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I was worried that the cleaner might have lost her job over this, but apparently the company that employs her stood up for her and said she was just doing her job. 

Now I can comfortably lol. 

god bless you lady cause these white ppl out of hand

If modern art is supposed to challenge the viewer by posing the question, “What is art, really?”, it needs to be prepared for viewers to answer that question.

Art: what is art, really?
Cleaning Lady: not this

It is not the first time artwork has been accidentally thrown away by a cleaner.

2001, a Damien Hirst installation at London’s Eyestorm Gallery
consisting of a collection of beer bottles, coffee cups and overflowing
ashtrays was cleared away.

Later, in 2004, a bag of paper and
cardboard by German artist Gustav Metzger was also thrown out while on a
display at Tate Britain.

Oh my god

a tale of trees and espionage




okay story time:

my professor (lovely man, married to our TA, 5’2", about as intimidating as a muffin) is a dendrologist by trade, so he studies trees. it was about three hours into our social sciences course, last lecture before exams, everyone was frazzled and exhausted, so he told us about his most exciting/in-depth research to date to cheer us up.

(the few of us who actually showed up were like “ok sir im sure its fascinating” but in our minds we were totally like its trees what. is. exciting. about trees. You might be wondering the same thing – the acorns? the leaves? the roots? BUT NO. IMMA FUCKIN TELL YA.)

ANYWAY we settle in, he had a few pictures loaded up from his field work (we were chuckling at this point…. ‘hehehe field work’ i giggled to my frend. its trees.) and began to tell his tale. it’s long, imma warn you, but……. god. just read it.

theres an species of tree called the cucumber tree (Magnolia acuminata, if ya wanna get all Latin-y). its super endangered, in our region there’s only ~280 that are registered by the government, yadda yadda yadda. my prof thought that was tragic (i know) but also strange, because when he was writing his thesis about local trees years ago, he kept coming across cucumber trees in really random places. we’re talking like backyards, independently-owned nurseries, etc. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE because, according to tree law (i know) it is very strictly protected by the government, and thus super “illegal to possess, transport, collect, buy or sell any part of a living or dead member of a listed species if it originates from wild sources.” essentially, the govt takes control over growing the trees and anyone who independently raises them is breaking the law (i know)

so he’d ask people “do you have a permit for these trees?” and they were like “uh no, it’s just a tree someone sold me, i think it looks nice, are you gonna arrest me?” so he’d be like “nah nah nah just tell me who sold it to you”

eventually, months/years later, someone did, and turns out it was like this underground sort-of illegal tree dealing club (i know). so my prof went, got a bit of funding from the government, who were getting pissed at independent cucumber tree numbers, and THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTO THE GOOD SHIT I STG.

he infiltrates the tree trafficking organization. he buys a cucumber tree from an independent nursery, raises it for months, ensures he gets noticed by the traffickers, and then INFILTRATES it and convinces its leader to LET HIM JOIN. he has to pay like a steep entrance fee, which he does (and it blows my mind that the government of my country paid money to illegal tree dealers), but then he is given full access to records and maps because they think he’s one of them, not a SECRET AGENT.

now this part blows my mind because the tree lords don’t even have to try very hard to find cucumber trees because government agents MARK THE TREES AND DISTINCTLY TAG THEM SAYING THIS IS ENDANGERED DO NOT TOUCH. so, ya know…………. it’s a bit obvious. my prof hangs out with the members so much that he figures out their “hit spots”. these are where the trees are relatively secluded and unguarded. (he writes all this shit and numbers down for his research.)

BUT THATS NOT ENOUGH BECAUSE THE GOVT SAYS HES WASTING THEIR FUNDING IF HE DOESNT HAVE PROOF and they are willing to take LEGAL ACTION for misuse of funding (my prof doesn’t have the money nore time nor power to take them to court, which would also blow his cover). so my prof literally STAKES OUT a copse of cucumber trees at a recognized wildlife reserve for. DAYS. he camps there, and watches the trees, is about to give up, he’s going off an unreliable rumor from the traffickers that a harvester would be going there within the next week. finally, this guy comes and takes the cucumber tree seeds from the CLEARLY MARKED trees by the government, and my prof takes pictures (we are shown these pictures, most of us are speechless at this point). dozens of candid shots of a man my grandpa’s age with a grocery store bag, garden shears, and a ladder, clipping away the illegal seeds and then going on his merry fucking way.

so my prof has the proof, he’s been undercover for months now at this point, he writes up his report, gives it to the government who is like…….. “oh shit”, helps them draft up a new LESS COMPLETELY FUCKING OBVIOUS way of marking endangered trees (so that way non-tree-lovers wouldn’t damage them further, etc.), and then never returns to the tree traffickers. he’d given them a fake name, address, everything….. he disappears.

