My first thought was that my Nana would be proud, but more likely she would tell me to stop that foolishness while I can still use both arms.

I picked up some nice-looking Jersey Royals yesterday, so now I’m taking a break from scraping at them like an asshole. Usually new potato skins don’t bother me enough to mess with that, but I got an urge to make Proper Creamed New Potatoes And Peas for the first batch of the year. (Never mind the frozen peas 🙄)

Wonky Shoulder is already not too happy about that decision, but they’re almost halfway done now. And hopefully the extra few minutes of soaking will help soften the skins a little more.

Looking forward to the results, though the process was maybe not the best thought out *wry smile*







I would rather let a “special snowflake” into the autistic community than exclude an autistic that needs support and cannot get a clinical diagnosis.

I would rather validate ten “special snowflakes” than invalidate one autistic who needs support and cannot get a clinical diagnosis.

I would rather welcome a hundred “special snowflakes” without question than force an autistic to disclose their entire life to me just to get the support they need when they cannot get a clinical diagnosis.

I would rather help those that don’t need help, than deny help to those that need it.

and tbh? the vast majority of those people do need help, even if theyre wrong about what exactly they need help for. it is very, very unlikely that a neurotypical would genuinely believe they are autistic. they are probably what we sometimes call an “autistic cousin”-someone who has a disorder with symptoms that are like those exhibited by autistic people. people with ocd, adhd, anxiety, and many other disorders.

these people may not be autistic, but they still need the help that the autistic community can provide. and in the very rare case that someone who is entirely neurotypical thinks theyre autistic? theyre not hurting anyone. refer to the op.

I thought I was autistic for a very long time before I puzzled out that I’m schizophrenic. Don’t exclude those who need help, because there are such things as overlapping symptoms. 

This is such a great example especially if you know the name of autism before it was autism – juvenile schizophrenia.

The visible aspects of autism are remarkably similar to those of schizophrenia, and there’s a reason for it – the neurology itself is strikingly similar. People have made their Ph.D.s studying the similarities.

In the meantime, there seem like there are a lot of similarities because there are a lot of similarities and while there are some things the autistic community cannot offer a schizophrenic and there are some things the schizophrenia community cannot offer autistics, there are many shared struggles that we can help each with.

And honestly, if you get the help you need, I don’t care if you are wrong. Correct diagnoses, wrong diagnosis, self diagnosis, clinical diagnosis, what I care about is people getting the help they need in the moments that they need it.

I read somewhere ADHD and Autism have similar genetic roots. And some similar symptoms too like sensitivity to certain censory stimuli, problems in school, problems with social interaction, problems with executive function. so yeah. THIS^^^

50% to 70% of the same genetics. They are def different things but so much overlap that results in similar experiences.







OP forgot the best part

did he try to stab her?

No, he was trying to cut off his pinkie finger as an apology.

The running joke of the manga is that he used to be a high-ranking yakuza enforcer who’s having trouble adapting to civilian life. Hence her shocked face when she saw the decorations and the creepy way he sang “Happy Birthday”; it’s a traditional birthday celebration for your oyabun, not your wife.

oh my god, i just realized, this means he sees her


He see’s her as his direct boss, but the group’s head is the Women’s Association Chairwoman:

I need the name of this, for reasons.

Got curious and found it in notes: Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband





AO3 needs help from European writers!!

OTW Legal and our allies have been active in fighting on fan-unfriendly legal proposals in the EU. Since these proposals were introduced in 2016, OTW Legal has submitted comments opposing them and has joined in calls for action against them. We’ve managed to hold them off so far and encourage some revisions, but a key vote will be happening in the European Parliament’s JURI committee on 20/21 June that could have a significant impact on the Internet and fan sites. In particular, two provisions of the current proposal would be bad for fans. Article 11 would impose a “link tax” that would make it more expensive for many websites to operate, and Article 13 would impose mandatory content-filtering requirements on websites that host user-generated content. These provisions have been hotly debated and revised a bit since the last time we reported on them. (For more on recent revisions and debates, see these discussions by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Hogan Lovells Firm) But despite revisions, they’re still bad deals for fans. Importantly, they don’t preserve the “safe harbors” that websites rely on to operate, and they don’t include user-generated content exceptions.

