze sex-based violence. Violence done to women is usually done because they are women, and yet, far more fatal violence is done to men. Could the very fact that we don’t notice that they are men specifically, that women are the gender-marked class and men are thought of as default humans, be hiding the fact that being male marks you as an “appropriate” recipient for violence? Or the fact that all of our paradigms for understanding oppression center around inter-group oppression (X group oppresses Y group and there is very little overlap between X and Y) and not intra-group oppression, where the same group is oppressing other members of the group? Is it even oppression then or is it something else?

Mind you, I’m not saying men have it worse. When we’re not looking at violence, things like the fact that men think women talk too much when women are talking more than 30% of the time, that all the burden of elder care usually falls on women when there’s no biological reason why that should happen, that women are more likely to live in poverty, that women’s ability to control our own reproduction and our own sexuality is always under attack in a way that no het man has ever suffered… overall I’m pretty damn sure women have it worse. But when we are looking at violence toward people based on their gender… women are singled out for violence because of their gender, and yet the male gender experiences a lot more violence-related fatality. There’s something wrong with our models here that we’re missing that.