my stomach hurts

Ive passed this video so many times and this time I finally watched it. Im really glad I did

I have stared into the abyss and it gave me a thumbs up

[Person behind camera: (sobbing incoherently with laughter) it’s so…. ffffunnny…. ohheheheheh…. (sniffing, snorting, laughing) of all the shit you can find…. So this, this dates back to 19– (sniff) 1999, as you can see up there. (sniffs, laughs) “The Life Sized Satanic Doll Serves as Masturbation Toy for America’s Youth” This is, like, a Baptist website – (cracks up, giggles, snorts) ssfsfsfsfsfssss–stupidest thing… ever seen. So! (sniffs, calms down a little) So, w-what kind of doll was this child … masturbating to? (person scrolls down to picture of Jar Jar Binks, BURSTS INTO UNCONTROLLABLE WHEEZING LAUGHTER, SNORTS, WEEPS WITH LAUGHTER) Aah……oh my god…. aAHAHAHAHAHa….. HAHAHAHAHA….ohmygod…..]

If you need to laugh today, watch this.

terrifying things people who don’t live in london will say to you in london


let’s get a black cab: it would literally be cheaper to buy a used car are you fucking crazy

i want get drinks somewhere central but kind of cheap: okay here are all the wetherspoons in central london

but not wetherspoons: TESCO AND A PARK BENCH IT IS THEN

i’m driving in: i don’t have eighty-five years while you attempt to find a parking space

i didn’t make a reservation: i hope you enjoy five hour queue parties

wow no one talks to each other on the tube, do they?: shut up people are looking at us

where’s your spare room?: it’s over there it’s called the bathroom we already have three people in a one-bedroom flat to make rent

don’t all the foreign tourists get on your nerves?: not as much as the racist fucking british ones do

i can’t believe someone shoved me for standing on the wrong side of the escalators: i can’t believe they stopped at shoving you

it’s so dirty: you’re welcome to volunteer to come and help the litter pickers and street cleaners in between shifts

i can’t believe how expensive it is!: i am going to murder you before someone else does

we’ll just come back to this shop next time we visit: it won’t be here next time you visit

why was that man/woman dressed as a banana/zombe/santa/diagram of a cell/tumblr timeline/rasher of bacon/hitler/the sugar puff monster?: why do you need to know

why do you have a five-floor M&M shop that only sells two flavours of M&Ms?: we don’t know either. please don’t encourage them.

you know if you just moved to birmingham/leeds/coventry/a hole in the ground you could probably afford a house: yes but then i would have to live there

aren’t you looking forward to retiring to the country: you are describing death







Like i WANT to understand why conservatives think the things they do but it’s so tough to figure that shit out when what they offer you, more often than not, is a snappy one-liner or “I don’t have to listen to you because if you don’t agree with me 100% you’re a grabber”

It’s… impossible to do anything with that

I think part of it is being raised with a different set of… I dunno, cultural myths? I feel like is the word I’m looking for? They might have the same basic religious/educational pattern as a lot of people who aren’t conservative but when they went home from school/church/scouts they got this whole other thing layered on top of it.

I think some of it comes from the things various churches emphasize – for instance the more evangelical stripes of Christianity in my area are really big on the idea of Christian persecution. It’s a rite of passage for kids in these churches to go attempt to convert people and get yelled at for it so they can go back to the fold and tell stories about how the world really does hate them (protip; they fucking detest it when you forgive them for assuming you were unsaved and then ask to pray with them to help them be filled with the love and compassion of Christ in spreading the word through kindness and hospitality and generosity). The people who show up at college campuses with signs about mouthy women, teh gayz, abortionists, swearword sayers, and so on are doing the same thing. That’s why it’s better to, say, sing opera over them or set up an amp and play loud rock than it is to engage in debate or gather a shouting mob around them. That’s what they want so they can show their church how these liberal colleges discriminate against good, kind, Christians.

And I think that attitude translates to other stuff – you’re a grabber and you’re part of the fallen world and I can never fix you or see eye-to-eye with you and therefore can’t allow myself to be tempted.

[Sidenote: I have some THOUGHTS about CS Lewis and temptation and the isolation and festering ideologies that happen when you’re worried that discourse with the outsiders might interfere with your mere Christianity]

And then there’s a layer of confirmation bias that happens – since they refuse to actually talk to the Libs and hear what they’re saying because “I tried talking to one lib and they used the same talking point that I saw on a facebook meme on the American Patriots page so the lib I was talking to is obviously just as stupid and cruel as the strawman from the meme.”

As much as I hate the whole tone policing, be the bigger person, you’ve got to be kinder than they are sort of thing [because you shouldn’t have to be nicer, you shouldn’t have to be patient with their cruelty, you shouldn’t have to reach farther than they do, it’s not fucking fair and it’s exhausting] that’s kind of where you have to go.

Also you can try sealioning. They seem to enjoy doing it so we might as well see if there’s something to be gained from it. Why do you think I’m trying to grab your guns? Can you point to an example in the US where gun control has resulted in the forcible seizure of firearms? Has a gun control measure ever resulted in a house-to-house search in the US? What about all the people who end up grandfathered in? That happens with every gun control measure, what if your collection was grandfathered? Do you think that the same gun rights should be extended to [X GROUP THEY ARE VERY AFRAID OF, SAY, PERHAPS, ANTIFA WHO CAN TOTALLY BE LEGAL GUN OWNERS FOR THE MOST PART]? What kind of gun control would you like to see for [X GROUP]?