Without safeguards for user-generated content, Article 13 would require your favourite websites to implement systems that monitor user-generated content and automatically remove any content that could potentially infringe upon copyright, giving publishing giants the power to block your online expression. Sites like YouTube, Tumblr, GitHub, Soundcloud, etc., could be required to block the upload of content based on whether it has been “identified” by big corporations, rather than based on its legality. The law is still being debated, and it is difficult to predict how it would impact the OTW’s projects, including the Archive of Our Own, if it is passed. Regardless of how this vote comes out, the OTW will work as hard as we can to keep the Internet fan-friendly. But we need your help. The most effective thing you can do right now is contact your Member of European Parliament. You can use one of these tools to e-mail your MEP or call your MEP to tell them that having user-generated content on the internet is important to you.

Here’s what you can tell them: Without safe harbors for user-generated content, Article 13 of the Copyright Directive would stifle free expression on the Internet. We don’t want mandatory filtering. Algorithms don’t understand limitations and exceptions to copyright like parody, public interest exceptions, fair use, or fair dealing, and we don’t want our non-infringing videos, website posts and art blocked because of a biased algorithm created by big corporations. We want the law to protect user-generated works, not harm them.

OTW Legal will keep fighting for fan-friendly laws!

Please signal boost if you can’t help directly!

If any of my followers are in Europe, please help protect the AO3 (and other fannish archives as well)!


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Literally every episode of My Cat from Hell




Neatly summarized as: people not knowing how to properly take care of cats

The episodes that don’t conform to this formula are also always the most interesting. These situations include:

1) I Didn’t Know My Cat Had PTSD and Has Gone Blind.

2) Your Cats Fight Because One of Them Doesn’t Know How to Speak Cat, and They’re Both Kinda Mad/Confused About It. 

3) Your Cat Sprays Everywhere? Get Them Fixed. Surprise Twist: They Were Fixed But It Was a Botched Operation.

4) We’re Going to Rescue 50+ Kittens, Take Them to Vegas, and Adopt Them All To Loving Homes.

5) This is Not a Cat. This is a Dog. 





I’ve never had a reheading go this horribly before. I’d say I’m pretty good at beheading- I may have broken a neck once or twice, but never any parts I actually liked or intended on keeping, and usually a reheading is the easiest thing, right? Just a little squish and a pop and done, a complete person. But this time it just- it just won’t go back on the body?? Which is incredibly frustrating but also, like, why??

And the funniest thing is, I’m not even swapping a head!! This is a curvy dancer head going onto a curvy dancer body!! They match!! This should have been so simple!! But no, this head’s just flopping around like a limp flaccid idiot and my hands are all red and sore now but the head just isn’t attaching all the way!!

Today I did six beheadings and two other reheadings, and I wanted to get this one attached so I could take a picture, but somehow it just isn’t working!! The head is just getting squished around but isn’t stretching over the neck right!! And I’m way too lazy to go and boil the head just to make the slip easier!! And I don’t wanna keep forcing it cuz I might break something but this is!! So frustrating!!

Like, what could I possibly be doing wrong!! Fuck!!

I boiled the head and it popped right onto the neck in like two seconds.

I’m an idiot. Always do things the proper way from the get-go. Saves a lot of wasted time and struggle and ouchy hands.


^Context. Thanks OP. I was trying to figure out what video game you were playing because I hadn’t heard of this kind of Necromancer before.


Boozhoo (hello), my name is Ken, I am a disabled Ojibwe artist from northern Wisconsin. I am writing this post because I am having a hard time making ends meet and any donations I could possibly receive at this time would be greatly appreciated. Recent events have left my bank account depleted and my cupboards bare, I have some food but it will not last and I still do not know how I will cover all the utility bills.

I do have PayPal, that is really the best way to donate at this time, the email I use for that is:, or you can click here.

‘College Isn’t for Everyone’: Mentally Ill Students Say Universities Like Stanford Are Leaving Them Behind – Rewire.News


“This case, which may have wider applicability for college students [in the US]…asserts that students have a right to university resources even during mental health crises, and that universities must accommodate mentally ill students under the law.”

‘College Isn’t for Everyone’: Mentally Ill Students Say Universities Like Stanford Are Leaving Them Behind – Rewire.News