Being a procrastinator with a violent fear of failure is almost hilarious because like 80% of the time I’m like “I’m not even going to think about this” and then there’s like a distinct moment when everything switches and it turns to “I can’t fail oh my god I need to turn this into an A in like a day why am I like this”

GoFundMe Round 2 (I’m hungry)





I’m making a new post for this, because the old one lost traction after the first couple of days. 

So hey, Isa, 28, regrettably still unemployed, still gay and disabled and recieving no help from family. Added bonus: recently off my antidepressants. Things aren’t going great right now. There’s more information on my gofundme page.

Thank you in advance for anyone who decides to boost this, and especially to anyone who donates. You’re lifesavers.

Links: GoFundMe | Paypal

EDIT: Added paypal link!

Words cannot express how deeply and totally fucked I am. I’m gonna lose my apartment, like, tomorrow. I have two dollars in the bank. The job never called back. There’s nowhere for me to go. I can’t go back home, my mother doesn’t have a home for me to go back to, my extended family fucking hates me and I can’t blame them, there’s plenty of reasons to hate me. All I ate yesterday was plain rice and fistfuls of honey nut cheerios out of the box. There’s nowhere for me to go. I’m gonna be homeless on the streets of a city I’m not even familiar with. I’ve tried and tried and still failed to find work, I got denied for medical, I got denied for food stamps, I got denied any sort of housing assistance, and there’s nowhere for me to go. 

Big signal boost! Guys please donate, I can’t stress how important this is!

big signal boost guys

please donate i can’t stress how

important this is

^Haiku^bot^9. I detect haikus with 5-7-5 format. Sometimes I make mistakes.

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my dad just exploded into laughter out of nowhere and told me ‘imagine the lion king but with sea lions’
he has been chuckling about it for 5 straight minutes now

apparently it

doesn’t matter that i’ve told him 10 times it’s the monkey who raises the newborn and not the lion himself, this is the scene he has been imagining

“he can’t raise his kid over his head”

I want it

okay but have you considered

quality content

Extreme quality

@squorkal can it be my job to find you seal posts? Because I want that job

[The first picture, by @nadhie, has a sea lion trying to hold a baby sea lion up, but with those short flippers it only gets to about neck height. The second picture, by @crockpotcauldron, has the adult balancing the baby sea lion on their (the adult’s) nose. The comic by @squorkal has a sea lion doing that “Long live the king” thing to another, shoving him off the cliff and into the water where he can swim, with the first sea lion then thinking “This wasn’t very well thought out….”]

Another thing I spotted and couldn’t resist adding to the order, whether I really need it or not.

Didn’t even notice that they’re also nondairy until I took the box out of the freezer just now. But, what I’ve eaten of one so far is pretty good.

Tonight’s plan, also from the grocery order. Probably with some extra cheese and maybe other toppings, since the frozen ones usually need it. Also: a premade salad with some Caesar dressing.

I was hoping to get the usual store branded pizza with the best frozen GF crust I’ve had so far, but they only had some kind of BBQ chicken version in stock. No thanks, the Goodfellas is probably more to my taste. They’re not bad from trying one before, but I didn’t like the crust texture as well. It will do.

Probably a good thing I did plan ahead and add something like that, because the disruption of just waiting for a grocery delivery was more than I needed today. Convenient food is a good plan.

On that earlier note.

My mom knew good and well that she wasn’t cut out for any of the limited range of “caring” professions getting pushed so hard on them, when she was in high school in the mid-late ‘60s. And she managed to resist it.

She ended up with a full ride National Merit Scholarship, and was hoping to take it to Duke (or a couple of backup options) with an eye towards law school. And probably had a good chance of pulling that off.

…If it hadn’t been for a guidance counselor who absolutely refused to send her transcripts anywhere but the local state teachers college. (Which also had nursing programs.) The very idea that A Nice Girl would need to go anywhere or do anything else was ridiculous! Especially since she would no doubt get married and stop working within a few years, anyway. And so on.

She also didn’t have a lot of backup there, so off it was to Local State Womens College, in the same town. Out of the options available there, she initially wanted to go into theatre–but my grandfather pitched big enough fits that she didn’t. (His main concern? It was a well enough known problem then, and creeps like Weinstein could get away with even worse behavior. He really did not want her to end up harmed by that kind of atmosphere. Not the best way to deal with it, but a sorta understandable set of concerns.)

Anyway, that’s how my mom chose library science. She was into books, and at least it wasn’t teaching or nursing. Ended up enjoying it even if she didn’t work in the field for that long (another story), but it definitely was not her first choice.

That wasn’t an unusual type of story in her generation. And no wonder mine tended to get pressure in some very different directions.

OTOH, hers was a more unusual version in that particular genre, because she did manage to resist even that far. Just one of the reasons there are/were so many people in certain “caring” professions who never should have been–and too often take it out on the safe targets they’re put in charge of.

I’m sorry to bother you with this but I was wondering if you’d ever heard of Fairytale brand leave in conditioner for kids? My son just started school and my mom wants me to buy it for him because its supposed to prevent lice. I’m apprehensive because this is the same women who told me to put straight tea tree oil on his head when he was an infant (he had cradle cap and was unconvinced of what we and his doctor said.) I looked at the ingredients but was unsure. Sorry again to bother you. Thanks


I am so glad you did not put straight up tea tree oil on his head. That would have been very uncomfortable for him.

I am actually aware of it, and from what I can tell it is an okay brand? I’ve never used it so I don’t know.

The oils in use are good for keeping lice away (and treating them) (side note, if he does end up with them, olive oil smothers them. Shower cap on over night, wash out in the morning with a lice comb. May have to repeat a few times if there are any eggs left to hatch. But smothering the adults is a good place to start. My school had a lot of outbreaks. The chemical treatments burned my scalp a lot, olive oil was my savior.) and they are appropriately diluted by several good carrier oils.

The only thing I’d be worried about would be how old he is, and whether he has sensitivities of his own to contend with. So if it were me, I’d try a very very small amount to see how he does. If you’re able to find it in a store, maybe let him sniff it and see if he likes it or not. Menthol can feel “funny” to kids, which is a way of saying they know they don’t like it but they don’t know why and that’s a good enough reason to avoid it tbh.

Another thing you could do, would be to boil some fresh rosemary leaves (provided he’s not allergic to rosemary) in hot water for about 30 mins (about 3-4 stalks) let it cool, and put it in a spritz bottle and use it as a periodic treatment after bath times. Rosemary is a generally good scalp stimulant and good for making hair shiny, but lice also don’t like it. So it could be a better alternative if you’re worried about putting anything on his head that has menthol in it, which Fairytale does, cause it has peppermint in it.

Anyhoo. Just use your judgment, and his. If he tells you “smells funny” or sometimes they even let you know it smells “fuzzy” which is a way of letting you know it makes their chest go warm (one of the warning signs of a menthol sensitivity in kids) I wouldn’t use it. And hopefully you wont need to use the olive oil trick but if you do, good luck.