Gonna have myself a delicious chocolate croissant.

But I better heat it up first. Much yummier that way.

The question I’ve gotten the most on this trapdoor murder basement microwave post is “why???” and while there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, I’m tempted to let it remain a mystery.

However one thing that saddens me is the fact that no one has noticed you have to pretty much stand on top of an actual well to use the microwave.

Actually, the question that first came to my mind is “why is the trapdoor next to the toilet?”




I need help

I found out that our car payment wasnt made, and that’s on top of trying to save to get my fence painted. (I currently have nothing saved) Hoa made us repaint our house, which took us 2 years to save up for, bc it cost 1900. (And “saving” for that was largely just using tax returns) Getting the fence painted was supposed to happen at the same time but I guess we missed out on that detail. Hoa is charging us 25 every 14 days the fence goes unpainted. Which is ridiculous because 25 is about how much i can afford to set aside each pay check toward getting the fence painted.

I still have paint from when the house was painted, and the fence is supposed to match the house. So I just need to pay for labor. That should cost about 200. My car payment is 180. I’m asking for 380 altogether. I’ve been going through my things to find stuff I can sell, bc I hate asking for money.

My PayPal is

I wouldn’t be hurting for money if our power bill hadn’t been 475 instead of 200. I drastically increased the temp for the air conditioner so that next month wont cost so dang much. It gets so hot here in the desert 😭

Plus my kids preschool charged us an extra 100 for their yearly fall registration.

It’s been a stressful month.

If you can share this I’d really appreciate it.

Someone has donated 20 dollars so far so now I only need 360/380

Pls keep reblogging so people can donate

Pls only donate if you have the means, if you’re also struggling I don’t want your money

I am not happy. In fact I am very stressed. I just opened a letter from the hoa and found out we were supposed to make a payment at the beginning of August. Its 272.31.

I also got letters from the “whatever it’s called” reminding us that our car registration needs to be renewed. That’s another 40.

I tend to expect the worst so I’m already mentally preparing for losing our house. If you dont pay hoa they can take your house away. Please help.


“Conservatives don’t want freedom. They want power. Freedom for those at the top is power over everyone else. Freedom for those at the bottom is a threat to power at the top. “Freedom” for the GOP means taking out the government’s ability to balance out the needs of the many against the needs of the few. Who cares if clean air regulations save literally thousands of lives? They cost shareholders money. Privatize the gains from polluting, but shove the cost onto the public. In this case, regulation means putting the thumb on the scale to ensure that Facebook and Google become vehicles for conservative propaganda. It’s never been about freedom. It’s always been about power and control.”

ifanyinterest comments on Trump’s economic adviser: ‘We’re taking a look’ at whether Google searches should be regulated (via wilwheaton)

Vermont’s Only Black Woman Lawmaker Pulls Out Of Race In Wake Of Online Threats


This is horrific.

“Her safety has been compromised by the actions of people who harbor intense, hateful, racist beliefs.

“Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan has launched an investigation into the online harassment and threats that played a part in Morris’ decision to withdraw from the House race, according to the VT Digger. The attorney general’s office will partner with the Vermont State Police in the investigation.

“Morris will finish out the rest of her term and will be replaced at the end of the year.”

Arresting and punitively sentencing those responsible for the threats is a critical first step.

Vermont’s Only Black Woman Lawmaker Pulls Out Of Race In Wake Of Online Threats

164.  Federal court rules sharing food with the homeless protected under 1st Amendment; 8/28/18


“In a colorful decision that managed to invoke the Boston Tea Party, Lady
Macbeth and Jesus of Nazareth, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled
on Wednesday that feeding the homeless is ‘expressive conduct protected
by the First Amendment.’ The decision revives a challenge brought by a
local chapter of Food Not Bombs, which sued Fort Lauderdale, Florida for
requiring a permit to share food in public parks.”