fishkeeping is such a trap, because you think it’ll be a fun little hobby where you get your hands wet and then just watch your fish for hours; but in actuality, it forces you to learn about chemistry and biology and gardening and plumbing and electricity and woodworking and even latin bc you’ve unconsciously memorized hundreds of scientific names, and a couple months later, you’ll find yourself in aisle 13 of lowe’s picking up another box of #0 x 2-7/8" structural lag screws, smelling like algae and sawdust while you rack your brain trying to remember what aquatic plant species naturally occur in the peat bogs of northern kalimantan









Dude, I got the same person (with different username of course) and had a whole freaking conversation with them before I blocked them and only after I had seen this with the exact same messages I got, did I realize,

It was a bot.

randall munroe predicting the future in 2009

dude I reblogged this post like maybe an hour ago?? and then just now it happened to me lmao



Just in case anyone needed the reassurance.

Here I am, a person with Real Actual PTSD who has been professionally diagnosed for 19 years and got that diagnosis re-confirmed by a different professional 3 years ago, telling you that:

  • Self-diagnosis is valid.
  • It doesn’t matter if it was “just” bullying or “just” emotional abuse or “only” mild physical abuse or “not that bad” of an accident or “not that dangerous” of a situation.  All of those things can cause PTSD, even if it wasn’t as severe as what other people have gone through.
  • Your triggers are not stupid or exaggerated or made up.
  • Your triggers don’t have to cause a full-blown panic attack or flashback to be real.
  • Your flashbacks don’t have to be vivid visual hallucinations of a past event to be real.
  • You are not too young to have PTSD.  Trauma doesn’t card you.  Your age doesn’t make your experience invalid.
  • You matter.

And as somebody who has been through bullying, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse pretty much nonstop throughout their life and had the police involved many times…
You’re not taking anything away from people with “severe” PTSD (there’s no such thing as severe PTSD, every experience is relative and will affect everyone differently). Despite having been diagnosed with PTSD by every professional I’ve ever been to, I still doubt my struggles because I wasn’t beaten every day or I haven’t been to war. It doesn’t matter how “big” or how “small” the thing/things are. You matter.