But a part of it is also the whole ingroup/outgroup human bullshit that I don’t know that there *is* a solution to.

Anyway, shit’s fucked up, try to be kind and if you can’t be kind at least try to be funny.

Yeah, I think that’s part of it. I was raised liberal Christian, and there was no going out and converting people. There was “showing them the love of Christ” by being kind to them, listening to them, and trying not to judge them. The belief was that eventually they would notice this and ask “why are you so nice” or “why are you doing this” AND THEN you could say “because I was commanded to by my God” and MAYBE they’d get curious and come to church with you. At which point everyone gives them, like, hugs and food because welcome.

At church, politics wasn’t mentioned, but at home, I was always taught that we were liberal because Jesus wanted people to love, help, and protect one another, and the alternative was to be selfish and callous and make Jesus sad.

I’m not saying it was perfect, my mom could be a guilt trip machine when she wanted to be. As a teen I read A LOT of nietzsche and Ayn Rand and wanted to know what Republicans think and why we disagree with them.

But I quickly came to the conclusion that ayn Rand at least didn’t make much sense—I’m disabled, I needed health care, I got it and it’s worthwhile I exist. I could never make not giving back make sense, especially once trickle down didn’t seem to be why middle class people prospered for a while under Reagan.

I’m still curious but I feel like I never get answers when I ask “what did I miss at 17? Why didn’t this stuff convince me? Do you want to try and finish the job?”

I just get like “libtard” and “lol.” I can’t make a coherent worldview out of lol, sorry.

Completely off topic, but I have to ask – did the ‘be nice to make them covert’ thing actually ever work? I assume it could be fairly effective for someone going through a really rough patch where nobody else was being nice to them, but I’d imagine the average person would either not ask, be nice back so not notice, or just not care either way.

I don’t think so, but I don’t think it was designed to make converts in the same way the door knocking thing supposedly is. I think it was more of a “everyone who spreads love and compassion is doing what Jesus wants anyway, extra points if they explain it like we do” kind of deal.

Raised in a religion with a similar philosophy toward making converts. The idea wasn’t “never mention your religion unless directly asked a question you can’t answer honestly without mentioning it” but rather “be open about your religion and the fact that you’re Being Nice because you’re living by the tenets of your religion, but don’t push it on people”. 

The idea being that if you do it right, pretty much everyone who knows you should end up with some basic exposure to your religion by you mentioning it in passing when it’s relevant to do so without being pushy and weird about it, and hopefully will recognize that this religion makes you a good person and also want to be a good person themself so will then seek out more info and possibly convert. 

‘Hothouse Earth’ Co-Author Says ‘People Will Look Back on 2018 as the Year When Climate Reality Hit’



Amid a flurry of “breathless headlines” about warnings in a new study that outlines a possible “Hothouse Earth” scenario, one co-author optimistically expressed his belief that “people will look back on 2018 as the year when climate reality hit.”

In an interview with the Guardian on this past Friday, Stockholm Resilience Center executive director Johan Rockström declared, “This is the moment when people start to realize that global warming is not a problem for future generations, but for us now.” Rockström’s study has received an “unprecedented” amount of global attention in the past week—270,000 downloads and counting.

“Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the new study, while not conclusive in its findings, warns that humanity may be just 1°C away from creating a series of dynamic feedback loops that could push the world into a climate scenario not seen since the dawn of the Helocene Period, nearly 12,000 years ago,” Common Dreams reported last week.

This domino effect of feedbacks loops, the report explains, would pose “severe risks for health, economies, political stability, and ultimately, the habitability of the planet for humans.” Though such warnings are chilling, the report authors and climate experts pointed out a major takeaway from the study that much reporting on it failed to highlight: that there is still time for humanity to act.

“Yes, the prospect of runaway climate change is terrifying. But this dead world is not our destiny. It’s entirely avoidable,” meteorologist Eric Holthaus wrote for Grist this week. “As the authors of the paper have argued in response to the coverage, implying otherwise is the same as giving up just as the fight gets tough.”

Rockström told the Guardian that he is concerned about the growing gap between scientists warnings’ and most politicians’ docile statements and actions, noting that “politicians prefer small problems that they can solve and get credit for. They don’t like big problems that, even if they succeed, leave the rewards for their successors.

“However, Rockström added, "once you pile up public pressure, politicians find it hard to avoid taking responsibility.” As the Guardian acknowledged, “even in the U.S., which President Donald Trump has vowed to pull out of the Paris accord, public opinion surveys have shown a growing acceptance of climate science,” likely helped along by recent extreme weather across the globe, which experts have linked to the climate crisis.

Gallup polling found earlier this year that although there’s a notable partisan divide—only 35 percent of Republicans believe human activity is causing the crisis, compared with 89 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Independents—"majorities of Americans overall say most scientists think global warming is occurring (66 percent), it is caused by human activities (64 percent), and its effects have begun (60 percent).“

‘Hothouse Earth’ Co-Author Says ‘People Will Look Back on 2018 as the Year When Climate Reality Hit’