Kids who sought out sexual/romantic interactions with adults…

  • because they were lonely and needed human interaction/attention
  • or had emotional needs not being met
  • because they thought it was the price of being treated with care
  • or because it was a way to understand/reenact/overwrite/escape previous trauma
  • because they thought it was normal
  • or because they had picked up the message that this was how to be daring and cool and sexy/mature
  • or because they didn’t really understand how it would affect them
  • because they felt like they deserved it
  • or because they thought there wasn’t a big difference and “age is just a number”
  • or because being sexual around adults was the only time people said nice things to them or seemed to like them or notice them
  • or for any other reason

… still did not deserve the abuse they suffered.

Kids who initiate flirtation with adults still don’t deserve abuse.

Adults who aren’t abusers will not take advantage of a kid’s crush or advances. It’s the adult’s responsibility to set clear boundaries and enforce them. It’s an adult’s responsibility to not become sexually or romantically involved with a child. Adults who do are abusers.

Children did not cause those adults to become abusers. Children cannot tempt nonabusers into becoming abusers. Children are never responsible for adults deciding to abuse.

Even if you feel like you made it really easy for them to abuse you, being vulnerable to abuse around a nonabuser doesn’t result in abuse. Your vulnerability wasn’t the cause of the abuse. Their choices were.

It’s not your fault, it was never your fault.

I knew a girl growing up 13 years old already been molested before that who was convinced “dating” 35 year old men showed her “maturity”. SHE WAS GROOMED. THESE WERE RAPISTS. IT WAS NOT HER FAULT. Yet she was put into forced psych treatment for her “poor life choices” and the men raping her didn’t get squat.



The backlash against Ocasio-Cortez for saying it’s good to deport literal concentration camp guards shows how you can’t campaign in slogans alone, because everyone has a different interpretation of what they mean. A hell of a lot of people were under the impression that abolishing ICE meant abolishing the entire practice of deportation, and no politician saw it that way. I’ve heard activists on the left say policy details don’t matter at first, because it’s all about energizing people. I get the logic in that, but there’s the reverse side: a generation that becomes turned off from voting because they perceive major promises being broken. And this little dust up is nothing, wait until people learn that Medicare doesn’t resemble the single payer of popular imagination.

I’m guessing that will happen about the same time people realize that Medicaid is also not like that, and is actually run by extremely profitable insurance companies.


one of the things i think is really overlooked about youtube is the incredible plasticity of the niche things u can learn about on it. yea netflix/cable can give me all 4 seasons of arrested development but can they give me a 13 minute 29 second video on the rise and fall of the beanie baby market manufactured by its morally corrupt corporate overlord and then shower me with videos on related subjects below??? for free, none the less?? i think not 


rich silicon valley fucks can make reality tv shows on netflix about smoking/cooking weed and nothing comes of it. Rich celebrities openly brag about smoking weed on every platform and nothing comes of it. Musical festivals are synonymous with smoking weed and using other drugs like hallucinogens but they’re never searched or raided by police. Meanwhile people below the poverty line selling weed so they can afford food/rent will get put in jail for a decade or more. I dunno how you can sincerely believe the “”war on drugs”” is anything other than a really poorly veiled propaganda campaign to hide what is just getting rid of poor people and/or using them for free prison slave labor lol