…there was a full minute of stunned silence from us students at this point, during which he grew more and more nervous (again, he’s a muffin) and all of us students are just like……. “whoa.” we asked him what happened to the remaining illegal cucumber trees & if he turned the tree dealers in to the government, and that is when he smiles a little bit and shows us the last few pictures. because here’s the kicker… he never turned the smugglers in. he burned all the data he collected, defied the government pressuring him to turn them in, and the only reason he’s not incarcerated is because his work is so prominent in certain circles now & universities love him, that there would be an uproar if he got arrested. he’s like a fucking anti-hero and then he tells us (i’ll never forget, it’s the most inspirational green-thumb thing in the world) “it may be ‘illegal’, but those who risk their liberty to ~save the world~ should never be reprimanded, no matter what those in power say.”

we are all stunned. some of us are considering dendrology as a field we’d now be interested in pursuing. he clicks his slide one final time, before we leave our last lecture and, since he had an asthma attack (lil muffin) he didn’t attend our exam, so i never see him again…………

and there, on the slides, the last picture? THERE HE IS. in his own backyard. with his equally lovely TA wife. both grinning innocently, standing underneath a……. FUCKING. FULL GROWN. ILLEGAL. CUCUMBER TREE.

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I love this story from start to finish. It’s so great.

It makes me remember when my Botany teacher told us the government had to install fences 10 meters tall around a species of bush. You’ll be wondering what makes this type of bush so special, well it’s in danger of extinction, isn’t supposed to be able to live outside the ecuator and it’s suuuper old, like one of the first plants to appear. With the appearance of younger and more beautiful plants (gymnosperms and angiosperms) they slowly dissapeared from the world except in the ecuator and this small valley in my country where they’ve been since the Mesozoic (around 200 million years ago).

Now this would explain why it’s so protected no? Surely another tree mafia would want to illegally trafic with it. Well, if you thought so you’d be wrong. Because it’s so similar to another bush (waaayy younger and less special despite how similar they look, the ugly twin), so ugly, and the valley where they grow so dificult to access that nobody wants to expend the effort. Except crazy botanists that know enought to differenciate it from its ugly cousin and to recognize how speeecial it is; and then they’d proceed to maim the plant so they could put it in their herbarium, like a f**ing hunting trophy. It got so out of hand that botanist from all over the world were coming to take pieces to put in their herbarium, there were so many that the plants were dying, cause they had taken too much. So the government was forced to put 10 meters tall fences and inspecting people coming out of the natural park (where by law it was already forbidden to cut plants, let’s not talk about the handsome cousin) to make sure they were not taking pieces of the plant.

Tl:dr Sooo, yeah, my Botany teacher basically told me that there are plant poachers and that this poachers are actually botanists, as if a zoologist is a wildlife poacher. I love the irony


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This is a way bigger problem than people seem to realize, and sales reps for cable companies will set up an account in a child’s name knowing full well they’re under 18. Just to get a sale.

Every cable company has a fraud department, if this happened to you call customer service for the company your account was opened with and file a complaint. They are required by law to expunge the debt.

I will always reblog this shit when I see it. Why? Because this happened to me when I first moved out on my own and would have ruined my life if I didn’t have supportive friends and roommates with better credit scores. My mom ran up a ton of bills in my name and got a hold of an unused checkbook of mine, writing checks on an account I never touched anymore. I moved out on my own and found I had a credit score in the 300s and tons of debt. I was already homeless at the time; luckily I was moving into an apartment with a friend with a much higher credit score and enough money in savings to cover the subsequent security deposits, trusting me to pay her back since she knew me already and knew I had a job.

