I’m all for fighting for marriage equality in the LGBT community. But we’re so focused on that no one knows about this problem.

W…wait Thats a thing????

Yep! The man I refer to as my husband? We aren’t actually married. We can’t be.

If I married him, the government would literally expect me to care for him and be his sole source of income. He would lose all of his benefits, including SSDI. Spouses are expected to share income and that effects ALL of his benefits, even his health insurance. We simply can’t afford to be married.

But it goes even further than that. If I were disabled, our incomes would STILL be combined, meaning BOTH of us would have our benefits cut.

For people reviving supplemental income, their benefits can be cut anywhere from 25% of their current income all the way down to 0%

In fact, one of the stipulations of receiving income under the adult disabled child program (which provides benefits for people who were disabled before age 22) is that they LITERALLY never be married.

I normally don’t link to blog posts as resources, but since social service resource sites like to dress this problem up and make it seem smaller than it really is, I’m gonna call it appropriate! Check it out!

I’m upset about the situation in case you couldn’t tell.

Hrnngh… This makes me angry.

Did Anthony Kennedy’s son loan Donald Trump $1 billion?


In a recent New York Times article about
“the White House’s campaign to create a Supreme Court opening,” Justin
Kennedy, who Justice Kennedy’s adult son, may have been more responsible
than anyone else for saving the Trump family’s business during the
darkest days of the Great Recession.

“[Justin] worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate
developer,” Adam Liptak and Maggie Haberman reported, citing two people
with knowledge of his role. The younger Kennedy spent more than a decade
working in a senior role at Deutsche Bank.

“During Mr. Kennedy’s tenure, Deutsche Bank became Mr. Trump’s most
important lender, dispensing well over $1 billion in loans to him for
the renovation and construction of skyscrapers in New York and Chicago
at a time other mainstream banks were wary of doing business with him
because of his troubled business history,” Liptak and Haberman

The business relationship between Justin Kennedy and Trump was previously reported by the Financial Times,
which wrote last year that “Justin Kennedy, a trader who arrived from
Goldman to become one of Mr. Trump’s most trusted associates over a
12-year spell at Deutsche, is the son of a Supreme Court justice.”

While there’s no proof that Justin Kennedy’s business relationship with Trump influenced his father’s decision to announce his retirement at a time when Trump is positioned to be able to pick his successor — and after a term in which Kennedy handed conservatives many victories in cases dealing with issues like Trump’s travel ban and abortion — some observers noted the seemingly peculiar connection.


Did Anthony Kennedy’s son loan Donald Trump $1 billion?

lauren will you tell us a story



ok heres something

around a year ago someone asked me to draw danny devito as a kitty, spawning this terrible terrible image 

time passes. a lot of time passes. then two months ago i get an email from a group of people called FPOAFM doing a pottery installation event, and theyre going around gathering artwork from artists to put onto cups and dishes to sell for an event, in exchange for a few pieces with the artists work on them

and i said SURE you can use some of my stuff … . but in exchange.…  i want something with kitty devito on it. i dont care if you put it on anything else, but one item that i get in return has to have this cat man abomination

i give them my address and a few images and months pass. i forget about it. THEN literally two days ago i get this big package on my doorstep, and INSIDE OF IT…. is the holy grail

in addition to two plates is this incredible porcelain cup with the fabled kitty devito on it, proudly grinning his terrible cat grin

the thing that pushes this cup into the Far Reaches of Awful isnt just the image stamped on it. its that it is one hundred percent made from a mold of a styrofoam cup

its finger pressees on the rim, those little lines going around

and all this jargon on the bottom, right under the glaze. the amount of effort that went into reproducing this styofoam cup is incredible and i can stick it in my shelf and drink soup from it at four in the morning with danny devitos smug cat face looking out over everything i do, forever. follow your dreams

i swear iguanamouth is one of the most powerful people on this website




are you ready for my favorite fact?

If you leave a hamster wheel out in the forest, wild mice will come and run on it.

that is my favorite fact

Bobcats and lynx will sit in cardboard boxes abandoned in the middle of the forest.

I asked the lynx researcher who told me this why, and he said “Cats, man” and shrugged.

I had to see this for myself and it is better than I imagined:

“Rats, shrews, and even frogs found their way to the wheel—more than
200,000 animals over 3 years. The creatures seemed to relish the feeling
of running without going anywhere.“ (Link)

And there is a video.