You pay people for the time you require them to do things. This is the law. This has been the law since at least the great depression.  This is nothing more than an affirmation of the law that already existed, and that employers were already violating. 

If there’s billions at stake here, then, the correct statement about this ruling with regards to labor costs is, “Employers have been illegally padding their bottom lines with billions in unpaid labor.”

paying people for their labour is the fundamental bedrock of the employer/employee relationship, and anyone who doesn’t understand that isn’t an employer at all, just a conman.

this is fucking baffling. my employer isn’t perfect, but we are paid for every *minute* that we are clocked in. If I’m scheduled 12-8, but I clock in at 11:55 (we are typically expected to clock in a bit early for change-over), and out at 8:15 because customers take too long to leave, I am paid for 8.34 hrs. If I clock out at 8:01, I am paid for that minute. This isn’t “you get paid for an extra hour” or whatever weirdness I’ve seen in the notes, but we are paid for each minute that we work.



sitting in a tim’s in newfoundland listening to people – white, Canadian, people – discussing what precautions are needed to cross the US border. legally.

jesus fuck this is weird.

like. i was only 9 or 10 when they made passports mandatory for canadians to cross into the States. “longest unarmed border in the world” was a Patriotic Bragging Trivia i grew up learning (it’s not been true in years, tho’ I’m not 100% sure if Cdn border guards are armed yet or not).

the fact we need passports alone still has a certain level of Weird to it, but the sheer level of wariness and caution, if not outright fear, that has set in over the past year…

some of the earliest headlines after 45 took the presidency was of Muslim Canadians getting turned away at the border, or other non-Muslim brown or black folks running into trouble. but even middle-aged, middle/working class white Canadians talking about it?

weird as fuck. and not in a good way.





Defense attorney co sign.

You make your attorneys job harder when you speak to the cops.

So, credit where due, this is a screen grab from the Twitter account @BeattyLaw, an actual defense attorney, so it’s doubly attorney-endorsed.

(Link to the original tweet)

He also has a few more (I will not speak for @yourbigsisnissi and can’t say whether she also endorses these:

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I don’t know this guy, I just follow him on Twitter, but I’ll encourage you, if you’re on Twitter, maybe go and hit that retweet on these too – folks there need this advice as much as we do here.


This stuff’s important enough that everyone should see it. I know this applies to Americans at least.