How to fix this:

1. Cut that asshole out of your life. You don’t need someone who doesn’t give a shit that they’ve ruined your adult life. If they say they’re sorry, let’s be real – they’re probably not. They’re just fucking sorry they got caught. Fuck them.

2. Pull a yearly credit report (for free at and consider paying out the money to lock down your credit so people need to get approval before opening a new line of credit in your name. 

3. Write the companies for more information on the debt and to dispute it, letting them know that it’s an identity theft issue. If you were underage at the time, they will need some sort of proof but they will have to remove it. Do all of this via Certified Mail with Return Receipt. Keep all documentation including copies of letters, tracking numbers, etc. well organized. I recommend scanning everything as well and saving copies onto some sort of cloud storage just in case anything happens to your physical copies (but definitely keep those physical copies as well, *at least* for eleven years after disputing. Sometimes those debts sneak back on there two or three years later. Sometimes you have to get lawyers involved if any of those companies take you to court. Lawyers will want physical copies of your physical copies if possible.)

4. Report it to the police and FTC (for the Americans in the crowd.) If you’ve moved out of the same county/state that your parent lives in or that you lived in at the time, this may get tricky af. If the local police department is overloaded and understaffed, they’ll try to push you off to another county. Be patient and persistent. File in as many places as you can. Yes, identity theft is a crime. There is a chance that your parent will be arrested, particularly if they have priors. You’ve got to be prepared to do what you have to do. A lot of times it does go unpunished though. I know in my case it did. My mom continues to do this with others in her life. The police have done nothing and she’s not learned her lesson at all. At least my credit score is mostly fixed though. You can access the FTC’s identity theft information here:

5. If you’ve been taken to court on anything, you will need to get a lawyer. If you’re low income, check with the local or state bar association to see what options you have for a free or discounted legal service. If you are a college student, even part time, you may have access to free legal services through your college. If you have to pay to hire an attorney, it is worth the cost to dispute it. Depending on how much debt it is and what state it occurred in, you could be stuck with that for 20 years. There’s also a chance that they can take anything you own (like your car) to cover that debt if you live in the same state. Get it cleared out. You do not want your life to be a total fucking disaster all the way into your late 30s/early 40s. (And trust me – if you don’t get your credit cleared up, it will be. You will be disqualified from certain jobs – even some retail positions! You will struggle to get housing. Everything you do that involves credit will cost more money – turning on electricity, getting an apartment, getting your own cell phone account, buying a car, getting vehicle or renters insurance… 

Until everything is fixed, there is definitely a feeling that the entire world is out to get you and that you will never get caught up. Please stay on top of this and get that shit straightened out. 

I’m not a lawyer so my info only comes from my own personal experience and not any sort of actual training in this. However, if anyone is going through this and ever wants to talk to someone who has been there before, feel free to hit me up. Again, not a lawyer so can’t really give legal advice but am always happy to give support and remind you to drop toxic people from your life, no matter who they are or how they’re related to you.

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Boosting. I’ve worked in banking for 30 years & I cannot count the number of times I saw this vile back stabbing shit happen to people. It’s that fucking frequent.

If asked to files charges, unless your safety’s at risk, do it.

And for fuck’s sake never give your kid your exact name, your so’s exact name, or first names. Nothing but nightmares waiting to happen as no one checks jack shit in any kind of detail when it’s all about the sale or work queue



⚠️Urgent Help Needed⚠️

A longtime friend of mine just received a no cause eviction notice from her landlord after her husband, a veteran, adopted an emotional support dog. They have experienced increasing transphobic hostility in the community which has sent a clear message that it is no longer a safe place for them. Not only are they losing their home of 12 years but also their flea market business which is in the same building.

Their whole life has been turned upside down. They are now forced to move cross country on short notice.

Please donate whatever you can, no amount is too small and share this. ❤️

Please reblog to help our friend! She and her husband have received a bullshit but legal No Cause Notice (almost definitely over their service animal, but this can’t be proven) and are having to relocate to Oregon very suddenly. Moving costs alone are going to be $6000-$7000 alone and after that Oregon is very expensive to start your life again in.

Please please please at least signal boost to help them, a transwoman and her veteran cis husband, as they have also lost their business in the middle of this as well.