It may not have been ready until midnight, but finally a half-decent meal 🙄

After seeing somebody mention having some zucchini pakoras with yogurt rice, I got an urge. Sounded like a good combo, and I got some more zucchini yesterday.

Add some mixed pickle on the side, and it was a great reasonably light meal. (As usual, I didn’t really use either of the linked recipes, but they look pretty good.)

There was enough batter left after dipping all the zucchini slices that I threw in the rest of the carrot from the rice (grated) and some shredded cabbage to use up the rest. A little variety, and that turned out tasty too. I was starting to feel vegetable deprived the past couple of days, which was also part of the thinking there.

Now I have like 3x the pakoras I need tonight, but they usually reheat well under the broiler anyway. Should have lunch covered tomorrow, with plenty of extra rice too.

Shame I didn’t think of the yogurt rice while the heatwave was still going strong. That’s basically a cold rice salad, and it will keep well for several days in the fridge. The cooling food would have been extra welcome just a few days ago, but I’m happy enough to get it now.

For Those With Autism, Eye Contact Isn’t Just Weird, It’s Distressing





“The findings indicate that forcing children with autism to look into someone’s eyes in behavioural therapy may create a lot of anxiety for them,” says Hadjikhani
We have been saying that for so many years, it’s nice to see someone actually making an effort to do the science. (Although it puzzles me why they don’t use eyetracking in the tests – it’s not a new thing.)

it’s amazing

science has finally confirmed that if you ask humans how they feel about a thing, and they tell you, they may actually have been right, relying on some kind of mysterious innate ability to discern their own experiences

This is the first damn time I’ve ever seen any allistic admit that autistic people feel bad when they make eye contact. Water may be wet, but at least I’ve got one more weapon when people try to tell me that it’s “impossible” for eye contact to hurt me.

why 99% of the time a picture of someone looking at me makes me deeply uncomfortable.

For Those With Autism, Eye Contact Isn’t Just Weird, It’s Distressing

Opinion of ouijia boards?



Sure is a fun parlor game to play with like minded people who realize it’s a toy and the current copyright for them is owned by Hasbro.

That sort of takes some of the oomph out of the idea of them, doesn’t it? Like finding out baby’s first blood sacrifice kit is licensed by Fisher Price.

Personally I dislike the idea that ouija boards are inherently dangerous,
especially given that they were used primarily as parlor games in the
1890s and completely unrelated to the occult until American spiritualism
really took off after the civil war (and saw a major resurgence during the 1st and 2nd World Wars) and people wanted to find new ways
to contact their dead loved ones, and mediums latched onto these board
games as an easy prop to utilize in plying their trade.

I mean yea sure, spirit writing and trying
to contact the dead are as old as the hills most of the dead are
buried under, and I’m not denying those things shouldn’t be done with
caution. But it’s important to realize that these things are not always inherently thought of as evil. Spirit writing actually holds important spiritual and cultural meaning outside of western ideology, which I feel poses the interesting hypothesis that a large part of the fear around Ouija boards stems largely from systemic racism and good old fashioned religious bigotry. (Can we say colonialist propaganda, kids?) And even then it used to be common practice to use the Bible as a form of spiritual writing by some sects of the faith.

boards by themselves however, have no inherent power. It’s the person or peoples
using them that control them, not the other way around. They’re
no more dangerous than tarot cards, which other people also claim to be
dangerous and invoke spirits. Which is complete horseshit, cause tarot cards are a legit parlor game still played as such throughout parts of Europe like a complicated version of snap, and are not regarded as
spiritual/occult at all.

Their real danger here comes in attributing power to things because you don’t understand them. And fear is a self propagating weed that likes to run rampant. It’s a bit like mint, in that regard. Beneficial in small doses, but will absolutely ruin your lawn if you let it out the pot.

Where was I? Oh yea.

It’s a toy with multiple purposes, some of which are attributed to occult use. That’s it.

I mean, to be fair, I would be entirely unsurprised to discover baby’s first blood sacrifice kit licensed by Fisher Price.



What really makes this funny is that the guy who apparently knows nothing of sales tax:

1)  lives in a state that has 6.25% sales tax (Massachusetts);

2) has a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard; and 

2)  is the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform.

No this is actually far far stupider then that I think.

So here is the thing about living in MA. We have obnoxiously high taxes yes, but a good chunk of the state is in reasonable driving distance from libertarian tax free NH.

You see where I am going with this?

In general if you are buying something expensive, something several hundred dollars or more, of if you are buying a high tax item (ex cigarettes), you drive to New Hampshire. NH makes up their lack of sales tax iirc in property tax? So this is absolutely abusing the system and forcing the people living in NH to subsidize yout new smartphone or whatever, but everyone does it anyway.

But the point is this guy could have basically used this loophole to get out of paying this tax. He chose not to, probably because even an 8 yr old would likely conclude the solution to “sales tax is bad” is “move to or do your shopping in the place nearby that has none” but I guess it was SO IMPORTANT to make an example of this driving to NH to do your damn shopping is unreasonable.

One of Mr. C’s pronunciation quirks where I do have trouble keeping a straight face? “Patio” to match “ratio”.

For at least the past 15 years. Consistently.

We have one, which does come up in conversation sometimes. (ETA: Hasn’t just encountered the word in writing.) I don’t make it sound like ratio. I don’t know that he’s ever heard anyone else say it that way. The man must really prefer his pronunciation headcanon 😅


look man im a native english speaker and i’ve been mispronouncing a crap ton of words because i never looked up the pronunciation for any of them but if you make fun of how a foreigner pronounces an english word either because of their accent or having never heard that word before i will fucking fight you because english has shitty pronunciation rules and none of them make sense fuck off

West Hollywood unanimously approves permanent removal of Trump’s Walk of Fame star



Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has become a
honeypot for vandals, MAGA-hat cretins, and all sorts of shenanigans, so
the West Hollywood City Council unanimously voted to remove it permanently.

Fucking superb

The resolution, put forth by West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem John D’Amico and Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath, urges the city of Los Angeles – where the star is located – and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the marker